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Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by Redigit, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Darkercloud

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    To you that isn't what terraria is meant for. Not everyone plays terraria the same.
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  2. Aelov

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    Agreeing with the Chtulhu idea, though it should be insanely hard, like it was described in the Call of Cthulhu.
  3. SoLoS

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    Hey man, love your game.. Still playing it to this day, but.. And please don't kill me.. But after beating the wall of flesh and the last 2 hard mode bosses.. There's just nothing left. I still play it to do things like expand my town, and drain the ocean into hell, but for my other friends it's not enough.

    Thing is though, they all love Minecraft (I know, I know, Terraria isn't minecraft.), and I was just thinking it would go a long way if you could just add in some distractions like the kind that other game has.

    Raising animals, cooking, farming, more decorations, different types of biomes (a real "Forest" type biome with evergreens and tall oaks/Swamp biome/Waterfalls and Rapids?), lower the spred of hallow/corruption in HM or a way to stop it completely, better wiring system... And pedestrians!

    IT would do alot for not making Terraria feel so empty, with nothing but bloodthirsty monsters trying to kill you, and the occasional rabbit. (That you can't even catch and put in a rabbit patch :[ )

    If all of that is too much work.. Then just some of the already lovely modded stuff molded into the main game would be great. Omnir's Mod Tools and Obsidian Mod come to mind. (Without all of the illegal Final Fantasy stuff, etc.)

    Most exciting news I've heard all day though. Can't wait to see what you do!
  4. BingoWasHisNamo

    BingoWasHisNamo Penguin

    Who's to say that? Have you even seen what Terraria builders can produce? It's pretty awesome, I've been on a server full of pixel art. All a creative mode would do is simply increase the amount of Terraria builds, and make them a lot better. Creative is for building, and Terraria is pretty capable of having good buildings (maybe not as good as Minecraft in some ways). Again, Terraria still has the building element, and all creative would do is make the building easier and better.
    EDIT: Wow, I'm very sorry for turning this thread into a flame war.
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  5. Kandrark

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    Hey Redigit! I'm glad that you are considering a new update! I'm a moderator from the old Brazillian community. Since the developmente stopped, we had a lot of troubles in questions of members, and we needed to change our forums from terraria to something bigger: Indie Games! We still have all the content that we had in the past, and we are working for it never get lose! So, one of the members posted a cool suggestion that you may like. His nickname is PoneyMan:

    When defeat all the 3 hardmode bosses, you could craft a portal to another world where would have new ores, npcs and bosses, and this world could have some physics changes, like the gravity push, that could be equal to the current in the Floating Islands!

    So, we still play the game and we will love it untill you code something better! Haha.
    I will keep posting the cool suggestions here, so keep your eye on it :p
    Sincerely, the Brazillian Comunity.
  6. Dragrath

    Dragrath Blazing Wheel

    Heres a list of the things I really would like:
    corrupted/hollowed Ocean's & Jungles-It is a pain to try and keep these Biomes which withe the underworld I feel are some of the most unique Biomes in the game.
    The hollowed Ocean could be based on bioluminescent creatures
    while the corrupted version could be filled w/ legendary sea monsters perhaps give them both rare miniboss mob like the wyrvern from the sky
    The hollowed Jungle could continue the magical forest theme but with a darker tone (such as the old fairies, spirit beasts, bioluminescent vines... basically lethal but beautiful). A corrupted Jungle should be dark and full of especially dangerous tainted mobs probably with a great deal of poison. (more cannibalistic plants aggressive monstrous beasts, vampire bats that heal upon dealing damage to you and a far nastier version of the hornet w/ long lasting poison)
    (The new items found in these biomes could then potential be used to create stronger gear versions from some of the more interesting pre hardmode items that become useless come hard mode and don't build into anything!(ex Vilethorn, Starfury, Trident(actually a spear but could be used in the crafting recipe for a hardmode water based magic weapon ect.)

    More invasions: in the game now there are goblins and Snow men we should have more of these invasions for instance, perhaps a demon invasion? (which might result in an upgraded version of the underworld?)
    Vampires(obviously would have to be a night...)
    Angels(gotta counter the demons man...)

    I have a lot more ideas but I don't have the time right now... I really disliked the ability to loose the more specialized biomes of the game but at the same time I liked some of the hardmode enemies as well...
    Overall the main flaw in enemies is that so many used the same attack patterns...
  7. Redigit

    Redigit Developer

    Actually most of these ideas were already compiled, I suppose great minds think alike. :p
  8. TNTrevor

    TNTrevor Squirrel

    I would like dyes in the game, which could allow you to customize your armor, and make colored wires for more advanced programming and wiring.
  9. ranman

    ranman Zombie

    parallel worlds....and i love the expansion of farming and cooking idea
  10. ZaQen

    ZaQen Piranha

    First off, welcome back! You've been missed! ^_^

    Hmm... I think adding some interactive parts to the game would be an amazing feature. My honest tip would be to take a look at the plugins that are used along with the server program called 'TShock'. There are a lot of useful ones that are really fun to utilize in both custom maps and in a newly generated world.

    My personal and sort of biased opinions of what Terraria lacks right now;

    *A wiring system that can move blocks around
    Right now the system is very stale and hard to do anything deep or intuitive without it becoming massive and therefor useless on a regular map.

    *A way to make adventure maps easier to build.
    Working with a very limited amount of "events" that can transpire it's very hard to set things up in an unexpected way. There always have to be a trigger that starts something and you have just a few ways to spawn a small number of mobs or a single type boss.

    *Two layered mining
    This is a simple one really, i think that having special ores spawn as a backwall and only becoming visible after you've cleared in front of it would greatly improve upon the whole game. All pathes of ore would become more intriguing and it would also greatly improve the worth of having a hammer around.

    *Massive challenges
    Since Terraria is a great game with players playing several hundreds of hours and some even thousands, me included, i think that having a really challenging tier of items that are extremely hard to obtain would make it way more fun. Especially if these were mainly PvP focused as a stronger armor would most likely just make the other parts less fun.

    *A shield offhand
    As a melee fighter, I've had great troubles seeing the utility in a group aside from the extra knockback. So my suggestion is to add tiers of shield that are possible to use along with shortswords or other 1-handed weapons. This would make a lot of things possible as it would make group fights way more fun and also create more class specific players.

    *Spells that work only on other players
    I've made a lot of PvP maps and one thing that i truly missed are support oriented weapons. Either buffing or healing wands that can be used on your teammates and possible even to debuff your enemies would simply be insane.

    I have a massive amount of small changes in mind that i would love to see changed or updated, but that's not that interesting of a read. My biggest hope for terraria would be an addition of a Steam punk city biome. This would really gear towards old RPG games and make the game have such an awesome look to it. Having a wooden/steel themed city with bright pillar of water vapor coming out of it would simply make this game worth it for me.

    (Side note; It would be awesome if you made more tiles mesh together like dirt does with a lot of other tiles)
  11. parkour86

    parkour86 Bunny

    Redigit, you don't know how excited I am to hear you might be coming back and working on the PC version. Terraria is the number one game on my list.

    Connect the ends of the map together so when getting to one side of the map we don't have to turn around and go all the way back.
    Balancing the game a little more
    More wiring techniques
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  12. General_Milky

    General_Milky Pigron

    After all the shit about the game's discontinuation, I'm tempted to say "not a goddamned thing, stick to your guns."

    But, my answer is "More." That is, more items, more NPCs, a more cohesive experience and some rebalancing. Nothing specific. Just "More."
  13. Supersonicmario1

    Supersonicmario1 Green Slime

  14. Redigit

    Redigit Developer

    Lol, Thank you for that.
  15. Dragrath

    Dragrath Blazing Wheel

    Ah thought of some other stuff I didn't mention before but I'm gonna try and be quick.
    Upgrade to the space tech gear(counting space gun, laser rifle, meteor armor and phaseblade/saber etc)(the phase saber is alright but the rest might need work to be viable again)
    Upgrade to all other unique "dead end" weapons/accessories/armor (in simple everything should be hard mode viable or used as a material to reach that level)
    Upgrades to unique enemies in the game that fade away as hardmode appears (all ocean/jungle mobs, antlions) maybe antlions could grow up into an adult form?

    and once again I'd love for some different AI typed enemies/invasions... and hollowed/corrupted versions of the jungle

    also let us plant trees in the corruption ...
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  16. Raz0r0x

    Raz0r0x Slimed Zombie

    Just going to throw a few ideas out there

    Something like a biome that replaces a section of the Underworld when you defeat the Wall of Flesh, called the Remains and looked and felt like the remains of the Wall of Flesh. I mean, it is a giant wall of flesh and you expect it to disappear when you kill it?
    Moar Pets!
    Make it that trees have variance. Pine, Ashe, Willow, Hallowed, Corrupt. Stuff like that. Each would have a different type of wood that could be used for building or crafting. Say you wanted to make a corrupt weapon, you would need corrupt wood to make.
    Towns would be cool. Finding a underground Dwarven City would be a nice experience. Running into a town full of angry goblins would not be.
    Monster modifiers, like in obsidian's mod.
    Augmentation stones you could find that could empower your weapons with cool effects.
    A boss for each biome would make them feel more complete.
    More ruins that you could find.

    End idea spam.
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  17. 3vanisepic

    3vanisepic Angel Statue

    Dang i really like this suggestion
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  18. kingicarus

    kingicarus Floaty Gross

    Probably an in-game server browser and even bigger world options. Something like a colossal world, 4x the size of a large one. Aside from that, I can't really think of anything I'd like to see, mods have done pretty much everything!
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  19. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Moderator Staff Member

    Wow, didn't see this coming. Now that you ask, I can't think of anything...:confused: (just kidding).
    • Editable hover tags for user-placed chests/containers, so that us hoarders can find our stuff easier
    • A way to stop corruption/hallow from spreading in hardmode. Like a quest/scavenger hunt, obtain/craft certain items and place them in proximity like a shrine, achieving a harmonic balance that freezes all biome spread. You could still use purification/vile powder or holy water to effect localized changes.
    • More wiring stuff, as has already been mentioned. Be able to craft active versions of all blocks/bricks that make sense.
    • Either make the Goblin Army more interesting (drop more items) or have a way to end it (or make it end at hardmode).
    As far as bug fixes, having the non-English versions of the game work more reliably would be good, and help extend the audience for the game. Anything the super-modders (Surfpup, Yoriaz0r, etc.) could/would tell you about things they've uncovered while building tConfig that could be incorporated back into Terraria to improve performance, reliability, extensibility, etc. would be great.

    Thanks for asking for our input.
  20. Camogamer

    Camogamer Cursed Man

    ARTILLERY and vehicles would also be cool.
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