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Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by Redigit, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah, imagine each biome had the same content as the rest. Like a boss for each...armor and weapons for each....mobs tailored to each.

    Hell, corruption, hallow, Ocean, desert, sky, jungle, dungeon...some are missing those elements.

    Especially ocean and desert. At the very least, a boss for each? Maybe that is overkill. ;)

    What about items that require you to gather rare stuff from each biome - like a scavenger hunt. Something that looks really cool.

    Blocks that require combining other blocks together to achieve new functionality.

    Npcs....just blank npcs to fill up our epic ghost towns. This would be awesome. My bar needs customers!

    More cosmetic stuff to help our characters feel truly unique.

    More "real time" events like the invasions - that have positive and negative consequences.

    Slow the rate of corruption and hallow spread in HM. It's honestly a chore after a while and it destroys biome diversity.

    As for new biomes - a fully fleshed out snow/tundra biome?

    I'm gonna have more ideas - and I don't expect anything, I'm just throwing out stuff as it hits me - stream of consciousness style.

    Serious Question to the modders: if you could have one item from your mods in the main game - with credit but no expectation of financial reward...what would it be and would you allow it?
  2. Redigit

    Redigit Developer

    Yes, That would look awesome!
  3. Linka

    Linka Angel Statue

    I signed up purely to make my voice.

    While I would definitely enjoy more biomes, more NPCs, more mobs, more features, there is one thing I'd definitely love:

    More save spaces for worlds, and more save spaces for characters. One of the things that has always annoyed me is the limited amount of space for worlds and characters-- only five slots? Given that multiplayer servers rely on a world to be made just for it, and that sometimes, one feels the itch to just start completely over, having to do file juggling and risk losing everything tends to be hard on a person.

    If there's an update, I would highly enjoy it if you could unlimit the amount of worlds and characters-- or even just unlimit the worlds. It'd be a great service!
  4. Lady Aijou

    Lady Aijou Squirrel

    Red, I just want to say it's amazing to see you back, and that you're considering more content for Terraria. ANY new content is a wonderful thing for us, and we'd be delighted with whatever you decide! ^_^
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  5. Redigit

    Redigit Developer

    Thank you Lady! The support is appreciated!
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  6. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    More colors of wire that can overlap
    More statues that spawn certain mobs
  7. What would I want?

    I could think of a large number of things, but I'll just name off a few that stand out for me.

    -Grenade Launcher (Come on now, who WOULDN'T want a grenade launcher!)
    -"Massive" world size (For large, popular servers, build servers, or RP servers.)
    -Sniper Rifle (possible musket upgrade)
    -Some manner of "Hallow/Corruption" themed hardmode bosses. (Please, nothing mechanical)
    -Band of Rejuvination (A combination of Band of Regen and Starpower)

    Though, in the end, an updates an update, the very thing everyone strives for from such a great game.
  8. WarfighterSev

    WarfighterSev Dark Caster

    More cool furniture? Anything building oriented, that will expand the amount of blocks and decoration I can make would be awesome!
    I like this idea too.

    If you really want some awesome suggestions, look at the Mods there already are on TO. I am not saying to straight-up steal their ideas, but it could nudge you in the right directions.

    (Also, snow biome is currently not corruptible. Was just wondering if this was intentional or not.)

    EDIT: Formatting
  9. daleksax

    daleksax Bone Lee

    More late game vanity items may be nice, there aren't many vanity items you can find later on in the game, most of them can be crafted before hard-mode.
  10. Supersonicmario1

    Supersonicmario1 Green Slime

    This guy's ideas are so Right I made a account just to Reply to this!
  11. XtremeBoy15

    XtremeBoy15 Giant Worm

    Redigit there is a new console trailer on your Twitter, it mentions new pets. Can you squeeze in a couple more animals? I mean in the line of friendly, tame animals. There are like 3 peaceful monsters and tons of aggresive.
  12. Mr.UNKOWNobject

    Mr.UNKOWNobject Green Slime

    Maybe you should attempt to make an incentive to return to the dungeon and jungle during hardmode, maybe make the enemies harder there and add rewards in those areas.
  13. BingoWasHisNamo

    BingoWasHisNamo Penguin

    Oh gosh, the list is huge! Here's some of my big ones, though.
    - New wires! Different colored wires would be nice, you could do so much more with it.
    - Half blocks! So you do not have to jump over every single little tiny block, and it will be good for decoration.
    - Adamantite bricks! I have always wanted a cherry red brick, and this is the perfect opportunity.
    - A super boss! Like, takes 20 people with hallowed armor kinda super boss.
    - More vanity items! Can never be enough stylish clothes.
    - Biomes! More to explore
    - Infinite worlds! I am so tired of making new worlds, why not make an infinite size?
    - More Acccessories! Why the heck not? There's tons of combinations that seem a bit obvious, like Feral claws and titan gloves, or Band of starpower, and band of regen. Or all the emblems that drop from WoF. There's more, I'm pretty sure. Just can't think of them.
    - More active block types! Having stone blocks everywhere looks pretty dang ugly.
    - Texture packs and mod support! How the heck did I forget about that?!
    - Armor Piercing Arrows! Would be a great implementation in PvP, I feel like repeaters and bows are being a bit ignored.
    - New Shortswords! They need some love. Maybe actually make them useful?
    -More Magic! I feel like there's a giant gap between the beginning and the vilethorn. A spell that also regens your health would be really nice.
    -More Spears! Once again, there's a giant gap between the trident and dark lance.
    -For frikin' april fools day, add a trollface boss.
  14. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    LOL! What do I say to that? Thanks, I tried. More will hit me later. Welcome aboard!

    (Great momentum here folks - keep it up!)
  15. ares5566

    ares5566 Cursed Man


    Some type of new melee weapon it's too limited with just sword spear ball&chain and boomerang

    Change how hardmode activates I want to the fight the wall of flesh but the rest of the bosses suck, they're boring and have too much health.

    Nerf hardmode it's annoying not difficult or engaging. I want sunflowers to work again.

    Put the twin hook earlier in the game, it doesn't make sense how it is now since I'll already have the ivy whip.

    Remove curruptors (again not engaging just annoying)
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  16. Megazero13

    Megazero13 Green Slime

    And apply rules of the world?
    If you go to the end of the ocean, you go to the other ocean of the other side.
    ~Google Translator
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  17. willmore

    willmore Angel Statue

    I just signed up, as well, so that I could respond here. Thank you for coming back to us, you have been sorely missed.

    All I'd like to see is a Linux port. Steam or no Steam, I don't care. I'll rebuy it outside of Steam if need be, but I'm not going to mess with Wine anymore to try to run Terraria. I beat my head against that for too long and it really left a sour taste--I think it was blood.

    I support anything you want to add, just keep telling the story. That last update was wonderful and added a lot to the game. Thanks for that.
  18. Aelov

    Aelov Zombie

    Any content update will leave me content, but a hardmode equivalent to the Wall of Flesh would be nice, maybe called something like "The Wall of Impenetrability" With probes connected with chains replacing the hungry, and leeches getting replaced by worms similar in power and health to devourers.

    Then, a really interesting idea: A UFO could have a...say, 2% chance to spawn at the height wyverns and harpies are found, and take you off the screen into a separate dimension, obviously space, and to a planet. Aliens could spawn here, and have a small possibility ( around 0.2%?) chance to drop space guns, and drop alien gel, which could be coated on swords ( with melee getting out dpsed by ranged and magic, I think it deserves a little buff like this ) which results in any enemies attacked by the sword to be poisoned for a couple seconds.

    EDIT: To leave, one side of the planet could have a ufo ( Similar to dungeons which can only be found on one side ) and land on your spawn. After this happens, you would be able to go and come back to space at any time, though you shouldn't be able to fly the UFO around your world, that would be way too broken.
  19. Badblocks

    Badblocks Green Slime

    Anything would do, because I LOVE this game and have been wanting an update for a while. But specifics...
    Bug fixes (especially the music bug when you leave corruption and hallow)
    New building blocks and possibly new ways to build
    Better customization
    New ores
    New bosses
    New friendly mobs
    Possibly other activities like fishing and farming
    New fun ways of transportation
    I just listed things I thought would be cool.
  20. UselessNoob

    UselessNoob Blazing Wheel

    A biome that lies beneath the underworld. A biome that one shudders to imagine what inhumane thoughts lie beneath that Hell. Meet the Pyro reference anybody?
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