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    This mod is outdated for the current release of tAPI, unfortunately. I'm in the process of working on it, however, so just sit tight. This update's gonna be a biggie.

    Wave Bank (for Terraria
    Song List (open)

    1 - Night - MP2: Agon Wastes
    2 - Eerie (Hell, Blood Moon, etc.) - SM: Lower Norfair (Orchestra Version)
    3 - Overworld Day - Metroid II: Tunnel Theme - Project AM2R version
    4 - Boss 1 (Eye of Cthulu, Eater of Worlds, Skeletron, etc.) - MP: Meta Ridley (MP Trilogy Soundtrack version)
    5 - Title (Main Menu) - MP2: Title Theme Remix
    6 - Jungle - SM: Green Brinstar Orchestra
    7 - Corruption - MP: Phazon Mines
    8 - Hallow - MP3: Skytown Elysia
    9 - Underground Corruption - MP3: Phaaze
    10 - Underground Hallow - MP Remix: Sunken Dreams (Crashed Frigate)
    11 - Boss 2 (WoF, Twins, etc.) - MP2: Emperor Ing Second Form
    12 - Underground - MZM: Kraid's Lair Remastered
    13 - Boss 3 (Destroyer, Brain of Cthulu, etc.) - SM: Kraid, Phantoon, & Crocomire (Remastered)
    14 - Snow - MP: Phendrana Drifts
    15 - Space - MP: Phendrana Drifts Chozo Temple
    16 - Crimson - MP2: Dark Torvus Bog
    17 - Boss 4 (Golem) - MP2: Sanctuary Sentinel (Quadraxis Remix)
    18 - Overworld Day Alt. - SM: Theme of Samus Aran, Galactic Warrior (Remix)
    19 - Rain - MP2: Torvus Bog
    20 - Ice (Underground Snow) - MP: Phendrana Drifts Depths
    21 - Desert - MP: Chozo Ruins Plaza
    22 - Ocean - MP: Tallon Overworld
    23 - Dungeon - SM: Maridia Remix
    24 - Plantera - SM: Ridley's Theme Metal Remix
    25 - Boss 5 (Queen Bee) - MF: Serris Battle OrangaStang Remix
    26 - Lizahrd Temple - SM: Sandy Maridia (Remix)
    27 - Eclipse - Harmony of a Hunter: Hostile Shadows (Long intro was shortened with audio edits)
    28 - Rain SFX - Just a random rain sound effect I found online.
    29 - Mushrooms - SM: Mechanical Crimson Soil (Red Soil/Lower Brinstar remix)
    30 - Lunar Boss - MF: Nightmare Battle Epic Remix
    31 - Underground alternate theme - Metroid II Area 1 - Project AM2R Version
    32 - Frost Moon - MP3: Rundas Battle Theme
    33 - Underground Crimson - MP2: Dark Torvus Bog Subterranean Theme

    Original mod post (Pre 1.2):

    This mod requires tConfig.

    Wave Bank (open)

    Wave Bank 1.2
    this is almost like the 1.1 wave bank, but has a few different songs.

    Wave Bank 1.1
    composed entirely of remixes and M-Prime music.

    Wave Bank 1.0
    has M-Prime, super metroid, and zero mission music.

    Installation guide can be found here.
    Mod rebuilding guide here.

    This mod was last rebuilt for tConfig v0.34.0. if tConfig updates, it is recommended that you rebuild the mod; to avoid bugs, or to help the mod load.

    Super Metroid map made by Duze. Check it out here:

    Here's a video by Darkmega. (a little outdated)
    Mod spotlight (open)

    Note: this video is outdated. (goes all the way back to v1.0 of this mod)

    also, not sure, but i think there's a lot of 'Let's play' videos of this mod on YouTube.:p

    Here's what the mod's got:
    Armor (open)

    Note:3 armor sets where taken from W1K's Modpack, so i'll give credit to hem.
    (credits are at the bottom)
    Power Suit (sprites by Omnir, edited by me)
    Helmet=1 defense
    toolTip='Brinstar Map data complete.' Depth Meter effect.
    effects=5% increased range damage and Depth Meter
    Recipe=20 Meteorite Bar,1 Topaz
    Chestplate=4 defense
    effects=5% increased range damage
    Recipe=30 Meteorite Bar,2 Topaz
    Greaves=2 defense
    effects=5% increased range damage
    Recipe=25 Meteorite Bar,1 Topaz
    set bonus=5% Decreased mana use and negates fall damage.
    Varia Suit (sprites by Omnir, edited by me)
    Helmet=3 defense
    toolTip='Norfair Map data complete.' Compass effect
    effects=Cloud in a Bottle and Compass
    Recipe=1 Power Suit Helmet,20 Hellstone Bar
    Chestplate=6 defense
    effects=Obsidian Skull
    Recipe=1 Power Suit Chestplate,30 Hellstone Bar
    Greaves=3 defense
    effects=10% increased speed
    Recipe=1 Power Suit Greaves,25 Hellstone Bar
    set bonus=20% Decreased mana use and negates fall damage.
    Gravity Suit (sprites by Omnir, edited by me)
    Helmet=5 defense
    toolTip='Map data complete.' Depth Meter and Compass effects
    effects=Cloud in a Baloon, Depth Meter and Compass
    Recipe=1 Varia Suit Helmet,25 Gravity Gel,25 Wire,25 Cursed Flame
    Chestplate=10 defense
    effects=Obsidian Shield
    Recipe=1 Varia Suit Breastplate,45 Gravity Gel,50 Wire,50 Cursed Flame
    Greaves=6 defense
    effects=20% increased speed
    Recipe=1 Varia Suit Greaves,30 Gravity Gel,25 Wire,25 Cursed Flame
    Tiles=Mythril Anvil
    set bonus=Obsidian Skin, free movement in water, inf. breath, 35% Decreased mana use, and lucky horseshoe effects.
    Phazon Suit (sprites by RainNero, edited by me)
    Helmet=10 defense
    toolTip='Wow, I didn't know Phazon could tell time.' GPS effect added
    effects=Cloud in a Baloon, GPS, and +60 Mana.
    Recipe=1 Gravity Suit Helmet,15 Concentrated Phazon,10 Soul of Night,20 Soul of Sight
    Chestplate=16 defense
    effects=Obsidian Shield and +80 Mana.
    Recipe=1 Gravity Suit Chestplate,20 Concentrated Phazon,15 Soul of Night,20 Soul of Might
    Greaves=12 defense
    effects=30% increased speed and +60 Mana.
    Recipe=1 Gravity Suit Greaves,15 Concentrated Phazon,10 Soul of Night,20 Soul of Fright
    Tiles=Phazon Anvil
    set bonus=Gravity Suit set bonus, Phazon Beam costs 3 mana, 50% Decreased mana use, and immune to Phazon.​

    Guns/Beams (open)

    Note:2 beams where also taken from W1K's Modpack. More credit to give.
    Power Beam
    Hold Click to charge.(40 Damage. uses 25 mana)
    Recipe=10 Meteorite Bar,250 Musket Ball
    Ice Beam
    Hold Click to Charge.(45 Damage. uses 30 mana)
    Freezes enemies.
    Recipe=1 Power Beam,250 Snow Block
    Recipe2=1 Power Beam,10 Sapphire
    Wave Beam
    made by Empio. Waves up and down like in the original NES metroid.
    This Beam will go through walls!
    Hold Click to charge.(Charge shot fires 2 shots at once. 45 damage per shot. uses 50 mana)
    Recipe=1 Power Beam,12 Demonite Bar,10 Amethyst
    Fires 3 shots at once.
    X3 damage if all shots hit the same target.
    Hold Click to Charge.(Charge shot fires 3 shots at once. 30 damage per shot. uses 40 mana)
    Recipe=2 Power Beams,15 Topaz,10 Jungle Spores
    Plasma Beam
    Hits multiple enemies.
    Hold Click to Charge.(80 Damage. uses 60 mana)
    Recipe=1 Power Beam,50 Flame,5 Ruby,10 Soul of Light
    Tiles=Mythril Anvil
    All Beam
    Hold click to charge.(100 damage. uses 80 mana)
    Can go through walls, hit multiple enemies, and freezes enemies.
    Recipe=1 Plasma Beam,1 Wave Beam,1 Ice Beam,1 Beam Combo
    Tiles=Tinkerer's Workshop
    Hyper Beam
    Mother Brain, time to go!
    Recipe=1 All Beam,1 Spazer,20 Soul of Fright,20 Soul of Sight,20 Soul of Might
    Tiles=Mythril Anvil
    Phazon Beam
    insanely fast speed.
    fires a vary large spread of shots! (credit to Yoraiz0r for the spray effect)
    Recipe=1 Hyper Beam,25 Concentrated Phazon,15 Soul of Night
    Tiles=Phazon Anvil
    Note: all of the beams' sprites from here and on down are made by Terratroid.
    (and that also includes projectiles)
    Battle Hammer
    Explosive damage. It can even hurt you!
    uses Universal Ammo
    Recipe=1 Power Beam,10 Emerald,5 Bomb
    Rather slow speed, but it deals devastating damage!
    uses Universal Ammo
    Recipe=1 Plasma Beam,10 Ruby,25 Soul of Light
    Fires bouncing shots of ice
    Can freeze enemies.
    uses Universal Ammo
    Hold Click to charge.(Charge shot fires 3 shots at once. 40 damage per shot)
    Charge shot uses an extra 4 ammo.
    Recipe=1 Ice Beam,50 Snow Block,10 Meteorite Bar
    Shoots Bouncing balls of Magma
    uses Universal Ammo
    Hold Click to charge.(70 Damage)
    Charge shot uses an extra 4 ammo.
    Recipe=1 Power Beam,15 Grenade,25 Flame
    Shock Coil
    Shock enemies to death!
    No knock-back
    Very fast speed
    uses Universal Ammo
    can go through walls
    Recipe=1 Wave Beam,10 Amethyst,1 Magic Missile
    Volt Driver
    Fires small but fast electrical projectiles
    uses Universal Ammo
    Hold click to charge.(60 Damage)
    Charge shot uses an extra 4 ammo.
    Recipe=1 Power Beam,15 Topaz,10 Wire
    Omega Cannon
    The Ultimate power alluded by the Alimbic Order
    causes a large explosion on impact.
    Recipe=1 Battle Hammer,1 Imperialist,1 Judicator,1 Magmaul,1 Shock Coil,1 Volt Driver,25 Soul of Might,25 Soul of Sight,25 Soul of Fright
    Tiles=Demon Altar​

    Accessories (open)

    Morph Ball
    This neet little accessory allows the player to change into a ball by pressing Z. for more infermation, go here.
    made by Yoraiz0r. awesome credit to him;).
    Tip: if you charge a beam and turn into a ball, you'll let off 5 bombs at a time.
    Recipe=30 Meteorite Bar,1 Lucky Horseshoe,10 Shine Potion,1 Mana Crystal
    Upgraded Morph Ball
    Does the same stuff as the normal ball
    Press 'M' to use Spider Ball
    Press 'P' to use a Power Bomb (200 mana)
    Hold 'P' for 2-3 seconds to activate the Crystal Flash (uses an extra 200 mana)
    Upgraded drill can mine Hellstone.
    Recipe=1 Morph ball,3 Dynamite,250 Gel,10 Soul of Light,10 Soul of Night
    Tiles=Mythril Anvil
    Speed Booster
    Run fast enough to activate it.
    When it's active, press DOWN to charge a Shine-Spark. (Gameplay video here)
    Release the charge by pressing JUMP--allowing you to super jump.
    Before you super jump completely, you can hold which direction you want to go.
    (the shine-spark consumes mana. be careful)
    Might be buggy with a Gravition buff.
    Recipe=1 Hermes Boots,1 Spectre Boots,1 Speed Core-X,10 Iron Bar,5 Emerald
    Wall-Jump Boots
    Allows Wall-Jumping
    Allows the user to walk up 1-block tall steps
    Recipe=10 Meteorite Bar,3 Topaz,1 Ruby
    (Code ripped from the X-Boots mod by Eldiran. credits, credits, credits)
    Space Jump
    Somersault continually in the air. (well, not really)
    Use JUMP in mid-air to jump again.
    Recipe=1 Angel Wings,1 Demon Wings,1 Rocket Boots,2 Cloud in a Bottle,10 Soul of Flight
    Tiles=Mythril Anvil
    Speed Jump
    Both Speed booster and Space jump combind.
    Recipe=1 Space Jump,1 Speed Booster
    Tiles=Tinkerer's Workshop
    Screw Attack
    Damage enemies while somersaulting.
    Cross Necklace effect when Screw Attacking.
    Recipe=10 Meteorite Bar,1 Cross Necklace,1 Electric Power Core,25 Soul of Fright,25 Soul of Might,25 Soul of Sight
    Tiles=Mythril Anvil
    (awesome thanks to YoraizOr for helping me with this)
    X-Ray Scope
    Hold down F to activate the Shine, Night Owl, Spelunker, and Hunter Buffs
    Recipe=10 Wire,10 Soul of Light,10 Soul of Night,5 Soul of Sight
    Tiles=Mythril Anvil​

    Tiles and Materials (open)

    Plant Phazon
    Spawns in a newly generated world.
    Deals 20 damage to you if you're not wearing the phazon suit.
    Used for=Concentrated Phazon
    Mined by=Nova Drill
    Concentrated Phazon
    Recipe=4 Plant Phazon
    Tiles=Phazon Concentrater
    Used for=Phazon Suit, Phazon Beam, Phazon Anvil
    Phazon Anvil
    Recipe=5 Concentrated Phazon
    Tiles=Mythril Anvil
    Phazon Concentrater
    Recipe=30 Plant Phazon
    Tiles=Mythril Anvil
    Chozo Door
    Bomb proof
    Recipe=5 Iron Bar,2 Soul of Light,10 Wire
    Beam Combo
    sprite ripped from Super Metroid Redesign
    Recipe=10 Topaz,10 Soul of Light,10 Adamantite Bar
    Tiles=Mythril Anvil
    Used for=All Beam
    Recipe=2 Gel
    (sprite by Terratroid)
    Shark Chunk
    used for=Serris Bait
    Sharks have a 35% chance to drop 1-3 of these.
    Gravity Gel
    Dropped by Phantoon.
    used for=Gravity Suit.
    Speed Core-X
    Recipe=Dropped by Sarris-X
    used for=Speed Booster
    Electric Power Core
    Used for=Screw Attack
    Recipe=Dropped by Ridley
    (i know, it uses the old metroid II egg, but it was all i had)
    Metroid Egg
    Recipe=Dropped by Metroid
    Used for=Baby Metroid
    Missile Recharge Station
    Drops 1 Missiles when wired
    Recipe=50 Missile,20 Soul of Light,10 Iron Bar,10 Wire
    Tiles=Mythril Anvil
    Super Missile Recharge Station
    Drops 1 Super Missiles when wired
    Recipe=20 Super Missile,20 Soul of Night,10 Silver Bar,15 Wire
    Tiles=Mythril Anvil
    Universal Ammo Recharge Station
    Drops 1 Universal Ammo when wired
    Recipe=80 Universal Ammo,15 Emerald,20 Wire

    NPCs (open)

    (sprite by RayJT, from spriter resource)
    This boss was made by Empio, but i changed the sprites to a zero mission styled phantoon i found on spriter resource. i will give credit for making such a wonderful boss that i could never hope to make.
    For more infermation, go here.
    20-50 Gravity Gel=100%
    spawned by=Baby Metroid
    [Buff Immunities]
    On Fire!
    Electric Power Core=100%
    Larva Metroid=100%
    this boss was epically made by W1K. gotta give credit.;)
    spawned by=Serris Bait
    Activates Speed Booster when hit. (doubles her damage and speed)
    [Buff Immunities]
    On Fire!
    Spawns Serris-X on death.
    Flashes when hit. (it's immune when flashing)
    [Buff Immunities]
    Speed Core-X=100%
    Larva Metroid
    Spawn by=Larva Metroid
    Credit to W1K, because i ripped the coding from his chao in his mod.
    defense=45 (defense drops to zero when frozen)
    spawn at=Corruption, after the Eater of Worlds has been defeated.
    [Buff Immunities]
    On Fire!
    Cursed Inferno
    Metroid Egg=10%
    latches on your head!
    (made by W1K)
    (Sprite by Terratroid)
    Space Pirate
    spawn at=dungeon and in the overworld at night on hardmode
    fires space pirate projectiles
    (his coding is a rip from Omnir's UFOs)
    (sprite by Terratroid)
    Aero Trooper
    spawn at=floating islands
    fires space pirate projectiles
    code taken from W1K's fire queen.​

    Other (open)

    Nova Drill
    Pick Power=250
    Axe Power=50
    Hammer Power=100
    Recipe=1 Hamdrax,50 Cursed Flame,25 Wire
    Tiles=Mythril Anvil
    Missile Launcher
    Damage=0 (all the damage is in the missiles and super missiles)
    Recipe=10 Meteorite Bar,1 Musket
    Missile Launcher V2
    Recipe=10 Hellstone Bar,1 Magic Missile,1 Missile Launcher
    Missile Launcher V3
    Recipe=20 Wire,1 Illegal Gun Parts,1 Missile Launcher V2,10 Cobalt Bar
    Tiles=Mythril Anvil
    Seeker Missile Launcher
    Launches up to 3 missiles at a time!
    Recipe=1 Missile Launcher,15 Meteorite Bar,5 Missile
    Seeker Missile Launcher V2
    Launches up to 5 missiles at a time!
    Recipe=1 Seeker Missile Launcher,1 Illegal Gun Parts,5 Super Missile,12 Adamantite Bar
    (credit to Yoraiz0r for the shotgun/spray missiles effect on the seeker missile launchers)
    Recipe=3 Iron Bar,2 Gel,1 Torch = 10 Missiles
    Max stack=250
    Ammo for=Missile Launcher
    Super Missiles
    Damage=75 (explosion does 50 damage)
    Recipe=3 Silver Bar,5 Gel,1 Torch,1 Bomb = 5 Super missiles
    Max stack=100
    Ammo for=Missile Launcher
    [​IMG] (sprite by Terratroid)
    Universal Ammo
    Ammo for=MP Hunter weapons
    Recipe=5 Iron Bar,1 Emerald = 20
    Power Generator
    Recipe=20 Lens,1 Suspicious Looking Eye,20 Gel
    Tiles=Demon Altar
    Baby Metroid
    Recipe=1 Metroid Egg,2 Cobalt Bar,3 Glass
    Tiles=Demon Altar
    [​IMG] (sprite by Terratroid)
    Serris Bait
    Recipe=10 Shark Chunk,5 Rotten Chunk,1 Goldfish
    Tiles=Demon Altar
    Larva Metroid
    this is it out of its container
    Summons=Pet Larva Metroid
    Recipe=Dropped by Ridley​

    Things to add/complete (open)

    Armor (open)

    Dark Suit
    Yet to be added
    Light Suit
    Yet to be added
    PED Suit
    Yet to be added
    Hazered shield
    Yet to be added​

    Beams and Guns (open)

    Dark Beam
    Yet to be added
    Light Beam
    Yet to be added
    Annihilator Beam
    Yet to be added
    PED Beam
    Yet to be added
    Nova Beam
    Yet to be added​

    NPCs (open)

    Mother Brain
    Might be added
    Metroid Prime
    Yet to be added
    Dark Samus
    Yet to be added
    Aurora Unit 313
    Might be added
    Queen Metroid
    Might be added​

    Other things (open)

    Make players have a way to get phazon without nova drill to get PED suit.
    (when i release it)
    Possibly make certain changes to various recipes.

    A way to encounter other Hunters.
    (might or might not be added)

    Dark World
    (yet to be added)

    Make Phazon hurt various NPCs
    (might be added)

    Things that came to mind. (they might or might not be added) (open)

    Space Pirate armor (and/or Space Pirate gun)
    i thought about adding this, but it felt kinda unnecessary.

    Building tiles and materials
    i thought about adding Phazon Brick for house decoration, but this mod isn't exactly a decorative mod.

    Metroid Fusion Content
    my brother loves Metroid Fusion out of all the Metroid games, and suggested this to me about 10k times. however, as far as balancing issues, not only does it seem a little unnecessary(to me), but i don't know how this stuff would be made, their stats, or whatever else that'd be in there. (currently, the only Metroid Fusion content that I'd be adding, would be the bosses)

    Boss Rooms spawning in new worlds
    someone suggested this to me awhile back, and I'm really tempted to add this. it be great if, I'm adding Kraid, Crocomire, Spore Spawn, and/or Mother Brain. it'd make great fighting areas for these types of bosses.

    Shoot a Chozo Door to open it
    i actually managed to make this really happen. however, this actually got annoying for me. since there were sometimes enemies on the other side of the door, i had to shoot them with my beam; leaving my door open for more enemies to come in.

    Adding Yakuza from Metroid Fusion
    make him drop some kind of material that's used for the Space Jump

    Adding Nightmare
    I don't really know why I would add him, except for the fact that he'd be a cool boss to fight.

    Adding SA-X (Player-X)
    Why add this? 'Cause it's freakin' creepy. (Or, it'd be creepy if it were on pre-hardmode. :rolleyes:)

    Change-log (open)

    1.2d (current release)
    fixed bug that wouldn't let it work with the latest version of tConfig(0.34.0).
    also fixes Serris's custom music.

    rebuilt for 0.29.8. fixes a few Serris bugs, fixes a bug with bombs, and fixes a few (possible, but not too probable) charge-effect bugs.

    fixes... a lot of things. i can't name them all, so go to this post; it'll list all of the fixes.

    1.2a release.
    fixes a few issues with the mod 'not loading'. as well as a few other bugs.

    1.2 release.
    adds charge effects to most beams, as well as the shine-spark and crystal flash.
    also adds a few fixes and updates to NPCs and other items.

    1.1 release.
    adds MP hunter cannons and a few NPCs and fixes.

    1.0 release.
    first release plus a few updates. see this post to know what I'm talking about.
    adds all of the stuff that's in the mod spotlight.

    Credits (open)

    Thanks too all of these guys for the wonderful advice they gave me and all coding I (stole) used.
    There may be more, but i cant remember.....

    Spriter thanks:

    Epic thanks too:
    Yoraiz0r for his awesome morph ball and for every thing else he did for me.
    Empio for making Phantoon and his awesome wave beam.
    Surfpup for making tConfig.

    Known bugs (open)

    Phantoon will move too fast if there's too much lag on your computer. one of the best ways to prevent lag, is too change your lighting to 'Trippy' (colored or non-colored).

    Keep in mind that the All/Ice beam's freeze effect is not perfect. There are bugs with it, when using it against some bosses (like the Wall of Flesh).

    When Metroids land on your head, and you die, the Metroid will teleport to your head everytime you respawn, and it'll kill you endlessly. (the best way to avoid this, is to freeze it; doing so, will get it off your head)

    Shine-Spark needs a bit more testing. the main bug i found was, if you stand next to a wall and boost upwards, you'll just do a little jump; and it'll cancel it out.

    both of the shots that fire out of the All beam will sometimes get off-set:confused:.
    (one will be ahead of the other)

    there are a ton of multiplayer bugs. you could almost say that this mod isn't multiplayer compatible.:( (however, i will try and fix these when i figure out how;))

    if you find any more bugs, please report them and I'll try to fix them.

    TNT Cannon mod (open)

    TNT Cannon
    Shoots dynamite!
    Recipe=1 Star Cannon,15 Wire,5 Soul of Night,5 Soul of Light
    Tiles=Mythril Anvil
    (makes dynamite stack up to 250, and uses it as ammo)​
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  2. W1K

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    Hurr Durr Metroid mod without metroidz.

    Anyway, pretty nice job with this, hope to see more in the future. :3

    Btw, two things:
    1. The suits sprites are actually by Omnir, as I took them from a pretty old Omnir's sprite thread. Most of the credits for them goes to him. I actually "did" the beams, but I just copy-paster them from the some Super Metroid rips and recolored them if needed.
    2. Do you know you can't actually increase the movement speed bonus more then a certain value? I don't know the limit actually, but you can't actually go higher then that, and so, you can't increase the speed further then Hermes Boots' max speed. If you actually want to increase the speed over the limit, I would suggest you to give a look at my Supersonic Boots codes.
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  3. Dr. Death-[Lexx]

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    This should have a queen metroid as boss. Sounds nice though.
  4. Classikly

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  5. scooterboot9697

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    well, part my speed booster cs file was a rip from the gravity disrupter that would increase speed over max, so i have that in there and the 500% increase movespeed(not that it rilly matters).

    yeah i thought about that, but i'm still learning java and i've been a little bit slacking off on it, so i'm not that good at programing yet.

    oh, sorry i'll upload pics later.

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  6. Classikly

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    Sorry what?
  7. Dr. Death-[Lexx]

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    Java? You don't need java to for a queen metroid boss. Just the sprites, a few codes (C#) and that's it.
    -sigh- As if it's that simple...we know it ain't.
  8. W1K

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    Hoi, i'm dah mastah npcz codah, I thought at a Metroid Queen boss some time ago, trying to figure out a nice way to implement something like that into Terraria, then my mind exploded and now i'm dead.
  9. scooterboot9697

    scooterboot9697 Bone Serpent

  10. scooterboot9697

    scooterboot9697 Bone Serpent

    what do you mean i don't need java, java is what terraria runs on! who needs C# when you got java!
  11. Yoraiz0r

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    you do understand that this mod pack is.......too big.
    you must've done something wrong.
    its only an installer and I see no source , at 40megabytes this can be anything 0_0
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    Are you trolling or what? Also 40 MB for a mod seems too much
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  13. Dr. Death-[Lexx]

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    Terraria uses XNA framework and C#. Not java.

    Plus, how about you release a source file with the mod. This is too big...compared to other mods around here. It's 20 times as big compared to some really huge mods with lot's of sounds, etc.
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  14. Tim Hjersted

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    I would really appreciate the source for this so I can alter the crafting recipes and add it to my map. Thanks yo!
  15. scooterboot9697

    scooterboot9697 Bone Serpent

    wo,wo,WO, i cant give the source just that easy, if i give you guys the source then i would give away the spoiler. i cant give you guys that, thats a secret. your suppose to play the mod to find out what the spoiler is. and if some of you guys want to alter the recipes, then use Yoraiz0r's super cheat menu. i'll give you guys the .obj if thats what you want.
  16. Yoraiz0r

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    Oh sir , but us coders are the low commoners that are not of the quality to try out content to understand the content!
    Only those that play mods properly will be true appreciators of a secret! =o
    Source pl0x =D *totally needing a trollface*
  17. scooterboot9697

    scooterboot9697 Bone Serpent

    sorry, no source, i'm uploading the obj now. no source, sorry. :(
  18. Tim Hjersted

    Tim Hjersted Swamp Thing

    This is true, modders are going to enjoy modding and looking at the source and appreciating the code. I'm sure I will give ya some "ooohs" and "aaahs" discovering your secret in the source.. and players are gonna play and enjoy it that way. And usually if I like what I see I'll play it as well.. *and* include it in my map. Because all the best mods deserve a custom map to go with it. :D

    I for one will definitely be releasing the source for the mod I'm working on. I'd say it's part of the modder's code. Heheh, like the samurai's code. But a bit more ironic cuz you know. Puns. lol But to each their own.
  19. Dr. Death-[Lexx]

    Dr. Death-[Lexx] Slimed Zombie

    You sound like you're afraid to upload the source, it's not for the players, as mentioned, it's for the modders, but i guess that's too much to ask for...I hardly remember any mods being out there without having a source file. Hmm...I remember one and that mod died. Nazi Zombie Weapons. No word of it, no source file, nothing.
    It's a suggestion and would only be a smart decision to release it, but if you don't want to, well...your choice.

    Plus, what's with Wave Bank? 90MB? Are you serious? What have you packed there!? Is this a texture pack?

    I'd love to see some screenshots, really.
  20. scooterboot9697

    scooterboot9697 Bone Serpent

    obj upload complete! hay, i have an idea, you guys play the mod, find out the secret, tell me what its from, and i'll give you the source. hows that?:D
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