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  1. zephyrdragoon

    zephyrdragoon Cursed Skull

    So I was thinking that we have all these great swords and items but they don't do anything.
    All we can do with our swords is swing them, magic items only cast one thing, and so on.

    So what i propose is to give all the higher tier weapons a secondary ability. One that is not OP'ed but is still useful. The sword's secondary abilities could have different levels of "charge" (3 levels) each level costs something in return for it's power. That is to say higher tiers have greater drawbacks. Each power level will be assgined a different value, you may use no more than charges totaling 5 at any one time. Afterwards there will be a greater cooldown. (Credit to Delra12 and Kusanagi) The charges will have an easily telegraphed signal to show what level you are at. (Megaman style)

    These secondary abilities could be activated by a configurable key combination.

    Like This One

    Now on to examples


    Fiery Greatsword: The FG's ability could be that your character stabs it into the ground and it emit's a shockwave of fire, in both directions, that lasts several blocks that pushes enemies back and does moderate to low damage.
    It can only be used on the ground.

    Charge 1: Lowest power, 3 blocks in both directions, 9 dmg. Cooldown of 15 seconds.
    Charge 2: Medium power, 5 blocks in both directions, 12 dmg. Cooldown of 35 seconds.
    Charge 3: Highest power, 7 blocks in both directions, 15dmg. Cool down of 55 seconds.

    Blade of Grass: Its secondary ability could be that you stab it into the ground and it causes thorns and vines to grow out of the ground with a radius of 8 blocks that damages over time, for 5 dmg per second, and slows (cobweb style) enemies. Can only be used on the ground.

    Charge 1: Lowest power, 4 blocks in both directions, 3 dps. Lasts 10 seconds. Cooldown of 20 seconds.
    Charge 2: Medium power, 6 blocks in both directions, 5 dps. dmg. Lasts 15 seconds. Cool down of 40 seconds.
    Charge 3: Highest power, 8 blocks in both directions, 8 dps. Lats 20 seconds. Cool down of 1 minute.

    Light's bane: The LB could have a rushing stab attack, that covers 7 blocks, that damages enemies and passes through them without causing damage to you. Does 30 dmg (without armor) Can be used in the air.

    Charge 1: Covers 6 blocks, does 25 dmg. 35 second cool down.
    Charge 2: Covers 7 blocks, does 30 dmg. 40 second cool down.
    Charge 3: Covers 8 blocks, does 35 dmg. 45 second cool down.

    Muramasa: The Muramasa could have a multi-hit attack followed by a final rushing slash. The initial hits do damage equal to your total attack and hits 5 times, followed by the rushing slash that does 30 dmg and covers 5 blocks. (assuming no defense). Costs 20 mana.

    Charge 1: Hits 5 times, no final slash. Cool down of 30 seconds.
    Charge 2: Hits 6 times, no final slash. Cool down of 40 seconds.
    Charge 3: Hits 7 times, final slash. Cool down of 50 seconds.

    Night's Edge: The NE's secondary ability is a flying shockwave that you can launch over 15 blocks that does 50 dmg. but it is only 2 blocks wide. Costs 25 mana.

    Charge 1: 1 block wide, 40 dmg. Cool down of 15 seconds.
    Charge 2: 2 blocks wide, 50 dmg. Cool down of 30 seconds.
    Charge 3: 3 blocks wide, 60 dmg. Cool down of 1 minute.

    NOTE: Using the maximum number of charges (totaling 5 points, each point corresponding to level of charge.) will cause a greater cool down of 3 minutes. During this time you will be unable to use any charges. And will gain the Tiredness debuff. The tiredness debuff will cause you to move slower, attack slower and your mana will regenerate slowly. Lasts 2 minutes. Credit to Delra12.


    Water Bolt: Shoots a wide (3 blocks) wave of "water" that bounces 3 times and does 20 damage.
    Costs 25 mana.

    Aqua Scepter: Creates water in exchange for mana. Costs 5 mana per "block" of water.

    Flower of Fire: Creates lava in exchange for mana. Costs 15 mana per "block" of lava.

    Vilethorn: Sends a wave of thorns along the ground for 50 blocks that does 20 dmg on contact. The wave only hits one enemy then stops. Does not pierce enemies. Leaves a trail of thorns that does 5 dmg on contact and only hits once.
    Costs 20 mana per "wave".

    Magic Missile: Shoots 2 bolts instead of one. The Bolts have slightly different trajectories (they arc away from each other then converge on your mouse) when they collide there is 20 AoE dmg.
    The bolts pierce before they collide (they pierce each enemy only once) for 15 dmg. Costs 20 mana per volley. Does not follow your cursor after shooting.

    Flamelash: Shoots 3 bolts instead of 1. The Bolts have slightly different trajectories (2 arc away from each other and 1 stays center) when they collide there is 30 AoE dmg. The bolts pierce before they collide (they pierce each enemy only once) for 20 dmg. Costs 30 mana per volley. Does not follow your cursor after shooting.

    Demon Scythe: Fires a larger Demon Scythe that passes through 3 enemies before disappearing.
    Does 40 dmg and costs 25 mana.

    Starfury: Shoots 3 stars at your cursor. From the sword.These stars do not pass through walls and hit only once per star. Does 20 dmg per star and costs 20 mana per volley.

    Demon Bow: Fires three arrows that pierce (Like unholy arrows) the piercing does not effect hellfire arrows. Costs 3 arrows.

    Molten Bow: Fires 5 arrows that explode on contact (Less AoE damage for non-hellfire arrows) The explosion doesn't effect unholy arrows. Costs 5 arrows.

    Space Gun: Charges a blast, longer charges do more damage and pierce more blocks (up to 3) Higher levels of charge cost more mana. Costs mana even with the meteor armor (costs less though)

    Phoenix blaster: Fires a thin laser that reflects twice before stopping. The laser is continuous but costs mana. Does damage on contact with the laser. Can inflict the "On Fire" debuff.

    Minishark: Fires a Shotgun style burst. Shoots 5 bullets in a spray. Costs 5 bullets. Deals 10+bullets damage per bullet.

    Starcannon: Fires a moderately homing star that deals AoE (doesn't destroy blocks) damage. Costs 5 stars and 20 mana per shot. Deals 70 damage on contact and 20 AoE damage. Still has a low rate of fire.

    Flamarang/Enchanted Boomerang: Causes the Flam/Ench to circle you for a time based on the length of time charging before the throw. While circling you they will deflect projectiles and damage players/mobs on contact. Costs mana and does damage based on the charge time. You can still move/jump.

    Thorn Chakram: Throwing the chakram causes it to fly toward your cursor then stop. Once it stops it will hover for about 1 second them release a burst of 20 hornet needles in all directions. The needles and the chakram will poison mobs/players. The chakram does damge while hovering.You can't throw another while the same one is already out.

    More items will be added in the future. Constructive feedback is appreciated.
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  2. MeowMeow

    MeowMeow Green Slime

    Awesome ideas. But youmight have to nerf everything, They are quite powerfull even for that mana cost.
  3. zephyrdragoon

    zephyrdragoon Cursed Skull

    How so?
  4. Kusanagi

    Kusanagi Green Slime

    Hmm, looks pretty good to me xD Sounds similar to what I had in mind for one of my other threads where the skills would be weapon specific. But course it was also introducing a new mechanic with it; command attacks:

    But you are going into what each weapon does exactly, and mine is just one way to preform them xD Got my support for the concepts ^^

    Im terrible at number balancing, but I'll have to look into it later since I'll be going out today xD
  5. zephyrdragoon

    zephyrdragoon Cursed Skull

    Cool, thanks for the support.
    If your have any ideas i'd love to hear them.
  6. Kusanagi

    Kusanagi Green Slime

    Oh yes, will do ^^

    Hmm now that I think about it, Tehrror's Shift + click is another alternative asides my command input xD But as usual he has the simpler route, while mine is going high up there.

    Ah well, either way I'd love to see more varied combat ^^
  7. Tehrror85

    Tehrror85 Green Slime

    Man our suggestions are insane...they could be a game in their own right.
    Now I support the idea but not your abilities. Those damn things are OP as hell for the mana price. For example: Vilethorn...50 blocks! You have any idea what 50 blocks is in the game? Not to mention it does 20 damage. 50 blocks x 20 damage x # of enemies = HOLY F*CK.

    You might as well have called this "Make spells OP as hell."
  8. zephyrdragoon

    zephyrdragoon Cursed Skull

    the vilethorn only hits one enemy. it doesn't keep going, the 50 blocks was to go around corners and through tunnels
  9. Matsu

    Matsu Corruptor

    The 50 Block range for the Vilethorn is extreme perhaps change it to three spreading Vilethorns which would cost the same as three simultaneous Vilethorns. Other than that I love the idea.
  10. Tehrror85

    Tehrror85 Green Slime

    I dont see that in your OP at all. Might want to put more detail and information into it.
    I say this so you dont get flamed...especially by me. :)
  11. Kusanagi

    Kusanagi Green Slime

    haha, particularly mine since they are aiming rather high xD (not that I don't think they would fit the game mind you)

    Ah well, whatever direction Terraria takes in regards to combat, it will still be successful in its own right. Course, Im sure none of us are gonna give up and leave the combat be without showing how much it could grow first xD
  12. Graceful Assassin

    Graceful Assassin No. XI MARLUXIA

    In My Opinion Terraria was supposed to be simple. simple idea, simple gameplay, I would hate to see this game get overly complex and complicated.
  13. Tehrror85

    Tehrror85 Green Slime

    Particularly yours? Lmao...blowing that horn of urs pretty hard arent you.
  14. Kusanagi

    Kusanagi Green Slime

    A respected opinion for sure.

    I will say this though, we do have buff potions so the game is starting to grow mechanics wise. Combat doesn't necessarily need to grow, the system could be left as is and the game for the most part would be fine. But for some of us who've played a good number of games over the years, we want to see the system to grow (even just a little). This is so the game can be appealing to both veteran gamers (like myself) and average gamers. The balance just needs to be found that it will suit the game just right.

    Out of personal opinion, this would be one simple way for the game to vary its combat yet still be appealing to players of all skill levels ^^ But I see where you're coming from all the same.
  15. Kusanagi

    Kusanagi Green Slime

    You've said it yourself that mine were high up there xD Even told me to tone them down and go for simplicity. But all in all, a joke it was xD I had no intention of bragging (though it might have come off that way and I apologize ^^").

    On a more serious note, any mechanic we suggest here on the forum could be well justified to be in its own game. Everyone has ideals for the game that would be fun to play in their opinion, and because the dev team is open to suggestions, everyone is pulling out ideas for it. No idea is better than another, and no idea is ever worthless. No matter the idea, it can grow and become something a game in the future could use.

    for the meantime of course, we're looking for ideas that suit Terraria ^^
  16. Tehrror85

    Tehrror85 Green Slime

    Preach on my brother and bless us with your knowledge oh great one.
    You truly are the one! :)
  17. Kusanagi

    Kusanagi Green Slime

    hahaha xD

    anyways my speech aside, let's get back to the topic of the thread ^^
    I on the other hand better get ready to go ^^"
  18. Vaer

    Vaer Green Slime

    I like the idea of secondary abilities for weapons and spells, but some of the ones you came up with are a bit op. Too tired to think properly atm or I would throw out some ideas. I might add them later after I get some rest, lol.
  19. Delra

    Delra Dark Caster

    This is a pretty good idea. But the fact that the swords use mana is a problem. What about warriors who do not use mana at all? IMO the swords shouldnt do such ultimate attacks like that but more like swordsmanship attacks that could be done in reallife to a certain point. For example, the muramasa's multislash thing, why does it use mana?
  20. Graceful Assassin

    Graceful Assassin No. XI MARLUXIA

    Your post makes it seem like I havn't played very many games, which is not at all true.

    I never said that Terraria doesn't need to grow or doesn't need improvements. Just not overly complicated improvements that could change the core gameplay and turn it into an entirley different game.

    Side Note:
    The Only game that I have played, that had given weapons a secondary function was Resistance 1 and 2 (One of the Best Series ever)

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