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Discussion in 'PC' started by jetex1911, May 16, 2011.

  1. jetex1911

    jetex1911 Green Slime

    Exactly what it says on the tin- Show us a picture or a detailed description of your house/base/castle/etc!
    Here's mine: [​IMG]
    The top part is basicly just a place for living. At the left side, there is a small shaft where you fall into, leading to a four-way intersection. The right area goes to the forge 'n furnace, while the right leads to storage 'n hoard, where I will keep my items, along with a special chest for my coins.
    Okay, now That I made my base known, show me and some others what you made! It's okay if you don't want to. People need some things kept secret.
  2. Crusty Cracker

    Crusty Cracker Green Slime


    As you can see, my whole base will be underground. In the first room I have all my crafting devices like the furnace and the workbench. The room to the left is inhabited by the merchant. Downstairs there is my storage room with 4 chests, in one chests there are all my minerals and materials, all the other ones have cluttered stuff in them.
    To the left you can see a room with a bed, this is my personal room even if it is inhabited by the demolitionist =D
    In the room at the bottom you have a small swimming pool.
    I planted flower pots all over the house to make it look cozy. In the middle you can see my shaft that leads down veeeeery far, but not to hell yet, but it will be.
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  3. jammak

    jammak Green Slime

    My tower :) I just started today, pretty new/dumb to all the ideas. Haven't explored much so almost no copper or iron, just lots of stone and wood so I decided to make a house out of it :) haven't got anyone but the guide in there yet, sadly
  4. eskimobear

    eskimobear Green Slime

    Havn't spent much time on my house tbh, too much exploring :p
  5. Teanji

    Teanji Blazing Wheel

    This is my third day, rather big rooms which I'm thinking of making smaller. I haven't mined any stone yet (but I did find some Surface Iron).
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  6. Jajunk

    Jajunk Green Slime

    wow some of these look quite nice. Makes me shamed to show mine lol but here it is:

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  7. Vechs

    Vechs Green Slime


    I just started out, so this is pretty basic (IMHO).

    I love the way a gray brick foundation looks with red brick (made from clay) walls look. Complete with wooden BG walls.

    The shaft in the middle goes straight down into the rock layers, repeating that pattern.

    You can mine and place torches far into the earth - I recommend that for extending the light into the earth, you can see ores and gems easier that way. :)

    That middle room with the red brick steps is going to be my storage room full of chests.
  8. Gjrud

    Gjrud Green Slime

    Here it is my very compact house:

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  9. Smakit

    Smakit Green Slime

    Ridiculously simple right now. Mainly because I wanted to get to digging and the like, so these are more like placeholders until I get enough materials to make what I want. Serves its purpose, though, and I will likely add a taller, center tower where there isn't anything right now.

    The pit is a standard "straight from spawn, heading down!" hole. Not sure how deep it is atm (have to look), but pretttty far. Crazy large maps! =D
  10. Vechs

    Vechs Green Slime

    I like how everyone in the pictures is rocking copper armor.

    I guess it's because copper tools and weapons blow ass, so the only good thing to use copper for is your first armor set.

    I'm personally trying to make a made dash to grab enough gold to get a gold pick (1st priority) and gold broadsword (close 2nd priority).
  11. Noone#235

    Noone#235 Green Slime

    I will post a picture as soon as i get home!
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  12. Tsi

    Tsi Green Slime

    Here's mine :)
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  13. Alvin Flummox

    Alvin Flummox World Feeder


    This is my start base at least, sorry about the botch job of joining together hehe. The bits on the left go to a sky bridge and a tunnel straight down :) And i'm gonna grow trees on that dirt on the left, I think I need to join it to some grassy dirt first so that the grass can spread to it though :/
  14. Esthin

    Esthin Green Slime


    It's simple but it works.
    Gun merchant lives above nurse and the merchant lives under the dryad.

    No copper armour though, sorry. I played another 2 hours after taking that pic, Now it's shadowscale :(
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  15. EightBlade

    EightBlade Green Slime


    How do I into creativity
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  16. Crisis

    Crisis Romantically Apocalyptic

    So here's my simple house for now, I'm testing out with Multiplayer at the moment so i haven't really added much to my local save.

  17. Serith

    Serith Squirrel

    Here's mine for the time being.
  18. Dunder

    Dunder Green Slime


    warm and cozy
  19. Chonker

    Chonker Green Slime

    Woah, you bring up all that lava with buckets?
  20. Dunder

    Dunder Green Slime

    yeah and it was quite tedious, also been playing nonstop since release.
    good thing buckets may get buffed lol
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