So I spawned the Eater of Worlds

Discussion in 'PC' started by Tiny McSmall, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Tiny McSmall Green Slime

    And I died.
    And now I can't find it!
    has this happened to anyone else?
    (Sorry for being such a noob. I just bought the game a few days ago)
  2. Gabriel91SatanGod Cursed Skull

    After you die, all bosses despawn when you either die or their conditions are not met.
    Heres a list of conditions needed to keep a boss to kill it:
    Eye of Cthulu: Night, Alive.
    Eater of Worlds: Day or Night, Alive, In the Corruption.
    Skeletron: Night, Alive.
    Wall of Flesh: This is special, it can live from day to night, any time. it cannot despawn even if you die. The only was to despawn it is Hacks, Kill it or it reaching the ends of the world.
    Twins: Night, Alive.
    Destroyer: Night, Alive.
    Skeletron Prime: Day or Night, Alive. Another special is you basicly fucked if it reached day. When it reaches day
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    It turns into Dungeon Prime, which can insta-kill you if you just touches you by 1 pixel.

    King Slime: Alive, Day or Night.
    Wyvern: If you do not see it for 5 minutes, it despawns, so if you die, you have to find it quick, Day or Night.

    Oh and tell me the list of gear you used for the Eater of Worlds.
  3. Tiny McSmall Green Slime

    I used Sliver Armor, gold sword, and a Rainbow Rod I got from some guy on a server.
  4. Gabriel91SatanGod Cursed Skull

    Find some gold armour first, do not use the rainbow rod. Gather 50 silver for a merchant, buy as many shurikens as you can with 50 silver. Build a big cage with a entrance for an arena so eaters don't try to kill you. Spam shurikens at the Eater of World's tails and head, believe me, you do not want to create 2 bodies. put platforms for jumping and dodging. If you run out of Shurikens and the Eater is not dead, use the gold sword.
  5. altermaven Dark Caster

    Or you can use a bow with unholy arrows, Vilethorn or Ball o' Hurt. I prefer the former because they are easy to make, you need wooden arrows and worm teeth.

    Shurikens would be your best alternative.

    Aim for the head, I agree with Gabriel here because a body segment kill means the worm will split.
  6. Tiny McSmall Green Slime

    Okay. Thanks guys!
  7. Gabriel91SatanGod Cursed Skull

  8. Feldar Snope Green Slime

    I managed it with iron armour 200 shuriken and 1 regeneration potion (had about 40 shuriken left over).

    Make 5 wide walkways out of platforms each about 6 blocks above the other. Put solid wood walls on either side of the walkways to stop the soul eaters bugging you. When I say wide I mean wide, probably 50 blocks or more. Use the platforms as a climbing frame to stop the eater of worlds to prevent you being trapped in the EOW's coils. Fire the shuriken at an angle into the EOW so each one hits multiple segments and don't forget to pick up the ammo that doesn't get destroyed or you'll run out.
  9. Gabriel91SatanGod Cursed Skull

    Thats a big risk.
  10. Feldar Snope Green Slime

    Not really, - here's a video I learned from and this guy does it with 100 health, no armor at all and 1 healing potion. I thought I was being very cautious. I've killed EOW about 8 times now and never died. After the first 2 times though I had a set of shadow armor.

  11. Space Sphere Fire Imp

    "That Guy" is HERO, possibly one of the best Terraria players who makes videos. "Cautious" with the EoW is full gold armor. Heck, I sometimes fight the thing with a phase saber or blade of grass if I get materials early.
  12. Watchful Walrus Dungeon Spirit

  13. Feldar Snope Green Slime

    Well, whether he's one of the best or not I followed his example and beating the EOW was comparatively easy. Perhaps that makes me a good player too. I don't think so though, about average I'd say.
  14. Gabriel91SatanGod Cursed Skull

    If you can't beat EOW even with Excalibur, I suggest you go for Yrimir, most powerful Terrarian in the universe.
    Watch it, your jaws will drop.
  15. Watchful Walrus Dungeon Spirit


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