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  1. Vaguabond

    Vaguabond Zombie

    (The Silent Hill 2 Adventure Map info have been moved to a different thread. Let this thread be a discussion thread about any and all Silent Hill's)

    Silent Hill 2 Adventure Map Release Thread

    Hi fellow Terrarians. 1st post here.

    Recently, I played a custom adventure map based on Zelda -->this one.

    It was a pretty fun ride and also very inspiring.
    So... How would an adventure map based on Silent Hill 2 sounds?
    Almost gun-only run, ammo pickups, dilapidated buildings, hellevators(teh real one), etc...

    After finishing that Zelda map, I started building right away.

    Here's a few pics of SH2's starting point: the closed road, the road stop toilet(spawn), the well with the red square, the cemetery and where you find the Wooden Plank(Wooden Sword) and the Radio(Depth Meter)

    Road & Toilet, Leaving the road, The Well, The Cemetery, ""1st battle""

    Neely's Bar, Wood Side/Blue Creek Apartments, Rosewater Park, Heaven's Night, Historical Society(oh shi), Toluca lake and the Lake View Hotel are on the build list.

    Suggestions, TEdit templates and Custom Textures are welcome! Wish me patience with this.

    (Things I'd like to add which seems impossible for the moment)
    - Fog
    - Different Music for different areas. It could be done by manually replacing the original sound file...
    - Controlled Warping/Portals for mindf**ks.
    - Equipable Torch that could replace flashlight.
    - Scriptable enemy spawn. (I want zombies during the day ^_^, scare/panic moments)
    - Certain props could be right-clicked for some creepy console message, rather than using over 9000 signs
    - Certain props could be turned into "treasure chest", like a right-clickable dresser, bookshelf, etc...
  2. Joben

    Joben Green Slime

    I would love to help, If you need anything let me know.
  3. Joben

    Joben Green Slime

    You could have a texture pack associated with it, having signs looks like something else, or chests as book shelves
  4. alecool34

    alecool34 Tim

    Those things you want added is what you can easily add in an AdventureCraft world.
  5. Vaguabond

    Vaguabond Zombie

    @ Joben : Thanks. But it's almost finished, I won't be needing help for the build-up part. How about... I let you try a demo of it for now?

    @ alecool34 : Let's stay in Terraria, shall we? One of the main reason I hate Minecraft is the limited-use tools. One moment you're digging and everything's ok, then all of a sudden "You pickaxe broke!". Then you have to run over 9000 miles to get back to the craft bench. But then you realize you ran out of resources... :(

    Call me a crybaby noob, but Terraria has more appeal for me than Minecraft.

    Terraria's so called "Next Feature", the "Alternate Reality", is starting to interest me for my little project...

    My progress so far: The starting toilet, the well, the cemetery, 1st city part w/ Neely's Bar and the aparments, back alley leading to Rosewater Park, Heaven's Night and I'm currently working on Brookhaven Hospital.

    (Just put the file in the My Documents/My Games/Terraria/Worlds. It's not supposed to overwrite anything)
    Again, any suggestions are welcomed. If you have a good idea, I'll add it and you'll be credited.
  6. Vaguabond

    Vaguabond Zombie

    The Silent Hill Historical Society is finished. Map is due for release very soon.
  7. Vaguabond

    Vaguabond Zombie

  8. Bulzeeb

    Bulzeeb Green Slime

    I Have a nice Idea that i Think You Will Like :p
    What about If you use The Terraria Building Program And Corrupt All the Map You Know For Giving
    The Map a better Ambientation Or Whatever, And Also Add a Little Creepy Places Uncorrupted For Example
    A Child Playing Ground Or Whatever, Sorry im Not good With English xDD
  9. Vaguabond

    Vaguabond Zombie

  10. Bulzeeb

    Bulzeeb Green Slime

    DLC? What you mean? Are you going to Expand The Map? To make it bigger or something? Add New Places?
  11. Vaguabond

    Vaguabond Zombie


    I somehow skipped Pete's Bowl-o-Rama and the Ernest Bladwin Residence. I could add more rooms to the Wood Side/Blue Creek apartments. I could also make the Wiltse Coal mine more confusing to navigate. I dunno.
  12. Kaio

    Kaio Green Slime

    This map was fun. Great job on it :]
  13. Vaguabond

    Vaguabond Zombie

    Thank you for your Sacrifice
  14. Vaguabond

    Vaguabond Zombie

    Version 1.05 is out. Edited my first post with the content and changelog.
  15. Talon`

    Talon` Green Slime

    Downloaded this last night and I must say, pretty amazing. I love what you've done. I played up until the part where you have to jump down that pit with the horseshoe. I jumped down, getting juggled by bats the whole way, and landing in a pool of water. I panicked in the darkness, so I placed my torch on a wall, screamed in terror at the big mother slime in front of me, then promptly got my head torn off. My spawn point didn't save either (you had us axe out that wood behind the bookcase in the historical society, voiding the saved spawn point). Anyways, now I'm all the way back at the beginning without a light :(

    I've convinced myself I should be allowed 2 light sources (the second one being unplaceable) in my inventory for two reasons :
    -If you die after you place it, you have a backup light to get you back to the place where you placed it
    -You can keep it on a hotkey and not have to open up the menu and put it back every time you put it down and pick it back up (irrelevant for higher difficulties, i think)

    Mining Helmet?

    All in all, its really fun. I didn't think it would be so good.
  16. Vaguabond

    Vaguabond Zombie

    The Historical Society bed thing has been fixed in 1.06.

    I submitted it 4 hours ago. The file needs approval.

    Well, you should have allowed yourself to craft a Torch, seeing how unfair the "spawn back to beginning without light" thing was for you. Also, you're allowed to take all 3 lights. It's up to you. But, it was intended that you only carry 1 source of light to increase tension and constant swapping between light and guns.

    Adding the Mining Helmet would ruin the fun of being in the dark and getting back stabbed..... Oh yeah, I should have added the Mining Helmet as a 4th difficulty: Very Easy. I'll add that in a future update. ^_^
  17. xland44

    xland44 Lihzahrd

    where should I go after i killed cthulu? :3 BTW, about the post:
    you could copy the chest script and the statue image, and instead of having to dig to the chest after finding the pick, you could make it so we gotta right click on the statue above the lake. makes it look cooler, if we the horseshoe on the statue.
  18. Vaguabond

    Vaguabond Zombie

    After you kill the Eye of Cthulhu on the Evil Hospital Roof, try to find your way to the East Staircase on the ground floor. That will lead you out.

    I wish I could modify some props but I don't think it's available for now.
  19. THEREALdjkillshot

    THEREALdjkillshot Green Slime

    very well done complete it in about 2 hours very awesome endings "take out the trash"
  20. Vaguabond

    Vaguabond Zombie

    If you want, take the "trash" to another world, dump it in something, make a new character, pick up the trash with the new character and restart the Silent Hill map with the "trash" for a New Game + effect. ^_^
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