Secret Underground Lair of Dragons (SULD)

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    This special biome can only be found by defeating the pre-hard mode skeletron and entering his dungeon. There will be a secret pressure plate which will open a door to the SULD. There are many types of elemental dragons in there such as the water elemental, the nature elemental and the fire elemental. These monsters will drop scales used to create Dragonscale Armor! The armor will have a total of 30 defense. The chest plate, 11 defense, greaves 10 defense, helmet 9 defense. The armor will also require spikes from the dungeon.
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    Sorta badly set out for a suggestion that would be a whole new biome.
    More detail would be appreciated.
    Also, that wouldn't really work because
    1- Having ANOTHER dungeon within a dungeon is too cluttered.
    2-People can destroy pressure plates, cut wires or dig into this "SULD".

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