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  1. clonexg

    clonexg Demon Eye

    I think it would be cool to modify your skin, like more than choosing blue hair, or a leather jacked over a happy face tee-shirt. What i propose is similar to minecraft skins, such as you can make your own guys.

    post opinions, please

    P.S. I think a terminator skin would ROCK!
  2. Hellcraftjz

    Hellcraftjz Green Slime

    Like Minecraft with skin edit. That would be cool! I would make a spartan of course :D
  3. Alluvian_Est-Endrati

    Alluvian_Est-Endrati Green Slime

    Alas we do not yet know what the base character customization options are. As equipment covers up and masks the basic character appearance for the most part, the importance of a custom skin is lessened over time I would think.
  4. clonexg

    clonexg Demon Eye

    I agree, i suppose, and I guess we dont even know what the normal guy looks like, because the one in the vid's are no longer in use.
  5. aavri

    aavri Cursed Skull

    basically what this is. You can change hair color and I think shirt/pants color, but that is all we know of right now.
  6. clonexg

    clonexg Demon Eye

    yea, from the videos that are old not in use, so we dont have an exact idea of what the guy now looks like, or at least i dont :(

    P.S. please dont take the font thing as being mean, i just thought it looked neat
  7. Mikesteam1234

    Mikesteam1234 Dark Caster

    i Reallllllllllllllllllllllllllly hope that this game will support skins.. i dont want random people all looking the same XD
  8. BCPowers

    BCPowers Green Slime

    The thing about skins in minecraft is that you are painting a box. In this game, custom skinning would require some way to take what you make and animate it and determine where to put armor pieces and such.
  9. neotemplar

    neotemplar Green Slime

    Darn I was hoping this was about skinning fallen foes. Like with a knife.
  10. Isukun

    Isukun Green Slime

    It would be a really difficult thing to implement since armors and items will be matched to whatever final sprite design they decide to use. It would be nice to have varying degrees of character customization. So far it looks like just different hair styles and colors and possibly some custom colors on the clothing. It would be nice to see different eye colors and shapes. Maybe different head types and skin tones, as well. Ideally, I'd also like to see different body types for male and female. With the resolution, though, I have a feeling customization will be limited.

    Although I do recall a facebook game that allowed you to take your user avatar and crop it to make the head of your character in game. Maybe there should be an option to use a small gif or png that can be used as a replacement for the character's head, or an editor to create your own custom head.
  11. XbutnotthatX

    XbutnotthatX Demon Eye

    <------This skin would own.
  12. Goat

    Goat Green Slime

    Skins would be irrelevant due to armour and items. It would be a big waste of resources to develope a system to host all of the skins when after 2 hours in the game you would no longer see them. Seems a bit pointless.
  13. Zaper Zero

    Zaper Zero Green Slime

    I'd be Kamina, because my sword WOULD BE THE SWORD THAT WILL PIERCE THE HEAVENS!
  14. Roll Volnut

    Roll Volnut Cursed Skull

    This, while possible, would be a pain in the ass. I don't know if you've ever looked at the Terraria files, but for each set of Armour there's about 25 sprites involved. Also for base clothing you can't include colour.
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  15. Cheza

    Cheza Green Slime

    Well, its worth the 25 pictures!
  16. Koalajo

    Koalajo Green Slime

    Well, I think that the layout would be the same as a Minecraft skin edit, with a specific bounding box, which is the shape of the player, and that gets put together and animated just like Minecraft. Armor and stuff wouldn't matter, because skin sizes would be definite. Maybe you could also buy larger skins if you wanted, if you wanted a larger skin. It seems like it would work, but it just might need some extra coding.
  17. Cheza

    Cheza Green Slime

  18. Ballistic

    Ballistic Green Slime

    Um, guys? Isn't this like, necroing? It was made in April, necroed in August, and necroed again now...
  19. wardragon

    wardragon Squirrel

    its necroed because i a necromancer.......ok but seriously this is a good idea and people like it and i would make isaac my skin 191px-Gs-isaac.jpg golden sun ftw!
  20. incineratechicken

    incineratechicken Green Slime

    Actually, they made a successful Pony skin. The Player sprite looks completely different. there are also a few modifications to armor. I uploaded here, download and check it out, its impressive.

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