some weird glowing things underground?

Discussion in 'PC' started by demarco55, May 16, 2011.

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  1. demarco55

    demarco55 Green Slime

    so this giddy little boy got home today and bought the game, jumped right in and after awhile went into a cave and not to deep into the cave i found these glowing formations with like horns on them and they were in the water and their was like 5. never seen them in a lp before and it hurts me when i try to take it, anyone know what that is?
  2. PsioniX

    PsioniX Green Slime

    It sounds like you might have found quite a few demon altars. You can't take them but I think you craft Demonite tools on them.
  3. Oversoul96

    Oversoul96 Squirrel

    If they're green then I think you hit the Underground Jungle.
  4. Sir_Retinee

    Sir_Retinee Green Slime

    They're Demon Altars...
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