Pre 1.2 Simple Zombie-Proof Home (Quick Tip)

Discussion in 'Guides' started by nefloyd, May 26, 2011.

  1. nefloyd

    nefloyd Green Slime

    Do zombies annoy you? Do you live in dread of a blood moon and what it means to your poor homes?

    Well fear no longer!

    There's a very simple way to make your house completely impregnable, without adding a lot of hassle to your life. It involves the nature of doors and how they open.

    Simply put - place two doors immediately adjacent!


    Doors can only open in the direction that the opener is facing. Thus, when you place two doors next to each other, they must needs be opened in opposite directions. The zombies in the picture above can never gain entrance because the outer door can only open to the right! In fact, you can leave the inner door open and the outer will still be 100% zombie proof, and you won't even have to rotate yourself around to get outside.

    This is a very low-tech solution and doable from the get-go.
  2. Chanrocket

    Chanrocket Green Slime

    I beleive Shown by Avidya that you can Use a Chair also?
  3. nefloyd

    nefloyd Green Slime

    Probably; You could likely use any number of objects, but an inner/outer door at least makes some logical sense :p
  4. Shindou

    Shindou Green Slime

    I love your room designs, any chance we could see more of your house?
  5. Korin

    Korin Possessed Armor

    You can also stick cobwebs on the doors for a quick and cheap way to lock them.
  6. nefloyd

    nefloyd Green Slime

    Sure; here's a crude mashup (sky and npcs will look a bit silly since I just cut n paste) of what I have done so far


    The golden room is the master bedroom (and of course, the nymph inhabits it :p ), complete with furnace heating!
    Sadly, the other 5 bedrooms must do without. One is as of yet unclaimed; it's a new world and I didn't bring along a gun to spawn that npc yet.
    Below the master bed is the crafting/storage room.
    Below that is my "Terrarium"; in retrospect I probably should have made it a bit smaller, the dark patch from so many vines kind of ruins it. I wanted to grow grass/normal mushrooms there but apparently those both only grow if there is no background wall, so I just planted acorns all in a row instead.
    Then the master bath - although not so much master as communal :p
    Bottom left tunnel goes to the ghost mushroom farm - it's a little deceptive in the picture, it's actually about 4x that distance due to ghost shrooms requiring sub-0 elevation. It's also still growing, the ghost grass takes quite some time, but it'll be a huge solid supply of shrooms
    Right tunnel is my "express elevator to hell", no platforms just a straight drop all the way down with a water pit at the end to cushion the fall if someone didn't have lucky horseshoe
    Left and right outside will be filled up with lava to become moats o' death once I make an inventory load full of buckets to ferry it up there

    Oh and you can see I'm using double-doors in 3 places (2 for anti-zombie measure, the 3rd in front of the tunnel o' doom to prevent accidental entry)

    Not sure what else I'll add, but I have nice room in every direction for it.
  7. Syntic

    Syntic Green Slime

    Personally I'm a big fan of putting a chair in front of a door, because then it feels like I'm propping the door shut with a bit of furniture. Something about putting two doors next to each other like that doesn't appeal to me as much. But hey, whatever works I guess.
  8. nefloyd

    nefloyd Green Slime

    Many doors in my RL area have both a lockable glass/screen outward-opening door plus inner inward-opening wooden door, is what I think of it as :p
  9. TheOneMica

    TheOneMica Green Slime

    A wooden platform works as well.
  10. GretchenMC

    GretchenMC Green Slime

    Does this mean when you are outside, you can't open the door for the same reason? Or do you just not go in or out that way?
  11. Syntic

    Syntic Green Slime

    No, because doors open in the way that you are facing when you do the click action on the door. So if you are facing away from the door, it'll open toward you instead of away. Zombies can only face toward the door though, and because it's blocked from opening inward, they are unable to use the door.
  12. GretchenMC

    GretchenMC Green Slime

    Ah, I see now. thanks!

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