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Discussion in 'Guides' started by Venn, May 21, 2011.

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  1. Venn

    Venn Green Slime

    Hello, everyone!

    This is my method for defeating Skeletron, which I developed after reading numerous posts on how to defeat him and squishing them together in a tasty bread-covered sandwich in a panini press. So, here it is:

    First, go to the dungeon. Clear some land around it to make a flat platform. You will want this platform to be extremely large, around 200 blocks in length. BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT MAKING IT TOO SHORT--IF YOU DO, YOU WILL DIE! Get rid of the bit of the dungeon that sticks out, because it will be annoying to your Flamarang.

    Now, for the fight you will need around 16 potions, decent armor (I used hellstone armor) and a flamarang. Begin the fight at nightfall, and keep shooting the flamarang at him and running in one direction. When he spins his head at you, jump over his arm and continue firing, keeping close to him. You will do a large amount of damage each hit. Keep repeating this, and heal when necessary. (You will most likely only need lesser healing potions, but normal healing potions are great if possible.) In a few minutes, you will have defeated Skeletron! Hurrah.
  2. oDilly

    oDilly Green Slime

    is necro armor good? just wondering, cause it would be good strategy-wise for the speed.
    EDIT: and the pheonix blaster with meteor shot, do you think that would work? or no?
    2nd edit: i used full necro, an obsidian skull, rocket boots, red balloon, the lucky horseshoe, a cobalt shield, and the pheonix blaster with meteor shot. solo'd in under a minute.
  3. MXU

    MXU Green Slime

    Honestly, all you need is a flamarang and gold or higher. With potions of course. The part that really makes you win though is the flamarang.
  4. asterisk

    asterisk Green Slime

    Getting a flamarang before you go to the dungeon is odd, though that is one way, usually people go to the dungeon before they go to the underworld...

    And yes, necro armour is good, it has the same stats as shadow armour except instead of +10 attack speed it has +30 movement speed
  5. xxleg3ndxx

    xxleg3ndxx Green Slime

    using blue moon or sunfury is much better it has constant dps
  6. MainStringArgs

    MainStringArgs Green Slime

    I used full Necro armor and a Thorn Chakrum. I fought him on top of the dungeon and just kind of hobbled over him back and forth. I did take quite a bit of damage and managed to burn through quite a few potions, but it got the job done. I didn't even touch the Underworld until after I was done with the dungeon.
  7. Mike

    Mike Dark Caster

    When I fought Skeletron I had full Shadow Scale armor, a light saber, and the mini shark. I also used about 35 potions. I had not even gotten close to the Under World before I went through my dungeon.
  8. Omarun

    Omarun Green Slime

    Killed skeleton with shadow armor and a Demonite Bow with unholy arrows. Didn't go to the underworld until after I killed Skeleton.
  9. Spilz

    Spilz Green Slime

    I tell whats fun, jumping down into the dungeon whilst fighting skeltron and getting some of his heads to attack you too, now thats a fight xD

    Phonix Blaster, Flamarang, Fire sword + potions = Win
  10. DDBell

    DDBell Green Slime

    I recently got a harpoon. is that a good weapon to use?
  11. Dashspin

    Dashspin Yellow Slime

    Since everyone's talking about how they beat Skeletron, here's how I beat him:

    You will need:
    514 musket balls (that's how many I used)
    Full shadow armor
    Epic win skills

    My arena was the entrance to the dungeon. I was too lazy to make a huge arena. I closed up the hole, lit it up, and battled. During the fight, I shot his hands at every opportunity. They died easily. Then I got into the taller part and shot repeatedly while it wasn't moving. Skelly used his head spin attack And I walked backwards while shooting him. He pinned me against the wall I sealed up so no zombies could interrupt the fight. He got three hits on me for a total of 42 damage. Then he died. Epic win.
  12. Zamixus

    Zamixus Doctor Bones

    I just unleashed my pet troll on him, epic win.
  13. rip901

    rip901 Green Slime

    i found harpoon does decent damage to him, especialy when his head is spinning, all you need to do is run away, but keep him fairly close and hold attack, it shoots fast :)
  14. Sam5max

    Sam5max Green Slime

    Ummm, I fought him with iron armor, around 200 health, enchanted boomerang, and the breaker. That is pretty much it.
  15. Nappa

    Nappa Green Slime

    I fought him in molten armour and a sunfury back in 1.0.1 Ahhhh good times
  16. Lord Jike

    Lord Jike Green Slime

    i actually used Jungle armor and starfury, the battle was cake
  17. maniaca4

    maniaca4 Green Slime

    That would mean you have already beat a dungeon
  18. Mistress Rarity

    Mistress Rarity Nightmarity

    Thread necro, so thread locked.
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