Russian Krokodil Drug?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shaoni, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. Shaoni

    Shaoni Crimera

    Anybody heard about this? Apparently, it's a cheap drug - it makes you high and all, but it quickly starts to literally rot your flesh. Found a really disturbing video on Youtube about it, but I doubt I should link such here.

    It seems very fake to me, to be honest. But you never know. Anybody heard about it?
  2. Pentarctagon

    Pentarctagon Green Slime

  3. UndeadNecro

    UndeadNecro Green Slime

    I heard about this, apparently it's really dangerous to use.
  4. NemoC68

    NemoC68 Green Slime

    It tastes like happinessssss
  5. Lord Carver

    Lord Carver Spore Zombie

    Krokodil is a real drug. Makes idiots high and acts as a means of killing off said idiots at the same time.

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  6. Chocofire

    Chocofire Clinger

    That is one scary drug, this is why I'd never take any :p
  7. Esthin

    Esthin Green Slime


    It's like chlorine to the gene pool... Useful. But yeah it's scary stuff... Even scarier that people use it... How dumb can you be.
  8. CrazyCoco

    CrazyCoco Nipple Lazers

    Just youtubed it. That stuff is nasty. The consequences for taking it seem to severe :x
  9. piinyouri

    piinyouri Lava Slime

    Kids these days are now smoking bath salts to get high.
  10. Pentarctagon

    Pentarctagon Green Slime

    Stupid people will be stupid.
  11. MacFarlane

    MacFarlane Eskimo Zombie

    I came across this on 420chan the other day; it's a 4 part documentary about the stuff. Terrifying, but very interesting.

    **There are some graphic bits, so be warned.**
  12. lololol

    lololol Green Slime

    it's not as bad as people make it seem
  13. Lord Carver

    Lord Carver Spore Zombie

    It's not. It's just amusing watching krokodilers die in a heap of pain after doing a stupid thing over and over again.

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