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  1. shakakakaADM

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    With the death of Tshock (something I have yet to be surprised about due to the rude attitudes of some devs [sorry tangent]) and the very recent release of 1.1.2 which has broken all custom server software for the game. I am forced to say that I think Shakakaka is out of business. Im mainly a linux guy, and also a poor poor college student, and I got a super steal on my vps right now (im paying about $10 a month for a vps with 2gb dedi 50gb storage and 2tb a month bandwith). Ive priced out windows VPS's that would run the server, and they are all far out of my price range alone. Im not going to ask anyone for donations because I dont want that pressure. There are a lot of server options, and being the guy using the linux server for a XNA game is not the horse that you bet on.

    That being said, I want to thank all of you for being along for the short and jumpy ride of my server. A special shout out to LastProtagonist and Beze9000 for making the place fun and friendly all the time. I really have enjoyed hosting you all and making new friends. I plan on keeping the server and not putting in for cancellation till the billing period ends in hopes that someone will update their code and I can run a linux terraria server again. But if not, know that I have enjoyed every moment of it with yall, and you likely wont see me around, because im retiring if the server goes, im the kinda captain who goes down with his ship.

    You can download the world here


    Port: 7777

    New server hosted on VPS. Stress tested last night and should be stable and good now.

    -50 slots (can expand if we start filling up, just would rather keep it low for now).
    -Running latest version of Tshock with bi-hourly backups, chest control, and sign control.
    -Noob friendly hours! Hardmode disabled at 2PM eastern time every other day (turns back on whenever people kill WOF)
    -Friendly Admins! We are excited to have cool people to play with! (Admin available for donators or friendly experienced players looking to help noobs through the game[email [email protected] for details])
    NOTE: Grieving is not tolerated whatsoever in this server. Anti-grief is enabled and so is city protection. ANY amount of grieving will result in a ban due to the noob friendly nature of the server.

    Any questions, comments, reporting of people who we should watch as admins can be done here or in an email to [email protected].

    Have Fun!
  2. shakakakaADM

    shakakakaADM Green Slime

    Server updated to 30 slots.
  3. Thenetwork

    Thenetwork Squirrel

    Server is awesome!
  4. GodSpark

    GodSpark Green Slime

    I've been getting a bit lonely with SP. I haven't played online since my old server shut down. This sounds like a good place to check out soon.
  5. Jensen

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  6. shakakakaADM

    shakakakaADM Green Slime

    Hey everyone, the server was running on some shoddy hardware. Im moving it to a new box and it should be up by midnight EST. Sorry for any inconvenience!

    Fixed! Join up! (Might take an hour or two for url to propigate to new IP
  7. shakakakaADM

    shakakakaADM Green Slime

  8. Fidget98160

    Fidget98160 Green Slime

    Is it required to use a new character?
  9. shakakakaADM

    shakakakaADM Green Slime

    not at all!
  10. shakakakaADM

    shakakakaADM Green Slime

    Need your help everyone. Stress testing the server. Connect to (
    port 5555. Small world 50 slots no rules (not the main server listed above) Pass it on to anyone you know!
  11. Definitely a fun server with a cool admin. I just wish it was a bit more stable.
  12. Redkaminski

    Redkaminski Cursed Man

    Should i be joining the main server or the one in your post above? Neither seem to be working for me...
  13. SpiffyCreeper

    SpiffyCreeper Slimed Zombie

    is it still up?
  14. The server is still running, but it's currently offline. There seem to be some technical difficulties. The Admin told me he hopes the issues will clear up by midnight tonight.
  15. Nimpe

    Nimpe Green Slime

    Why was Nimpe banned? I hadn't done anything.
  16. ethancrook99

    ethancrook99 Slimed Zombie

    It was up just a second ago, then suddenly went offline.
  17. Darkuira

    Darkuira Bunny

    Why is it not working?
  18. SpiffyCreeper

    SpiffyCreeper Slimed Zombie

    so is it on or offline?
  19. ethancrook99

    ethancrook99 Slimed Zombie

    the server is currently offline, or at least i cant get on
  20. shakakakaADM

    shakakakaADM Green Slime

    Sorry for the downtime everyone. Hopefully it will be fixed for good now. Ive done the following in an attempt to get it fully stable.
    1. Moved the server to fedora, as mono is much more stable on fedora than ubuntu
    2. thats about it but it was a task to do that.

    The server is back up now. Sorry for any inconvenience. The small one will stay down for a couple days while we test the main one.

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