Simple terraria equipment tier sprite sheet

Discussion in 'PC' started by AaronC, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. AaronC

    AaronC Spriter

    terraria sprite sheet.png

    I made this simple sprite sheet to showcase most of the important tiers of weaponry and armour, every column being a different tier, and every row being a different weapon type

    you will probably notice there are either some weapons missing, or other weapons moved in the "wrong" place, the reason i did this is because there are some unique weapons that dont fit in as a tier of their own (for example the harpoon), and i moved some weapons about due to only having 1 of each tier in a row

    the black circles show the missing gaps between tiers of weaponry, so it gives you an idea of what could have been missing in terraria, this thread was only made for those who may be interested in this, and may open up some ideas for modders when it comes to available weaponry
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  2. lucky_shot

    lucky_shot Green Slime

    Thanks really useful to see what to work towards and what to mine.
  3. Krazy321

    Krazy321 Mouse

    I might actually use this, thanks :D
  4. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    Now fill in the black circles with a mod.
  5. AaronC

    AaronC Spriter

    terraria sprite sheet.png

    well there you go
  6. m31k

    m31k Clown

    From what mod(s) are those weapons? If I can ask.
  7. AaronC

    AaronC Spriter

    that is no mod as of yet, unfortunately, as ive yet to find a coder for them, and i sprited all those extra weapons myself btw
  8. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    Yeah, I already saw that on your profile. I just wanted to get you to post it here.
  9. DooM1991

    DooM1991 Giant Worm

    Isnt this for the texture pack section of the forums???
  10. AaronC

    AaronC Spriter

    thats arguable, i personally dont think this belongs in the texture pack forum
  11. DooM1991

    DooM1991 Giant Worm

    just seems more about textures to me
  12. EpicTurdle

    EpicTurdle Voodoo Demon

    Is there a particular reason the rows and columns seem slightly misaligned?
    AMAZING SPRITES. I would love to see all of those filler items like the jungle and dungeon spears, and flails actually in the game. Those are so cool. As well as all the extra advanced tiers. Those are just beyond cool.
  13. RagesTuts

    RagesTuts Demon Eye

    Some really awesome sprites here man. I hope you don't mind but i've used a couple of the sprites for my W.I.P. mod with credits going to you of course. If you have any problems with me using them just let me know over here: and i'll be sure to remove them immediately. Keep up the great work!
  14. HorrorShow

    HorrorShow Bunny

    Where would you place arguably the best and most sophisticated weapon in the game, a.k.a. the _ _ _ _ _ _ _?
    It's "ranged" but not effected by the Archery Potion, it's best used point blank. Anyone?
    I'm not talking about the Laser Rifle, either.
  15. Zaflis

    Zaflis Bone Serpent

    You're missing Breaker blade and Phasesaber too. I think Phasasaber was the most powerful sword you can get until Excalibur.
  16. AaronC

    AaronC Spriter

    Well for those who haven't seen my most updated one, here it is:

    terraria sprite sheet.png
  17. blahblahbal

    blahblahbal Anomura Fungus

    Wow, is it possible for me to use the second armor to the right of Hallowed in my mod(modified slightly... :p)? Also, the quad hook grapple: can I use that too?

    Also, what in the world is that 152x152 px one O_O?
  18. AaronC

    AaronC Spriter

    sure as long as you give me credit :p

    and the last sword is called "the end" its meant to be the very last weapon you would probably get legitimately :p
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  19. blahblahbal

    blahblahbal Anomura Fungus

    Thanks :D. And I can see why it would be "the end." It's like twice as large as my largest sword xD.
  20. Vimple

    Vimple Green Slime

    Hi! I have a request to make, I would like to see yet another model for the pick axe since if you kept the drill look for all the new "picks" it would be a huge letdown :/ im hoping to see something different :) also, is that how the final sword will look or havent you thought of anything yet? Since it looks kind of like a silversword but upscaled :p Thanks for reading this :D feel free to post a reply.

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