Searching for youtube partner to do terraria playthroughs with

Discussion in 'Let's Play Terraria!' started by piplupp123237, Jan 5, 2013.


favorite youtuber of these three?

  1. yogscast

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  2. PaperBatVG

    2 vote(s)
  3. xXSlyFoxHoundXx

    1 vote(s)
  1. piplupp123237

    piplupp123237 Green Slime

    can you record in HD?:
    Age? (must be 10-15):
    do you have a server?:
    can you make a server?:
    is your computer good?
    i will add you on skype if i decide to consider you and i will also ask a few more questions.
  2. daleksax

    daleksax Bone Lee

    I'm not interested in doing any playthroughs with you, but if you are ever interested in commissioning someone to build something for your youtube videos send me a message.

    Below is a few references where you can see my old builds for proof of my handy work;

  3. piplupp123237

    piplupp123237 Green Slime

    come on anybody?
  4. jared5299

    jared5299 Green Slime

    I will
  5. jared5299

    jared5299 Green Slime

    I also have a server and am 13 years old with mild experience at the game and have an alienware 18x
  6. jared5299

    jared5299 Green Slime

    I also have a skype
  7. piplupp123237

    piplupp123237 Green Slime

    what is your skype?
  8. sjkonvict

    sjkonvict Zombie

    can you record in HD?:Yes
    Age? (must be 10-15):Turned 15 My age here is just a joke
    skype?:yep(anokka007)You have to tell me you are from the fourms or something like that
    do you have a server?:no
    can you make a server?:no
    is your computer good?i has a laptop hp and yes its good
  9. jared5299

    jared5299 Green Slime

    Its jared52992
  10. springpeeper98

    springpeeper98 Green Slime

    i would love to be in on this!
    can you record in HD?: no
    Age? (must be 10-15): 14 (15 in 12 days)
    skype?: deadlypenguin98
    do you have a server?: no
    can you make a server?: no
    steam?: springpeeper98
    is your computer good? it's decent
    thanks for your time
  11. Devin Devin

    Devin Devin Green Slime

    My friend tried to partner with this person (Piplup) and he almost stole our stuff. He is greedy and I recommend not partnering with this person unless you want your stuff stolen.
  12. piplupp123237

    piplupp123237 Green Slime

    i am adding you on skype right now

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