Pre 1.2 Simple Traps for terrarians with mechanics!!! :)

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  1. Vampire9

    Vampire9 Giant Worm

    Dart traps...​

    Dart traps are one of the most simplest forms of traps, first, I will show u the basic one...
    as.png a.png
    When I step on the pressure plate, the arrows will fire out and will poison me, it will do about 35 damage, note that pressure plates are best for them. Dart Traps can be found in the dungeon, or in deep parts of your world. One of the best traps would be if the darts flew from both sides, so its harder to escape.
    asd.png It is harder to detect dart traps if you disguise it as shown in the picture. My advice is that you should use a timer, so the darts keep coming. One better way to hide the dart trap, is to put it behind a brick, it may be a glitch, but the darts can travel through one block, when put straight up to it. blah.png blahh.png
    It seems to be able to pass through any block​

    Boulder Traps...​
    Boulder traps are pretty easy, I will show you one.​
    az.png azz.png The pictures arent connected...
    Ok, so that is the most basic of all boulder traps, let me show you how it works. The pressure plate is connected to azzz.png
    Boulder + Dart Trap combo trap.

    asdf.png asdfg.png asdfgh.png As u see, the boulder does a lot of damage, without my armor, it would be about 160-170 damage, and when the boulder fell on the pressure plate, the twin dart shooters did about70 more damge, which will in total, do about 330-350 damage!

    If u enjoyed and liked it, plz leave a comment, plz, keep the criticism to a minimum becuase this guide is under cunstruction! Thank You
  2. Breezix

    Breezix Eskimo Zombie

    This is not very useful, to be honest, it easier to just use the Wiki, this topic only says stuff that speaks for itself and you're using a lot of unnecessary wiring.
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  3. Vampire9

    Vampire9 Giant Worm

    oh... well... that sucks... :( dont worry new stuffs coming on sorry u dont like it... anyway, would u like to join a clan, cause the clans that I told u to join are available :)
  4. Space Sphere

    Space Sphere Fire Imp

    Too short, obvious stuff, I personally think you should read the Guide to Writing Guides.
    EDIT:Also, try to use decent spelling or don't bother.
  5. Vampire9

    Vampire9 Giant Worm

    Is my stuff really that bad??? :( But then again, this is for beginners.
  6. Space Sphere

    Space Sphere Fire Imp

    Your signiture is HUGE.
    but yes, this is terrible, it's pretty much: Wire the plate to the dart trap! use a timer!
  7. Vampire9

    Vampire9 Giant Worm

    haha... I guess ur right, but no need to make me feel sad:( jk
  8. Frostbitethetoad

    Frostbitethetoad The Groom

    Off topic: Vampire, if you dont want an infraction, remove one or two of your banners, your siggy is WAY too big.
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  9. Vampire9

    Vampire9 Giant Worm

    Hey, can I put it in a spoiler, if so, then how?
  10. Chokladkakan

    Chokladkakan Corrupt Bunny

    Much like H3rald (you're still H3rald to me, no matter what you call yourself) I recommend you have a look at this excellent guide by Nuxohiz.

    Additionally I wonder if the damage you received from the Dart Trap was dampened by some sort of body armour? I feel it is a tad low.

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    at the top and
    below the content of your signature.
  11. EpicTurdle

    EpicTurdle Voodoo Demon

    Terrible, really. The stuff here is beyond obvious and even if you're unreasonably pathetic about wires you wouldn't get it due to 50% of the shown wire being unnecessary.
  12. Blu

    Blu Moderator Staff Member

    I look forward to seeing this when it's finished, perhaps you posted it a touch too early.

    please shrink your signature though, so you don't get an infraction :)
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  13. Vampire9

    Vampire9 Giant Worm

    Yea yea, i got used to the "this is sooooooooooooooooooo bad after the few posts before..................... :(
  14. Vampire9

    Vampire9 Giant Worm

    thanks. nearly got "fractioned" or is it infractioned?
  15. Valanthril

    Valanthril Rikku

    Please don't post just for the sake of posting and stay on topic.
  16. EpicTurdle

    EpicTurdle Voodoo Demon

    Well, if you even bothered, you could add better information and pictures and solve the whole problem.
  17. Vampire9

    Vampire9 Giant Worm

    ur right, but kind of tired right now, so just chillin with a bottle of pepsi
  18. Valanthril

    Valanthril Rikku

    This is not a chat thread vampire. Please keep on topic in your own thread.
  19. Vampire9

    Vampire9 Giant Worm

    Anything wrong with me answering EpicTurdles question?
  20. mtq1

    mtq1 Wraith

    Dart traps shoot darts? Who knew...

    Let me guess what happens next. The boulders... fall? Roll? Transform into bunnies on impact?
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