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Discussion in 'News & Features' started by confuzzledyma, May 19, 2011.

  1. confuzzledyma

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    What a great release Terraria has had so far! This has been one *amazing* week of excitement, collaboration, wonder, and of course - showing off!​

    Our members have a thread going in General Talk right now where you can share pictures of your structures, and we can definitely say there are some talented builders out there.​

    Some lean towards straight-up functionality:




    Others tend more towards aesthetics:




    Then there are those who prefer the greener side of Terraria:




    Some bases are very sneaky and shouldn't be trusted:

    Crusty Cracker​
    Crusty Cracker.jpg


    And of course, those who are just plain showing off:




    Whichever way you roll, make sure to show us at the Show Us Your Base of Operations! thread, where you can find the above photos and several more!​
  2. ibowser123

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  3. Cronik

    Cronik Face Monster

  4. confuzzledyma

    confuzzledyma Administrator

    Oooh, I love the spikes XD Good for making a 'dungeon' as well (+ blue candles). My treehouse is full of books, candles, and the hangy orb lights too.
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  5. Cronik

    Cronik Face Monster

    yea i used those a lot myself.

    i'm probably gonna wait until they do a fairly large content update before i use all my gold/silver/colored bricks. once they add stuff in like desert areas, i'll make a new server and really go to town designing something.

    i didn't think i was that creative but i was having fun just fiddling with different shapes to rooms and whatnot. oh, and little things from my UO sandbox days like making bookcases is pretty fun!


    i didn't even know about that. i was using the ghetto "printscreen while in windowed mode" approach.

    maybe the "documents/my games/terraria" folder?
  6. Soneclipse

    Soneclipse Green Slime

    This is my first house. I'm working on another more symmetrical one. Will be done soon.

    2nd image is my Dryad's house. She prefers to stay up in the attic...

    The empty house is the one i'm currently working on.

    As soon as I exited the game, a steam window popped up with all the screenshots i had taken using f12 lol

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  7. pleborian

    pleborian Green Slime

    woooot im up there good times
  8. Senotaki

    Senotaki Demon Eye

    Ooh, Vordai has a blue cursor! And, These designs are nice, I can't really say who's I'd like most, but... yeah... Vordai looks like a mage with that tower/castle.
  9. Danikah

    Danikah Green Slime

    Those are some nice bases...
    The only problem is that...
    All your base are belong to me! >: D
  10. Raccoon Sam

    Raccoon Sam Dark Caster

  11. xPheno

    xPheno Green Slime

    This was something I threw together quickly just now, but probably the one building I've invested the most time in (gathering materials).

    Unfortunately beds have no function when place in dungeon brick =/

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  12. Magic Karl

    Magic Karl Green Slime

    My Base... It's too big for one picture :p I have 2 houses, 1 temporary base I won't show, a castle and a temple. The one which looks like a house was my first, the castle sort of built up over time and the temple I threw together this morning.

    And Keep an eye out for a special refference ;)

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  13. Nubsawce

    Nubsawce Green Slime


    Imageshack apparently needs a membership to get direct links since I last used it. Woo. Not going to upload it all again. Sorry! Anyway, this is a base that me and two others built (a couple parts are missing but they're not too impressive). I personally like my hellbrick castle (equipped with a fire-immune arms dealer). The main castle is a joint project, the blue room, hellforge area, and hellbrick castle are my personal additions.
  14. Pixel3d Fear

    Pixel3d Fear Green Slime

    I wish my creations were nearly half as great as these...
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  15. OniAlter

    OniAlter Green Slime

    Now I wanna show off. Unfortunately, I don't have a base... I have 2 towns, an inn, and 2 safehouses. I'll have to string those all together into one collage later today. n_n
  16. yoyomansizzl

    yoyomansizzl Green Slime

    Not the most interesting, but it gets the job done :D
  17. Magic Karl

    Magic Karl Green Slime

    Good job getting all those NPCs to pose... HEY! Arms dealer and Demolitionist! You're ruining the photo!
  18. Rav3r

    Rav3r Cursed Skull

    @Magic Karl - I agree.

    Nice base there. :p
  19. yoyomansizzl

    yoyomansizzl Green Slime

    It took so many tries to even get them all in the room without them moving and opening the door :p
  20. I'll show off my base when I get home.It's not done. It's COMPLETELY UNDERGROUND (I hate worms) and I still need to add an obsid factory, underground tree farm, mushroom farm, and a way to get stars...... I have plans.....

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