Silent Hill 2 (Terraria Map!) #2- She panic!

Discussion in 'Terraria Videos' started by BabyBlueBear, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. BabyBlueBear Cursed Man

    Hello Terraria forum! I've posted the second episode of my Silent Hill map playthrough and would love it if people could have a looksy at it :)

    If you liked it here's my channel:

    Please subscribe and all that malarkey

    Love BabyBlueBear xx
  2. fightersharp Dark Caster

    I liked it, Though your english isn't the best you did try.
  3. BabyBlueBear Cursed Man

    What do you mean specifically by english? My accent, my idiolect etc. Do I not pronounce properly? (Just so I know how I can try and improve in the future)
  4. Stackerzgame Dungeon Spirit

    Salad fingers? Is that you?
  5. BabyBlueBear Cursed Man

    Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I'm going with bad :eek:
  6. Stackerzgame Dungeon Spirit

    It's neither a good or bad thing, you just sound like Salad Fingers.
  7. BabyBlueBear Cursed Man

    100% of the time?
  8. Stackerzgame Dungeon Spirit

  9. BabyBlueBear Cursed Man

    Ok then that's a bad things and you've just insulted me -_- If you didn't notice I'm a girl
  10. Stackerzgame Dungeon Spirit

    That's okay, because I'm pretty sure Salad Fingers is genderless.
  11. BabyBlueBear Cursed Man

    Alright well if that's it I'll be going :) Have a mediocre day
  12. fightersharp Dark Caster


    All of it, Though you are better than some who come on here and i can at least tell you are trying unlike those dumbasses that just say they are foreign and pretend like their english sucks.
  13. BabyBlueBear Cursed Man

    I just have a slightly weird accent because of my different heritages but I can try and improve my pronounciation :)
  14. belkin Mouse

    I play too this map in YT ^^ But i'm spanish. Check out my videos :3

  15. BabyBlueBear Cursed Man

    It looks pretty good but my second language is german so I can't really understand XD

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