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  1. Solenix Snatcher

    Sandbox Elemental is here. Although it's a work in progress, it's on the way to becoming a better mod with the help of other players. If you missed the map version, it can be found here

    • 93 New Items
    • 22 New Monsters
    • 2 New Bosses
    Crafting Recipes (open)

    Note: Recipes may change in the future
    All Elemental Bars: 2 Elemental Ores
    All Elemental Bows: 15 Elemental Bars
    All Elemental Helms: 20 Elemental Bars
    All Elemental Legs: 15 Elemental Bars
    All Elemental Torsos: 30 Elemental Bars
    All Elemental Tier 1 Swords: 10 Elemental Bars
    All Elemental Tier 2 Swords: 20 Elemental Bars
    All Elemental Spears: 30 Elemental Bars
    Acid Orb: 10 Vine | 10 Cursed Bullet | 1 Spell Tome
    Acid Sling: 10 Vine | 10 Cursed Torch
    Aqua Sword: 20 Aqua Bar
    Aquastorm: 10 Coral | 1 Shark Fun | 1 Spell Tome
    Bloodlust: 50 Hook | 10 Worm Tooth
    250 Death Arrows: 250 Wooden Arrow | 1 Dark Bar
    Disease Bomb: 10 Acorn | 1 Green Dye
    250 Earth Arrows: 250 Wooden Arrow | 1 Earth Bar
    Earth Shield: 10 Acorn | 1 Safe
    Firework Mayhem: 10 Fireblossom | 1 Soul of Fright | 1 Spell Tome
    Flagracle: 10 Crystal Shard | 1 Iron Chain
    Flameport: 10 Fireblossom | 1 Fallen Star
    Ghost Swords: 1 Black Dye | 1 Skull Lantern | 1 Spell Tome
    Hell Axe: 10 Fireblossom | 1 Iron Axe
    250 Hot Arrows: 250 Wooden Arrow | 1 Fire Bar
    250 Ice Arrows: 250 Wooden Arrow | 1 Frost Bar
    Ice Dream: 10 Crystal Shard | 1 Soul of Night | 1 Spell Tome
    Ice Lamp Post: 1 Lamp Post | 10 Crystal Shard
    Jet Fuel: 10 Water Bucket
    Jetspray: 10 Coral | 1 Barrel
    Magic Dirt: 10 Acorn | 1 Dirt Rod
    Mimic Figure: 1 Chest | 1 Throne
    250 Poison Arrows: 250 Wooden Arrow | 1 Poisonite Bar
    Poseidon Hose: 1 Water Candle | 10 Coral
    Ring of Fire: 10 Fireblossom | 1 Orb of Light | 1 Spell Tome
    Rock Sling: 10 Acorn | 1 Seed
    Skull Channel: 10 Demon Torch | 1 Skull Lantern
    Soul Guard: 1 Soul of Might | 1 Tattered Cloth
    Strange Shell: 50 Coral | 1 Gold Crown
    Summon Acid Wasp: 10 Vine | 10 Cursed Arrow
    Summon Ice Mummy: 10 Crystal Shard | 1 Dark Shard
    Summon Suicidal Fish: 10 Coral | 1 Light Shard
    Terror Mines: 10 Hook | 1 Shadow Key
    Trip Gun: 10 Vine | 1 Illegal Gun Parts

    Screenshots are from the map version, but in the long run, I'll be replacing the screenshots with those that other people might post here, I'll pick out the good ones to use for the front page.
















    If you are having issues within the game, I can think about what I'll need to change in order to balance things out.

    I may add in new stuff as well but for now, this is what we have.

    Hint: Use the guide NPC to ask him about recipes. This will be really handy for creating new items.

    Update: September 16

    • Stone now looks normal
    • Dirt Wall now looks normal
    • Mythril Brick Wall now looks normal
    • Adamantite Ore now looks normal
    • Cobalt Ore now looks normal
    • Cobalt Brick Wall now looks normal
    • Mythril Anvil now looks normal
    • Adamantite Forge now looks normal
    • Ebonstone now looks normal
    • Beds now look normal
    • All Dungeon Walls and Tiles are now Puppet styled
    • Crystal Bag now removes corruption
    • All Elemental Arrow recipes have changed
    • Jet Fuel can now be made out of 10 Water Buckets
    • Jet Fuel & Jetspray descriptions have changed
    • All Elemental Bars can now be made with 2 ores instead of 3
    • NEW: All Elemental Ores now glow!
  2. MiraiMai Fire Imp

    I'll be looking through this and trying it, looks awesome. Curious though:

    1) Is the thing with glowing eyes the second boss? o.o Assuming so, looks awesome, didn't see it first scan through the pictures. Obviously one of the bosses is the King Mimic though.

    2) What is that grappling hook looking thing? You aren't centered so I'm assuming it isn't a grappling hook, some kind of chain weapon?
  3. Solenix Snatcher

    1. The purple glowy eyes giant spikeball is a badass flail. You're not the first one to think it's a boss! lol
    2. If you're talking about the ice chain thing, it indeed is a grapple so you got that right.
  4. CoolYoshifan Snatcher

    I was wondering when someone was gonna make a boss mimic. Also are the items overpowered? It seems like it. But so far it's nice.
  5. Dubby Slimed Zombie

    Giant Enemy Crab!
  6. MiraiMai Fire Imp

    Anyone else tempted to try making a crab engine out of that thing? :rolleyes:
  7. FatObeseBird Snatcher

    Well this looks nice ._. now if only i can get my hand on the source...
  8. Solenix Snatcher

    There you go, I included the source. Why do people need the source, again? I've been asked a few times to put a source.
  9. FatObeseBird Snatcher

    because people like me enjoy reading through good mods and learn (not copy/steal) from them
  10. Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    That , and it ensures that the mod can be rebuilt should a new version of tConfig pop up and the modder is not around to update their own mod.
  11. Solenix Snatcher

    Updated. The update notes can be found at the bottom of my starter post.
  12. Cheetah0941 Green Slime

    I noticed that your mod causes an explosion if you have 3 or more sand blocks above each other and dig away the middle one (make the top one fall). After the explosion all sand that fell disappears and cannot be picked up.

    Although this makes for faster sand clearing I wonder if this is intentional?

    Or is this some kind of "It's not a bug, it's a feature"-Thing? :p
  13. Solenix Snatcher

    Yeah, I noticed that too. Weird huh? I kinda like it
  14. Cheetah0941 Green Slime

    Yeah, it takes some getting used to. You can easily flatten an entire desert now, but only get around 50 Sand blocks out of it. But it is interesting... maybe one could even set up some new types of sand traps.
  15. Solenix Snatcher

    You can still get all the sand you want whilst mining from the top
  16. blahblahbal Anomura Fungus

    Is the pun in "Mimic King" intended? Cause I thought it was kinda funny xD.

    Anyway, nice mod, though I still can't figure out how to make my custom grapple work :v. You said that you have to use the mouse to activate it, right? Does yours have the ability to send out infinite grapples?
  17. Solenix Snatcher

    You're the first person to notice the pun and I never noticed it until you told me. Nice one.

    Yeah, you use the mouse to activate it and it does seem like it shoots out infinite amounts.
  18. blahblahbal Anomura Fungus

    Do you also have the problem of not being able to send out hooks in the opposite direction of a wall when you're grappled to said wall?
  19. Solenix Snatcher

    If there are more hooks on the opposite side, it'll keep you intact until you send out more.
  20. nababoo Dark Caster

    This looks like an extremely promising mod! Especially with that cool lighting... :)

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