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Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by Redigit, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Squishie

    Squishie World Feeder

    How about some decent pvp balance?

    Needing to ban a good 10+ items just to acquire an equilibrium among the 3 archetypes is total bullshit.


    Server-side damage control
    Remove the 2x damage in pvp
    Bigger HP pools.
    Seriously, gut the retarded 2x pvp damage, it's absolutely AWFUL.
    Make +defense a non trash stat
    Make +movespeed a non trash stat
    Make +critical a non trash stat (for pvp)
    For the love of whatever deity you worship, GET RID OF THE 2X PVP DAMAGE!
  2. iTech278

    iTech278 Green Slime

    @Redigit Anything would be great with me! :D An update would be awesome!!! Also, a quick question for you: since XNA is not supported in VS 2012, are you using Visual Studio 2010 for XNA games still? Just curious!
  3. 3vanisepic

    3vanisepic Angel Statue

    Oh and mechs; mechs would be good too :)
  4. Paranσid

    Paranσid [Insert Title Here]

    More community input.
    Oh wait,
  5. themurumasa

    themurumasa Voodoo Demon

    Not sure how the legal stuff works, are you aloud to include the stuff created by "505 Games" for the console port in a pc update?
  6. Arcaline

    Arcaline Cursed Man

    -Id love for the edge of the ocean to flow into another saved world or loop back to the other side of the current world.
    (Or something that makes the edge of a map more interesting :p Maybe if you ride in a boat you can sail to a mini resource rich biome themed island and back? (maybe new biomes that arnt accessible on mainland?))

    -Better Multiplayer? Especially with over the net to play with friends. Tying into steam so you can invite a friend would be great

    -Better customization on character creation. Using the RGB plus and minus gets annoying, a slider would be nice?

    - Active inactive stone blocks need more variations? Maybe add wood as well?
    Its kinda obvious if you have a wooden house and a stone slab etc >_>

    -More NPC's and decorative items to fill houses and stuff?
    -More Wiring options and traps/mechanics etc would be awesome. (Probably the most keen on this idea)

    -More random events?

    -Leisure activities? Adding more livability to the game as a toggled option? (Arcade vs Survival XD) *Minecraft has a hunger system, I think it adds a lot to the game with the whole survivor in the wilderness building stuff, and I think it would work well in Terraria)

    -More casual things like the rabbits and birds and fish. Basically more friendly wildlife

    -Snow biome tweaked a bit more? At the moment it kinda just sits there XD

    PvP more fun? Not sure how to implement that though... Maybe more PvP orientated items and building options?
    I've always loved the idea of having two team build forts a small distance away from each other and then fight..
    Maybe make this more practical? (Its still achievable with the current resources I suppose :p)

    Some underwater home friendly ideas? (not sure where that was heading in my head >_>)

    Terraria just has so much potential.
    Any new features at all would be very much appreciated ^_^
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  7. kingicarus

    kingicarus Floaty Gross

    Now that it's been brought up, I definitely second the need for vehicles in Terraria! That and having worlds loop at the ocean biome would be indispensably useful!
  8. General_Milky

    General_Milky Pigron

    Allow me to apologise and make my thoughts a bit clearer.

    This thread upsets me because for various reasons, a clearly unfinished game with upcoming features and content suddenly died and all of us were shocked. Version 1.1 brought so much to the table and we were ready for more, which was coming.

    So stuff happens. A newborn comes into the picture. Different games go into production. We get that, and we even accepted that the state the game was in was final and loved it anyway.

    Then you come back with this. It's like a slap in the face; why couldn't an indefinite hiatus happen instead of straight up telling us no more is to come, only for a year later to come back with what amounts to "Yeah I'm done fuckin' with you guys, so what do you wanna see next, huh? Remember when this stuff happened often? Yeah, me too! You guys don't mind that I dragged you around leash and collar, right? ...Right?"

    It's borderline offensive to me.
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  9. mbran139

    mbran139 Squirrel

    Well, I would definitely add onto the wiring system. Cross-wire blocks would be incredibly useful, as well as a one-way type thing.

    Aside from that, if you're truly serious about this, you should pick through some of the mods.
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  10. Paranσid

    Paranσid [Insert Title Here]

    Oh no! You stopped updating YOUR game! Now, you want to update YOUR game! I'm offended!
  11. GernotTheClonkeror

    GernotTheClonkeror Doctor Bones

    My ideas:
    A world created village: Possibly spawned as an island in the ocean, (You'd have to extend one of the oceans) so that you can't reach it initially. It could have villagers, guards, and general NPC's that you could interact with, even if they did nothing 'useful.'
    That, or give the current NPC's more personality, lines, etc. to give more interaction.
    New bosses, biomes, enemies, bricks, the list goes on.
    What I would like is some kind of 'race' system, which would also change interaction with NPC's. (Maybe the dryad could be friendly with wood elves, or the Demolitionist dislikes Dwarves (because they refuse to dig with anything but pickaxes).
    There is a bug (I think its a bug) I've been having trouble with. My music setting is stuck at zero, so I've had no music for aages.
    I know a few others have had it too. I don't know if there's any way to fix it, but if you could look into whether there is a bug or not, that would be awesome.

    In summary . . . ANY CONTENT IS AWESOME!
  12. uiomancan

    uiomancan Lava Slime

    Here are my ideas:

    -More Mini-bosses and bosses in biomes that don't have them Eg: jungle (maybe a hornet), hallow (maybe a final boss of madness), mushroom biome (Mushroom king)

    -More debuffs and buffs (maybe a debuff/buff level Ex bleeding 2 or regeneration 3)

    -More enemies like hardmode hell mobs Ex demon variations and other cool stuff

    -More chests with special loot like a hallowed chest found in the hallow or a corrupted chest found in the corruption

    These are just suggestions and things to flesh out the game more.
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  13. Snappy

    Snappy Green Slime

    Question, if you do decide to add some more content to the game, do you think you would add the content being put onto the Xbox port in? I know it probably wouldn't be the best decision when it comes to sales haha, but it would be really cool.

    Either way, thx for doing this! Terraria is an awesome game, gonna stay tuned for updates ^^
  14. pikaguy900

    pikaguy900 Cave Bat

    The one thing I'd like to see the most in a future PC update is better balance for Hardmode. As it is now, it affects every part of the world but forest at day and underworld; in my opinion, this makes it impossible for a new player to jump into a server that has activated hardmode without having to be given the tools needed to survive going to mine iron. I'd love it if you could find a way to make Hardmode still allow new players to play on a server after it's activated, and be able to progress up the tier ranks on their own without having to worry about dying instantly because they didn't have molten armor or better just for the Underground layer's Hardmode enemies.

    I don't know how easy that would be to do, though...

    Other than that:
    -Flesh out the Deserts and Oceans
    -Chests that can be locked by players themselves, only opening to a single, unique Key that is infinite-use and is required to open that specific chest
    -More structures in the world! I'd love to see a strange, alien building near the top of the world that would be hard to get to or in without high-tier items. Actually, in general, it'd be awesome to have more dungeon-like structures in the world that aren't actually THE dungeon, such as Pyramids in deserts. Imagine going through a buried Pyramid to loot its treasure and having to contend with a Pharaoh boss to get it!
    -MORE MAGIC ITEMS. Especially for the lower tiers! It's no fun when it's widely agreed that there's really only one or two good choices for spells at any given time; there should be more options!
    -To go along with the above, Hardmode Vilethorn-like item and a Vilethorn buff in some way. I love how useful it is against the Eater of Worlds, but it loses its usefulness not long afterward... And it'd be really neat to have an item that acts similarly to it, but with stats better suited for hardmode
    -Rebalance those hardmode armors! To be honest, I don't trust my dodging skill enough to want to use the Magic-boosting helmets; their defense is just way too low. Contrast the relation between Jungle, Necro, and Molten armors. Jungle has the least, but it still has respectable defense for that point in the game. You get no such thing for the hardmode armors...
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  15. General_Milky

    General_Milky Pigron

    "And then come back after 505 games does their own update as if to possibly one-up them, create a rift between the versions, and totally go back on the word we already accepted."

    Yes he can do what he wants. No, I'm not exactly welcoming of the oddly timed change of heart and mindgames with the fanbase. I'll still play it and support it, but it seems like a dick move all around.
  16. Har0x

    Har0x Green Slime

    Unsure if it has been mentioned before or not..

    Integration with the Steam Workshop.
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  17. Spartan-117

    Spartan-117 Cursed Man

    Sorry if this has already been posted, but vehicles and robots/mechs? would definitely be awesome :D
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  18. Paranσid

    Paranσid [Insert Title Here]

    I don't know, but my optimistic self believes that Redigit doesn't intend to make "dick moves".
    Maybe the hypothetical update never comes...still had fun playing it. Still had fun with tConfig.
    Oh lawdy this hat looks good
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  19. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    ...Not sure if you're just teasing us or not Redigit , but I'd give you the benefit of doubt.

    Look at my signature , in the year you were away these are a small portion of the things terraria got , that I wished it originally had.

    What I'd want to see in terraria , first hand , is properly implemented dual wielding - And I am actually talking about holding two things out at once with seperate hand animations , the common terrarian offhand is so inactive it drives me mad.
    (reference to Dual wielding - the art of two in my sig)

    The second thing I'd like to see , and don't even realize why you didn't bother with making , is infinite worlds.
    You made a hypothetical chunk system in multiplayer , syncing only nearby blocks in square groups , might as well make it a true chunk system to allow infinitely expanding worlds.

    Seeing Terrarias code design I understand making true 'other dimensions' is impossible without a rewrite , regardless , it would be lovely to have those.

    Regarding wiring , Just take a look at my Holowires mod , please.

    Regarding underground , I'd like tools that dig in AoE to avoid annoying straight digging taking a lot of time , and potentially stop biomes from spreading into areas I wish to keep clean in hardmode (or perhaps make a solution to that alltogether , with altars of warding or something)

    Other things to be willed are visible accessories for the players , some people would like to see their hermes boots , and offensive pets , and character races (goblins , junglefolk etc), and minecraft-like diodes , or making items in the world stack into each other when possible.

    I'd also like a weather system , and more underground biomes , and much more uses for the crafting tiles out there , like the cooking pot.

    Lastly , commenting again about your disappearance for a year , I personally think you should show more support for the modders that kept this forum from decaying with their hard work like Omnir , Obsidian , W1k , Nakano15 , Blahblahbal and Surfpup.
    A steam workshop would be nice , I guess.

    I'd personally want to see dual wielding more then anything , but an item........I'd go for the Holowire rod , because its probably the mod item I used the most in all of my tConfig time.

    Edit : Also , Redigit , Combat mounts please , let us joust like you did in that image from a year ago , with whyverns and spears.

  20. Kujar3

    Kujar3 Tim

    I agree, you said pretty much what this guy said in his video. Well I posted my opinion in the comments there.

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