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Discussion in 'Player Creations & Screenshots' started by Vininator, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. Vininator Green Slime

    Hey guys!
    This is just a general thread to share some of your cool bases and/or castles and to swap ideas. Feel free to post pics.

    I am currently working on a "secret volcano lair." Not very challenging, but it's taking a ton of stone!
    *screens to come*
  2. TheChaosGamer Demon Eye

    I've got nothing to post myself, but would love to see some other people's structures, as I'm terrible at building :(
  3. Tellier Green Slime

    Im thinking about a possible future project for me: a 1:1 pixel replica of the first map in the original super mario game for nes! :)
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  4. Vininator Green Slime

    Never played that one, but that's an epic idea! especially since they added the Mario suit :D You could totally role-play that
  5. Tellier Green Slime

    Yeah well, it'll take like 50 hours to build the whole map myself since it will probably take up the whole surface of a LARGE map a.k.a 4000 pixels (right?) :/
  6. Vininator Green Slime

    I'd offer to help, but my internet connection is balls and like I said, no idea what it looks like.
  7. Vininator Green Slime

    Just a question... how can I take a screenshot of a LARGE section of map? :p
  8. Fewd Cursed Skull

    Try getting WorldViewer
  9. Tellier Green Slime

    WorldViewer will change the colours and texture of the map which doesn't resemble a screenshot. I'd go for Terrafirma (if you have Terraria installed in your steam map).
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  10. Vininator Green Slime

    I do not. Through an unfortunate series of events I was forced to move my Terraria files out of Steam. We are no longer friends, Steam and I...
  11. Tellier Green Slime

    Steam is a b*tch. Well, even if it's a pain in the a** you'll have to take alot of screenshots and then merge them into one big :/
  12. Vininator Green Slime

    Hmm... It'll have to do. Stay posted. Volcano lair inbound! :p
  13. Vininator Green Slime

    Wait... how do you take screenshots :|
  14. Freedom's Flame Blazing Wheel

    This is my combination lock. Condensed for a screenshot.
  15. knifeproz Green Slime is it a lock? you'd just have to move one door wouldn't you? :p
  16. Freedom's Flame Blazing Wheel

    You have to move them all. the one with the water isn't the one that goes with the final door. The big wall of sand is the door. So you close the one on the left, then the one in the middle, then the one on the right that has the water. If you don't do them in order then the water goes into the hole that the middle sand was supposed to go in. so you won't hit the torch and knock the sand down which lets you go further on. This is going to be used in my adventure map.
  17. knifeproz Green Slime

    DANG that's awesome!
  18. Freedom's Flame Blazing Wheel

    Two Locks now...
  19. Freedom's Flame Blazing Wheel

    And finally... Three Locks!
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  20. Freedom's Flame Blazing Wheel

    Does someone want to help me with making an adventure map? I figured that since creative builders are going to be on here I think it would be cool if we all merged or stuff together at some point then have someone else just add on their thing if we like it.

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