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Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by Redigit, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. MarioE

    MarioE Cursed Man

    Heh, and I'd like a teleport-player packet as well as an inventory-change packet that can be sent to the client in order to change their inventory.
  2. Space Sphere

    Space Sphere Fire Imp

    I must say, coming out of the blue and asking us,what new content we'd like?
    Very nice job Redigit.
    I have to agree I'd like some sort of secret feature, along the treasure-hunt lines.

    I am COMPLETELY AGAINST the addition of a new huge biome/expansion like a different dimension. Expanding sideways and adding to additional things is more important.

    Desert Boss is win. Make the desert boss somehow give us a reason to keep deserts corrupted/hallowed/regular. Say, it gives alternative drops depending on what type of desert it's in?

    A giant Antlion that can also burrow and move would be cool (able to stop and shoot sand, then can change to modified worm AI to burrow to another area and shoot again)
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  3. Voyager

    Voyager Face Monster

    Bugfix patch
    Non-duplicating filled music boxes and keep people from spawning duplicate chests by putting them on active stone blocks.

    Oh, and reduce the spawnrate of giant bats in hardmode!
    I have 8 of them floating around anytime I stop *sigh* it's just annoying
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  4. grimrailer

    grimrailer Green Slime

    I am not sure if this has been said, or even frowned upon but.. achievements! :x
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  5. King Colin

    King Colin Demon Eye

    Please, if you could, revisit the multiplayer protocol a bit. More server-side control of players would be great, since it would allow the various Terraria modding groups to expand on multiplayer Terraria more, creating new types of gamemodes and the like. There's no reason Terraria can't have the same server-based multiplayer success that games like Minecraft have had, but the lack of a proper protocol for expanding on the basic Terraria multiplayer experience makes developing an idea difficult or impossible, depending on the situation.
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  6. benji2015

    benji2015 Green Slime

    Some kind of full endgame or something to do after getting top-tier items would be nice.
    After getting the hallowed gear, hamdrax, etc., the game's replayability starkly drops (for me, anyway); unless you love building, there's not much to do aside from battle the already-beaten bosses and search for rare (but useless at this stage) items.

    Maybe some world-ruining final boss that can be triggered that requires being fully prepared (hallowed armor, good weapons and potions, etc), some new structure/area to explore, or something along those lines.
  7. SoLoS

    SoLoS Green Slime

    Speaking of inventory, it'd be lovely to have more inventory space. Or a way to lock your inventory off while spelunking so that you don't pick up piles of useless dirt and rocks..
  8. Gataru

    Gataru Green Slime

    You are %&*@#%^ killing me. Put a boss that can only be summoned from either ocean with items that aren't stupidly easy to farm.
  9. Skyblade799

    Skyblade799 Zombie

    If you could, there is a very game breaking bug that I wish was fixed. I mentioned in a bug report a long time ago, but it wasn't fixed to my knowledge. When you shift-click sell items to a merchant, and you are near certain crafting areas, you are still allowed to craft the item with the things you just sold, and buy them back. Meaning since the items were in the shop when you crafted, they weren't wasted, and you just got free stuff. You can do the same thing with shift-clicking to the trash can, but the merchant allows you to craft things with multiple items (say endless amounts of hallow armor if you have enough for one).
  10. Baldur106

    Baldur106 Green Slime

    A gate hidden somewhere beneath the underworld which opens a new world or area that might lead to a super ultra boss?, unlocked with a key created from items dropped by all bosses. After you win, you can start a New Game + which is twice as hard

    Or Difficulty modes instead of New Game +

    Larger world option and a town/castle that spawns once in each world.

    Teleporters and when you quit you remain where you quit instead of appearing at your last rested bed.

    More events

    Mountains that go above the clouds
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  11. jevon

    jevon Green Slime

    In order of preference:

    More bosses, both in the midgame and the end game.
    More craftable home furniture.
    More weapons!
    Just one or two more biomes.
    Better lighting options.
    A way to have minecarts/automation ala Minecraft.
    More music.

  12. DungeonMaster

    DungeonMaster Squirrel

    Everything that the console version gets as paid DLC.
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  13. Hargam

    Hargam Green Slime

    I'd like to see some bug fixes with regards to multiplayer and mobs skipping. Also maybe some tools for modders to expand the game on their own so you don't have to do all the work.
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  14. Dunamis1002

    Dunamis1002 Green Slime

    Well, this is rather surprising...but a welcome one nonetheless~

    Hmm....I would say the general idea is to include the console content to the PC, but a few other ideas I had are as follows:

    - Like how there's a Hallowed Armor set, make an evil equivalent to it. If this means to include new ores (which is always welcome), then by all means! I would personally love to see an evil equivalent to the Hallowed Armor, and possibly an evil Excalibur.

    - A Jungle Biome boss would be fun. Maybe like a Queen Hornet or a boss with super-long vines. Wouldn't be Hardmode, but something you could fight prior to the Wall of Flesh.

    - Some more furniture options, like maybe using silk and chairs to make comfort seats and such. More decorations are always welcome too!

    - Weather would be pretty cool. Aside from the snow you get on snow biomes, there could be rain or extreme sun. Could possibly alter what enemies show up.

    - A Hardmode King Slime!

    - And of course the general suggestions of more loot, ores, treasure, weapons, armor, etc.

    I know it's asking a lot, but I'm glad you're hearing people out. Best wishes to you, Red.~
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  15. Chicken Pie

    Chicken Pie Crimera

    Three Four main things that I would love to be done:

    Easier sign editing. Heaven forbid I mispell the first or second word on a sign, only to realize it after I've typed a whole paragraph. Copy/cut/paste and faster deleting would make me sooooooooooooo happy.

    More intricate wiring and mechanics. Different wire colors (so wires can cross and not mess with eachother), a randomizer timer (to make Paranoid's bird Pseudo-Randomizer irrelivant :p), and maybe even being able to reverse gravity on liquids.

    PvP Balancing. As much as I like hitting people for 240 damage with a Rainbow Rod or a Hallowed Repeater, it's just plain unfair. Also, new stats, weapons, armor, and prefixes could be interesting.

    The ability to craft pies of the chicken variety. This needs no explanation.
  16. Omnir

    Omnir Reaper

    Personally, most important to least:
    A better crafting UI -- it's good for a small amount of items, but when you have mods (or if have any plans to make more furniture), it gets a bit messy and tedious trying to scroll down.

    Enemies building a fortress in your world.

    Slopes (though we do have some mods that basically do this)

    Space Biome/World type
  17. TecmagDiams

    TecmagDiams Cursed Man

    I personally think the sky needs more love. There is very little to do in it but raid it once and drag a few Wyverns down. That and the dungeon becomes obsolete in hardmode, and I think it too could use some love. Even if it was just a few more sky enemies, a few hardmode dungeon enemies, and some new items to match them. The jungle could use some hardmode love too. :3

    Also, just saying, floating sky castle spawning for hardmode sounds cool. >.> Just saying.
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  18. Corion

    Corion Cursed Man

    +1 for console content as paid DLC. I can get behind that, even if there's timed exclusivity to consoles.

    Some things I'd want to see:
    • Netcode optimization (I'm tired of enemies teleporting due to lag)
    • More parallel content (not deeper content):
      • sidegrade armor sets for multiple tiers
      • more enemies at different levels, another boss or two
      • more biomes (or at least enhanced existing biomes).
        examples: underground crystal caves, acid warrens, npc cities (neutral/friendly/hostile)
      • portals that take you to new zones or even just let you chain multiple maps together
        (although that's a huge core game change I'm pretty sure):rolleyes:
    • Slanted blocks?
    • More neutral critters and NPC's, e.g. some underground ones like little moles?
    • Late/Endgame craftable or discoverable item that gives you basically a near bottomless chest where you can store massive amounts of every block type (but perhaps not items) - and possibly even duplicate this chest so you can access it from multiple locations like piggybanks. I like having the warehouse of blocks but ... for hoarders like my friends and me this eventually becomes unbearably cumbersome to maintain and navigate. Perhaps you could unlock each slot in the chest by collecting X amount of the brick and paying some sort of fee? Maybe if you collected n of the block type it would let you withdraw indefinitely from the chest without running out? I dunno. I feel like there's some progression that could occur for the builder/hoarder players outside of combat.
    EDIT: "sky needs more love" ... Okay, I just had an idea based on the post above me. Would be interesting to have a third phase of the world where everything flips upside-down and the "sky" is basically a huge death pit that gets populated with some new and dangerous content. The earth above would suffer some fracturing earthquakes. Your base might get wrecked to some extent.
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  19. JoshHarmony

    JoshHarmony Piranha

    Honestly add very little of what we say.
    A fun part of playing a game is viewing it through the visions of the creator, and by addin what we suggest you take away your vision and just add generic stuff that people have wanted for a long time. So in the end.
    Fuck everyone, this is your game, and the only thing I can suggest: GO OUT WITH A BANG!
    Make sure that when you add a final update, be proud of what you added, not what the community added.
  20. Kristal237

    Kristal237 Green Slime

    Somebody already mentioned Flying Caslte.
    Got an idea, how about make it like it's own biodome with mimick, alive armors, zombies, bats and other staff.
    And its own boss, Dracula(or any other high vampire).

    P.S: Yes, yes, i know it sounds like "Castlevania", but it'll be awersome =)
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