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Do you like what has been uploaded so far?

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  1. Simply2Gamers

    Simply2Gamers Green Slime

    Hey this is Chaos from Simply2Gamers. Order and I have created a new channel ( and are excited to be starting a new Let's Play Series. We will be uploading videos at least once a week if not more, bringing the best content possible. If you would like to help the channel grow please like the videos or subscribe. If we can get 10 subcribers of 1000 vdeo views we will buy FRAPS for better recordings and bring better, new, and fresh content, but only with the help of your views.

    -Chaos ​
  2. Sinxar

    Sinxar Squirrel

    Terrible reason to hold off on getting FRAPS. IMO shouldn't have even started until you had it.

    As for the LP, less explaining, more playing. Sound quality isn't good (sounds like a cheap desktop mic - if so, get a decent headset). Your link is broken in your post and had to search youtube for it. Super low quality vid itself - as in not even 720p (1280x720).

    Minor stuff but I feel it would improve the quality of it greatly.

    Keep going with it!

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