TConfig Some outdated mods upgraded for 28.5d

Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by DarthNihilus, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. DarthNihilus Slimed Zombie

    All these are just for quicker access not for credits for me :D

    I haven't found the threads and links from wiki redirects to direct download, so here they are if anyone's is interested. the old ones won't compile because of errors, these ones I could fix :)

    AlekakoC's Death Pack and Ice Pack
    Kasudain's Arsenal

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  2. Wingzero007 Green Slime

    Looks good thank you for taking the time to redo these ^_^ I will try em out and write a review :p

    ""I am so glad the ice themed one is fixed <3""
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  3. DarthNihilus Slimed Zombie

    the Sandstone mod and the New Terraria.

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  4. Wingzero007 Green Slime

    Did you remove the bugs that caused certain furniture to drop weird item dups? Such as the Vending machine? Also could you do all of us a huge favor and repair the Terraria city mod ?.? I tried a few times but I suck at npc spawn syntax...
  5. DarthNihilus Slimed Zombie

    I didn't dived into the code part, i only fixed those small errors which didn't allowed them to be compiled. Heck I haven't even tried them, cause i like to play slowly. I'm not that kind of a player who intalls the mods and starts to build over 9000 copies of every new item :) Probably you should contact the author or wait for someone to fix it. Or you can just simply delete the vending machine for your personal play to avoid the bugs.
    Edit: Terraria City Mod updated. It's still with the bugs, but those bugs are updated too :)

    And again: Please note, that I won't try everything from all these mods, so I can't say that after the update all'll be ok. Their bugs will still be there. I'm just making sure they can be used in the lastest tC.
    When and if i'll have the proper mood i'll try to look into the bugs too, but there are more skilled modders on this forum. They even help others :)
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  6. DarthNihilus Slimed Zombie

    Tell me if some of the NPC's won't spawn

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  7. Wingzero007 Green Slime

  8. DarthNihilus Slimed Zombie

    i am no compare to Omnir and Mira in the field of modding :)
  9. Wingzero007 Green Slime

    Lol at least your honest XD I tell my wife all the time a harsh truth is much better then a beautiful lie.
  10. DarthNihilus Slimed Zombie

    if the bugs are simple i can fix them but if that involves madskillz in c# than no, because i'm, as i said, a delphi programmer. :D
  11. Wingzero007 Green Slime

    If you know base programming maybe you can assist me in allowing me to teach myself to use C# your general understanding of syntax may allow me to comprehend more advanced programming. I just need a hands on teacher.
  12. DarthNihilus Slimed Zombie

    i can't promise anything, but you can ask me. better through conversation.
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