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    So i just recently started a new multiplayer world of terraria with my friend and we were all going swell and such, then i tried to move the merchant to another house so the mechanic could move in, (we have freed her, we're not that nooby) but when i go into the house thing, and click on the merchant then on a house, it just says this is valid housing like if ii were to use the house queery, it does that for all characters and the house queery unless of course its not valid or someone else lives there, so does anyone know how i can make the people be able to move house again?
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    Nice title.
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    1- Make sure nobody's standing there gawking at the house. NPCs need privacy to move in.
    2- Tell the house query system to go kill itself. It doesn't work as intended. Use common sense and triple-checking instead.

    All in all, I've been making boring, rectangular, door-less, barren rooms for my NPCs since 1.0.4, and I've never had that problem unless I was trying to replicate some of the "fancy" rooms I see other players having problems with.

    So, the KISS system seems to be the best when dealing with making NPCs rooms. What's KISS? "Keep It Simple, Suckas!" ;)
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