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  1. TheTylerLee Doctor Bones

    SEX is a sensation caused by temptation when a guy sticks his location in a girls destination to increase the population of the next generation do you get my explaination or do you need a demonstration?
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  2. TheOrangeDart Green Slime

  3. Mistress Rarity Nightmarity

    Brilliant? This quote is older than I am...
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  4. TheTylerLee Doctor Bones

    yeah i take no credit for this, its a quote
  5. Maksago Dark Caster

    And you felt the need to create a topic, quoting something that has been going around for years, why?
  6. TheTylerLee Doctor Bones

    the same reason anyone creates an off topic topic.
  7. TheOrangeDart Green Slime

    Sarcasm :D

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  9. omnissiah Blazing Wheel

    applaudes :)
  10. Jack Napier Green Slime

    And that would be?
  11. TheOrangeDart Green Slime

    Ermm... To take over the world? :confused:
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  12. Skipper Scootaloo Dungeon Guardian

    To discuss something that is off-topic?
  13. Crisis Romantically Apocalyptic

    Pretty useless thread...
  14. lololol Green Slime

    is overrated
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  15. TheTylerLee Doctor Bones

    to talk about something only a few find amusing and the rest of people find completely useless, Should i take this thread down? i dont want infractions lol
  16. Alanbato Cursed Skull

    Heh, that's new for me :\
  17. TheTylerLee Doctor Bones

    it was new for me too lol, But apparently we are slow on this new age stuff lol
  18. Bobrocket WANTS TO PUNCH STUFF

    Dude, I really want a demonstration!
  19. TheTylerLee Doctor Bones

    Are you a female between 17-35 ?
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  20. Bobrocket WANTS TO PUNCH STUFF

    Read what the profile says, blind oaf.
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