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  1. Sercease

    Sercease Herpling

    Welcome to Sercease's Creation Page!
    Most if not all the builds have creation posts showing the builds with a bit of a blog type write up on the progress (link to pages with pictures to come). When I started and many of the earlier builds all the materials were farmed and crafted. There came a point near the dogs where I stopped farming mats and importing them. I never have lost the love to build in-game but do use tedit jointly to move things around.
    Rhytech has since retired from building but has a few things in here still.
    Posts are Oldest to Newest.
    WIP builds in following post.
    Storage Shack - Abandoned
    modeled as a chest.

    My First House - Abandoned
    ...complete with patio and hot tub!
    Second Home - Abandoned
    ... never did finish, hah.

    Mario Level 1
    ...with liberties.

    Underground City - Abandoned
    This was the underground city I made for the NPC's at the time. It conveniently had a demon alter near it that I incorporated into the design. The lava lined drop goes straight to hellfire. The throne room got stripped of decoration at one point

    Stockpile - Abandoned
    (... of pretty much everything. Mostly import now but back in day farming ftw)

    Hospital - Metropolis
    ... yep.

    Restaurant - Metropolis
    Strongly suspect he is making moonshine. (if you look really carefully he might have something hidden in the bedroom.

    Treehouse - Metropolis
    Modeled after in-game tree's. Dropping down the trunk takes you to a mushroom farm and small hut full of potions.

    Loot Stash - Metropolis
    Hidden loot stash under the windmill. Lights turn off and door shuts behind you when you leave hiding it in the darkness.

    Windmill - Metropolis
    Doubles as a workshop for crafting.

    Ba-Bombs - Metropolis
    Modeled after Mario ba-bombs. Little one was proof of concept but looked cute so left it there. Huge obsidian farm down the mine between them.

    Space Needle / Cobra - Metropolis
    Space Needle being attacked by cobra. It stretches right to the top of the map and you lose gravity.

    Hellfire Drop - Metropolis
    Hellfire straight shot. 47 seconds of free fall and over 3200ft deep. Switch in skull turns lights on and opens "temple" area with drop, right before dropping lights turn off and last thing you see is a eerie glow of the demon eyes as you plummet.

    Updated 05/26/12.

    Made this guy up for the Crater. From Final Fantasy Games.

    Final Fantasy 1 Sprites
    The start to my museum. Probably mostly be NES stuff.

    Mario Vs Browser Battle
    An addition to the museum is added. Comes complete with working Drawbridge.

    Duck Hunt Tribute
    I pranked Rhytech by putting it in his house by removing the roof, thought it was funny as hell due to the snickering dog and pent up rage from my youth at that dog.

    Updated: 05/27/12

    When World's Collide Sanctuary - Metropolis
    (built by Rhytech)
    Rhytech house.jpg

    Sercease/Rhytech Sprite Tribute

    Updated: 06/01/12

    Doing some off-roading in Terraria.

    Hellfort - Metropolis
    The bottom of our hellfire shoot, airlocks open as you run across keeping crap out.

    Updated: 06/04/12

    Shark Attack
    Pulse requested something for his walk of terror, thought about doing a shark attack and jaws was born.

    Grim Reaper
    Was bored, made this, decided to ultimately put it in our hellfire shoot just before you hit the ice/fire caves... and surround him with lava... cause why not.

    Updated: 01/29/13

    Pulse requested something for his walk of terror, thought about doing a shark attack and jaws was born.
    FF7 Sprites
    (rest to come)
    FF1 - Black Mage
    Dog Caves - Metropolis
    (located at the bottom of the hellfire shoot)
    viewer-hellcave full.jpg
    Random Warrior
    (was bored)

    Doom Eye
    (looks really cool at night)


    Random house - Metropolis
    (Guide got the shaft earlier so he got an upgrade, lol)
    (from Metroid)
    Ren and Meat-wad.
    (built for PuLSe / CraTeR)
    Tease Day.jpg
    Oasis Central - Oasis
    (home base for my Hardcore Character)
    Treefort - Oasis
    (Built for my hardcore character to hang out in during blood moons and goblin raids.)
    Hellfire Drop - Oasis
    (A serious of shafts lead to last stop before either going down hellfire drop or to a chamber vein I use for ore)
    (kind of...)
    Storage Castle - Oasis
    (built to hold everything for my hardcore character, might tweak but final for now)
    Mad Scientist Pub - CraTeR
    (built for PuLSe / CraTeR)
    Wrath - Oasis
    Gwendelle - Oasis
    Hexine (And The Tome of Darkness) - Metropolis
    Updated: 09/02/13
    To be continued...
  2. Sercease

    Sercease Herpling

    WIP Projects
    This spot shall be used for the latest pic of stuff that is WIP. Got a few projects on the go.
    Heaven Fortress
    (Started waaaay back. Will finish someday hopefully. No ETA)
    Updated: 01/29/13
    heaven temple full view (edit).jpg
    (Started for one of those builder challenges but didn't finish in time and has rotted since. No ETA)
    Updated: 01/29/13
    Space Ship
    (started when bored one day. No ETA)
    Updated: 01/29/13
    The Factory
    (also know as Water Mill. If anything gets started again it will be this. No current ETA)
    Updated: 01/29/13
    Coal Power Plant
    Current Project. Click Me - to go to first post.
    Updated: 09/02/13

    To be Continued...

    Program Links:​
    - TerrariView - Editing in blocks into inventory.​
    - Terrafirma - Use for scouting materials to farm.​
    - Tedit - Move stuff around. (download link is second file in "Download Packages" list)​
    - Dedicated Server - For controlling day. (download link at bottom of page)​

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  3. PuLSe

    PuLSe Cactus King

    Holy Smokes! That's gotta be the biggest snake in all of Terraria! Sweet!

    I really like the windmill too, and da bombs, and the space needle the snake is coiled around and the skull entrance...

    Nice work!:cool:
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  4. Sercease

    Sercease Herpling

    Lol, thanks, probably work on the cobra head tomorrow or else continue on my heaven fortress which you can kind of see in the one terraview but is really raw and still playing with ideas, hense all the floating pieces scattered about, haha. I tend to make a lot of samples :rolleyes:
  5. Eldoro

    Eldoro Crimera

    +1 to the Little restaurant, Windmill ( my favourite , it´s really great), Ba-bombs house and the skull entrance :D.
    With the Cobra...hmmm i have got some problems at the head part, since i dont know how to explain it in english i ll put an image on the other thread ( crater creator one) to explain it :p.

    Keep it going ^^! Good work
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  6. Sercease

    Sercease Herpling

    You and me both, lol. That stupid cobra has been the bane of my existence. "I should make a snake, ya that would be cool" worst light bulb I ever had, :D. I'll check out your image and Pulse has some ideas to fix it up too, got some free time tonight so will see what happens.

    In other news, I have an entire day off today, woot! Time for some building!
    Some teasers of current work, kind of multitasking a couple projects at once so we will see what happens today.

    Two of the constructed clouds near my tower, there is 3 in total (big ones missing), it's to become the support structures for a heaven fortress area that will span all the clouds with walkways and bridges and what not. Still toying with what/how I'm making all the fortress parts but like anything else, probably just start dropping blocks and see how it looks. Already got a few test builds down that look decent, just need to move them to their new homes.



    A tunnel that will be used as a walkway eventually. PuLSe was toying with it a bit on his server and made a change to the glass crosses in the tunnel that I'll probably put in mine too because his looked better. :rolleyes:


    Was farming Wall Of Flesh last night with Rhytech trying to get a Warrior Emblem. 4 Hours, 30-ish guide's later it still never dropped (He has never played the hardcore mode so doing a progression with him). We got bored waiting for the guide to respawn and started just slapping stuff together to kill time. Nothing special.

  7. tomimrbone

    tomimrbone Penguin

    I love the windmill and the restaurant!I really like your style!
    The Cobra is nice,but too long in my opinion xD
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  8. Sercease

    Sercease Herpling

    Cheers mate! Appreciate it.
    Your telling me, I built it in-game by hand and kind of zoned out while going up as I designed it to be a repeating pattern. Before I knew it I hit the top of the map and started working on the needle without even realizing the scale of it. Boy was I surprised when I opened it up in terrafirma to take a quick look at scale to do the head. Gone to far at that point though so just left it. PuLSe and Eldo helped me tweak the head so it looks a little different now, need to update the photo still.
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  9. kalvindeane

    kalvindeane Bone Serpent

    I know the feeling. ;)
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  10. Sercease

    Sercease Herpling

    My free weekend turned into not so free but I managed to get some consortium done and a good start on my heaven fortress. Completely trashed the old building and started over with a different color pallet. Still messing with it a lot but its starting to take shape. (Still love how the clouds cause rainbows up here)


    Night (Anyone Else find how the stairwell fades away really creepy and yet awesome at the same time?)

    P.S. Updated Photo of Cobra in "WIP Server" with PuLSe and Eldo's suggestion changes.
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  11. Sercease

    Sercease Herpling

    Did some more work on fortress, changed a few things.


  12. Sercease

    Sercease Herpling

    May 9-16 Consortium - Cartoons.

    So life got in the way and never did get a chance to finish this weeks, not even entering since it's incomplete. Here is what I was able to get done. The original plan was the whole couch scene, that turned into maybe do a Rushmore Mountain with their heads, that turned into just finish their heads, and what we ended up being left with is 2 heads and Lisa with a haircut and fungus... good times. Enjoy!

    Note: Didn't get around to doing lighting (I do last) so just used Terrafirma to take screens.


    With Textures.​

    Without Textures.​
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  13. Sercease

    Sercease Herpling

    Life/Diablo have got in my way past few days, but looks like Rhytech had returned.

    Rhytech is getting good progress on his house. Sounds like he has the rough core done, just need the little details to finish it off.



    I did update my walkway with my new color scheme I'm using and added the slight change PuLSe had done to windows. Looks much better and should fit into my fortress eventually.


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  14. PuLSe

    PuLSe Cactus King

    No, no no, you've got the name all wrong - it should be Team !@#$:D
  15. Rhytech

    Rhytech Bunny

    Sadly.....it would be hilarious as hell....I'm game!
  16. Sercease

    Sercease Herpling

    I recently wanted to start make more "building" videos however I had the issue that I had never recorded or edited a video in my life. A little bit of program trial and error later and sort of getting somewhere. The plan was to just post the completed building video and post screens later so it was kind of a mystery until you watched the video. Anybody have any good programs for video editing??? I need something that stitches, down converts, compresses, attach audio, and speed up video. I got a basic one that stitches and strips the audio but need to actually edit the video now so it's not real time.

    A teaser for: Adventures of Bob The Builder (pending video editing skills)
    A pipe has popped out of the ground near my bombers, I wonder what's down there????? :rolleyes:


    Sercease has been busy high up in the sky hiding where nobody can reach without wings (Rhytech doesn't have, sucker!). His Heaven fortress is temporarily on hold. Went to do Bob The Builder segment and start another project, this ones my first ever stab at some pixel art. The scale is going to be massive and I have already punched a few holes in the wall out of frustration. Seriously, how do others stay sane when doing pixel art, maybe its just my OCD but wow does it drive me crazy. Slowly starting to take shape. Any guesses, lol?

    Abandoned Pixel-art


    If you can't tell by this post/thread I have some ADD issues.

    Current projects on the go:
    - Mystery Pixel Art. (working on a bit today)
    - Bob The Builder mystery build. (technically done building but pending video editing skills for post)
    - Heaven Fortress. (early stages, major wip)
    - Assisting Rhytech with his house (mainly using t-edit to move fluids around when he makes changes, throwing out ideas here and there, its getting close!!)
    - Continuation of Bob The Builder segments. (got a few planned)
    - Staring at any red balls that go bouncing by.
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  17. PuLSe

    PuLSe Cactus King

    Well, anyone can plainly see that you're making a uhm... it's one of those.... things... it's...:confused:

    It's too early to tell. I'll be back...
  18. Sercease

    Sercease Herpling

    Should look at OP, it changed slightly ;).
  19. Rhytech

    Rhytech Bunny

    Harsh cuts...but also lies.

    1. It is very possible to get up there without wings. I have done it and will continue to do it...next time, I might bring dynamite. :eek:

    2. Just because a guy takes sometime off during patching and such, you don't have to make him seem like a lesser sprite. That's right, I don't have wings...but am still a full blown sprite! I am not a lesser sprite and you're not better than me, at least at this category. Soon...soon, I will grow wings, and then....beware!

    3. You smell. This was necessary just cause I don't like only having 2 points.
  20. Sercease

    Sercease Herpling

    Did a test build of Ahriman on my server to get the design and colors right before heading over to the Crater to build again.




    Down in the sewers lies a museum to a few recognizable companions. I have more "museum" pieces planned.


    Ingame (lighting needs work)​

    P.S. I still suck at video editing but once I get a program and figure it out I have "building of" videos for Ahriman at the Crater and FF Sprites.
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