Say, if the game has sold over 1 million..

Discussion in 'PC' started by Soul64x, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Soul64x

    Soul64x Bunny

    Why not continue to update it? An actively updated game will help the game's community to increase and flourish. If Redigit eventually wont care to update the game anymore, why not pass the flag on to another?
  2. Star and Moon

    Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    Redigit IS updating it.

    Update your Facts, because Facts 6.5 has been released. :D
  3. Soul64x

    Soul64x Bunny

    I'm talking AFTER "this update". While it hasn't been confirmed (I'm sure that it will be soon enough), what will happen after that?
  4. Relinies-the-Wizard

    Relinies-the-Wizard Face Monster

    That's just it- Nobody knows except Redigit. It's a huge guessing game, and we get no hints.
  5. Soul64x

    Soul64x Bunny

    Well, regardless, I'll probably get the console version (360) for its exclusive content.

    EDIT: Speaking of which, if they're already making exclusive content for it now, will they make more? Could it possibly be an entirely different version from the PC version?
  6. Relinies-the-Wizard

    Relinies-the-Wizard Face Monster

    Yes, they will probably make more (it'll be on XBLA), and yes it will CERTAINLY be an entirely different version from PC.
  7. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    All games stop updating sooner or later, some games don't even get proper updates. As someone who played things like Manic Miner or Glass, I don't even understand the updates hype. Take an extra year to release it, put everything you want in it, triple-check for bugs. That's how it should be done, but *unfortunately* the gaming community affects gaming companies, and it's rarely a good effect. Terraria could use a fix or three, but for many games, fans have figured out how to fix it themselves. Devs are in it forthe money, after all, so it's up to great modders like the OpenTDD group to make abandoned games stay alive.
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  8. Soul64x

    Soul64x Bunny

    +1 for 505. I'll probably get it. If only they'd make a Wii U version too, that would do pretty well control-wise.
  9. Xmayne

    Xmayne Demon Eye

    Would would the Xbox Live version be that much different from the PC version?
  10. Sir8BitHero

    Sir8BitHero Yellow Slime

    Redigit is a man of mystery, you can't expect him to do anything specifically.
    He does like his surprises.
  11. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    The operative question - if one ponders sufficiently - is whether or not Terraria will be one game or two after Red's update and the console version drop......

    If that isn't obvious, imagine both Red and 505 continue to update, but not in tandem.......................
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  12. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    Terraria may end up being like Final Fight's many versions. One had one PC missing, another was the bare skeleton of the original done in a home computer too weak to run it, and the last one had completely differeny graphics and an AI Pac-Man's ghosts would laugh at. Hope that kind of things won't happen ever again.
  13. SuperChobot

    SuperChobot Slimer

    You're about the hundred-thousandth person to ask that, you know.
    But as for the reasons Red gave for not continuing, he thought that any more updates would just be "sideways progression." For not passing it on, he didn't want it to stray from the original game and things like that.
  14. Sir8BitHero

    Sir8BitHero Yellow Slime

    Wii u is nowhere near as possible as popular as the ps3/xbox 360.
    Not only that but they would have to port it AGAIN so it suits the Wii U.
    Sorry bud.
  15. Soul64x

    Soul64x Bunny

    Well see, the Wii U has plenty of users, and it is only the beginning. You can't deny that games like Smash Bros 4 (3DS and Wii U versions) will be big sellers. If you take the number of sales, and say that, that many Wii Us have been sold, then you've got your profit if only so many people buy it.

    EDIT: Wait, possible? We're talking Nintendo. The Mario and Super Mario (wikipedia.. UGH) franchises have sold hundreds of MILLIONS of copies. Clearly you dunno what's talking about. The Wii U is very cheap for a console that was just released man.
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