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What series would you like to see added next

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  2. Terraria maps

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  3. Terraria multiplayer servers

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  4. minecraft

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  5. other (post it below)

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  1. Ryptyde

    Ryptyde Mouse

    I created a new youtube channel that will feature terraria let's plays, tutorials, mods (maybe), and maps (maybe). There will also be other games featured such as Minecraft and some free games.

    Please check this out and subscribe!


    The first episodes of the Terraria Tutorials and Free Game Showcase series are now out!

    From now on, my fps will be much better, starting with the next Terraria survival episode, which will be up in about an hour. The video is much smoother and it isn't choppy.

    edit: the episode will not be out until tomorrow :(

    The new Terraria Survival episode is now out and the fps is much better. It is almost as smooth as if you were playing it!

    New series called "Gaming News" is out. Also be looking out for a new Terraria Survival episode!

    There may be a big change coming to the channel this summer......
  2. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    You may want to take a couple of minutes to familiarize yourself with the rules (linked at the top of the page).

    Amongst those rules is that we do not allow double posting except in very specific circumstances.

    I merged your posts for now.

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  3. Ryptyde

    Ryptyde Mouse

    Thanks, I do not know how to group them, but I'm sure I can find out.

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