Santa's Free Item Server(/DROP and chests)

Discussion in 'Server Archive' started by Iamien, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Iamien

    Iamien Green Slime

    Dedicated 24/7 Server
    Port: 7777
    Max Players:15
    Admin: Santa
    Plugins: NONE

    tmod Server to get free stuff for use on other servers for those that want to. Construction/destruction are disabled. Explosions are also disabled.

    To get items:

    • Take them from the Chests
    • use /drop Item's Name amt for any item not in chest.(Does not work atm for Gills Potion)

    Please move on once you are finished, server is extremely busy and always capped. Note that near high capacity 14-16 players, the server WILL lag on player joins, there is nothing that I know of that I can do to fix this.

    Server restarts every 20 minutes to gets rid of afkers and resets the map to original to re-stock chests.
  2. Iamien

    Iamien Green Slime

    Yeah when there is a sudden ruch of people more than the cap gets in and that fucks up everything.
  3. kangi

    kangi Green Slime

    server down
  4. Iamien

    Iamien Green Slime

  5. URIK

    URIK Green Slime

  6. UnlimitedCrimson

    UnlimitedCrimson Green Slime

    Is it still full?
  7. MrHobo01

    MrHobo01 Green Slime

    This is the FIRST server I can connect to... And 14/14 are online. -_-
  8. Garm

    Garm Green Slime

    Full, get someone that has been there awhile to leave.
  9. Iamien

    Iamien Green Slime

    Not much I can do, the server is constantly full, but all of the players have been there 20 mins or less as that is how orften it restarts.
  10. Wolfvs

    Wolfvs Green Slime

    Stuck at requesting world info?

    Edit: Just got the kicked message.
  11. ghost777

    ghost777 Demon Eye

    Wow. A lot of players don't like cheaters who use invedit, but they like this drop command.
  12. Iamien

    Iamien Green Slime

    Server kicks for 2 reasons, non alpha-numeric name, and explosive use.
  13. Iamien

    Iamien Green Slime

  14. Iamien

    Iamien Green Slime

  15. ghost777

    ghost777 Demon Eye

    I will help you lamien :p
  16. Iamien

    Iamien Green Slime

    Added scripts to periodical announce stuff such as command usage and a warning 1 min before re-start.

    Later on today I'm going to flesh out the starter building a bit more.
  17. MrHobo01

    MrHobo01 Green Slime

    Lol. 14/13 players online.
  18. Iamien

    Iamien Green Slime

    At one point it was 20/13, im not even joking.

    Happens when lots of people are trying to join at one time.
  19. shadowkai

    shadowkai Green Slime

    its full
  20. Iamien

    Iamien Green Slime

    Added more chests and some NPCs.

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