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Discussion in 'Dedicated Servers' started by Rerbren, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Mynameisak Voodoo Demon

    But a miners a miner? There's no other job like it, however a Farmer could farm trees, mushrooms and plants alike however (Yes, a second however) would get boring after a while and meaningless.
  2. Cyleal Green Slime

    I'd assume that mushrooms and plants fall under the alchemist's jurisdiction. I think Woodcutting falls under the jurisdiction of the craftsman.

    Also, Hai everybody :eek:
  3. youarereta98 Undead Viking

    maybe miner could be more of a gatherer or it could be the alchemists job... is there a alchemist...
  4. Fukanaito Cursed Skull

    add what for me?
  5. youarereta98 Undead Viking

    just a hypothetical question to pass the time what do you think would happen if a random miner found the varden?
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  6. Mynameisak Voodoo Demon

    They would most likely be killed on sight. ^_^ Because we are SUCH NICE PEOPLE AND YOU WILL LOVE US! <3
  7. youarereta98 Undead Viking

    thank god im not a miner :D
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  8. NotAPenguin Snatcher

    Good job I'm one of those mining monks then, we sure do love dying.
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  9. Fukanaito Cursed Skull

    and then the family of that miner will go down into the mines looking for him and one of those family members is gonna kill the vvarden who they discover killed the miner. Then more scuffles go about in the mines and a great war begins once more. Yeah such nice people, huh?
  10. Mynameisak Voodoo Demon

    We are secluded, the miner was trespassing meaning we were well within our rights to defend ourself. And seeming most (nearly all) Vvarden have never seen someone of another race, they would think that anything that isn't a Vvarden is hostile (slimes, skeletons, zombies, bats, worms, all of the creatures where the Vvarden live are hostile, it it isn't Vvarden, Kill it) and seeming they without the knowledge the war on the surface has ended, they think that they are still hiding (however most don't even know).
  11. youarereta98 Undead Viking

    i was thinking the Vvardon would come out of hiding and we'd all have a nice cup of tea :D until the moles table maners went bad and all the races got pissed and wiped them off the map :D
  12. Mynameisak Voodoo Demon

    It is against the Will of Valmoran for the Vvarden to see the sunlight, maybe we will make a way for people to come to us rather than us come out.

    Something I've wondered from the start though... How the fuck do Vvarden get wood? Its essential; torches and furniture...
  13. youarereta98 Undead Viking

    maybe he's a tyrant leader so you guys kill him off and change the laws? :D
  14. Mynameisak Voodoo Demon

    I am honourable, I will not desert.

    And its not a law, its against the will of the God we believe in. Its like a Christian (just an example) believing in Evolution, some believe it, but the fanatical Christians would put aside facts to believe that Adam and Eve were the first creatures.

    On another note, JOIN THE STEAM GROUP PEOPLE! :p
  15. Wulfos604 Green Slime

    Actually, I was thinking if we had the chance to get an alchemist on our hands, I would have him brew up some Invisibility potions to give out to anyone venturing out of the city. At the first sight of another being, they would drink the potion and whisk themselves back to the city post haste. If we don't get an alchemist, I would probably be a little strict about who I let out of the city. I wouldn't want random children or teens running out all willy nilly, easily spotted by miners.

    Also, I had a funny thought while coming home from school today about an application. I recently started reading the Hunger Games again now that the movie is out, and thought "what if someone submitted a Ranger application which revolved around Katniss?". I mean, it WOULD make for a decent application.

    Name: Katniss Everdeen
    Age: 16
    Class/Subclass: Ranged/Bow
    Archetype: Ranger
    Character Personality: Independent, strong-willed, determined
    Race: Arborian (Minus the elf part)
    Background Information: I'd rather not spend the time to type out her backstory, but if you read the Hunger Games, it would be about the time she spent with her Father and the things she taught her (i.e. how to use the bow and arrow). And maybe instead of being sent into the Hunger Games, she was sent into the Temple of the Divines? Anyway, my point is, it would make for a pretty fun character :p
  16. Wulfos604 Green Slime

    Actually, I discussed this with Rerbren earlier and he explained that the very first leader of Tyrngheim was the one who forbid anyone from interacting with the surface. Over time, people didn't question his order, and the rule was passed down leader through leader, down to me. In the present though, it's less about the law forbidding anyone from the surface, and more about the pride of the Vvarden and their success of cleaning their very existence from the rest of the world and it's people. They want to continue hiding from the rest of the world, and continue their sense of pride of solitude.

    And I've already joined the group :D
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  17. Rerbren The Groom

    The Vvarden went underground after the war ended, and they weren't hiding. Contrary to what Ramen likes to slander them with, the Vvarden were not beaten down by the Norse. In fact, they were doing rather well in the war, but made the decision to seperate themselves from the other races, who they considered savages after witnessing what they were capable of in the war. In this respect, they are quite similar to the Avians, whose reasoning was practically the same, if not born of a more arrogant nature. Alot of Vvarden have been fretting about wood, but I don't really see the problem. I'm giving you a few stacks, and if you run out I'm sure Wulfos will send a special party up to the surface at night to grab some trees. That's what I would do. I mean, just because it is technically forbidden to break the surface, that decree was enacted by Wulfos' predecessor, and he is likely to be a tad more lenient on it, at least for necessities like wood. You mustn't actually think that the Vvarden never go to the surface. How else would they be in the Temple of the Divines at first spawn?
  18. Mynameisak Voodoo Demon

    A Shiny Magic white light that whisked me away from my Guild Hall :p
  19. NotAPenguin Snatcher

    No, everyone came to visit me. because I'm so loved. I also made cookies.
  20. Wulfos604 Green Slime

    Oh my, it looks like I need to catch up on my homework :confused:. Here I am, the great and mighty leader of Tyrngheim, and I don't even know how it came to be or the reasoning behind its laws!

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