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  1. XtremeWeed

    XtremeWeed Green Slime

    So I heard that Terraria will have floating lands which are rare (so I heard).

    This Biome would be perfect for a Sky Dragons and having a chance to find her nest.

    A Sky Dragon would be a Rare boss mob that would be VERY tough to beat.

    After killing a Sky Dragon it would drop Dragon Scales which can be used to make new weapons and armors.

    After killing the defeating a Sky Dragon only then can you search her nest and have a chance to find a giant egg.

    The giant egg would sale for a very nice price, but with the right care a baby dragon would hatch and become your pet.

    The baby Sky Dragon would be able to fly at birth and would follow you like a light orb.

    The baby Sky Dragon can attack mobs using -blue fireballs- or maybe pickup items from a far.

    After maybe 25 days have past the baby Sky Dragon would turn into an adult and be used as a flying mount.

    Any thoughts?
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  2. DevilDraco

    DevilDraco Green Slime

    Would be cool, not sure about going as far as mount status, but it could even be a nifty accessory based item. Equip a piece of the shell or something and then you get a little dragon pet that attacks and provides light sometimes.

    I'd like it, I love dragons and more games need them. :p
  3. redbleuman

    redbleuman Bunny

    Well all games become cool by using Zombie's
    But now all games become cool by using Dragon's
  4. XtremeWeed

    XtremeWeed Green Slime

    Why the hell not? :cool:
  5. DevilDraco

    DevilDraco Green Slime

    Dragons have always been cool, I honestly don't know why they aren't used more often, and when they are used it is almost always as enemies.

    Where is the awesome dragon weapons, dragon armor and what not?

    I know some games have that sort of stuff though, I love it. :p
  6. catplanet

    catplanet Green Slime

    Dragons annoy me. Anything else and I probably wouldn't care but dragons...
    Probably something to do with all the 12 year old girls surrounding them.

    If only we could have a face-off between a dragon and a Flak 88mm. THAT would be cool.

    EDIT: This is a Flak 88.
    Finestone 88mm.jpg
  7. squidslol

    squidslol Blazing Wheel

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