Should I fight Skeltron?

Discussion in 'PC' started by WhovianForever, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. WhovianForever

    WhovianForever Cursed Man

    I just got terraria a few days ago and have defeated the eye of cthulhu 4 times slime king twice and eater of worlds 5 times, i have full meteor armor, full shadow armor, 200 mana, 220 health, 29 spiky balls, a wild band of regeneration, obsidian skull, quick rocket boots, quick shackle, a small phaseblade, a space gun, an enchanted boomerang, 4 healing potions, 17 lesser healing potions, a grappling hook and three iron skin potions.

    my question is should i fight skeleton? and if so what combination of weapons/armor should i use?

    somone help please
  2. Star and Moon

    Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    Go ahead, I think your ready.
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  3. Blue Lit

    Blue Lit Spore Zombie

    Well, you should try it, if you end up failing, Get More of the Life Crystals, Get Molten Amour (Good Def,) and Train with using Your Weapons, if you have a Goblin Tinkerer and alot of Money, try and get good Prefixes To Your Weapons & Items, i do have a bit of a Guild in my Sig, you could check that for any help.
  4. WhovianForever

    WhovianForever Cursed Man

    should i use the meteor armor or the shadow armor?

    thanks for the advice, i went with the meteor armor and space gun and defeated him!!!!!
  5. moosemunch

    moosemunch Doctor Bones

    Using this strategy along with a good arena, I could beat him with 160 max health, taking minimal damage.

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