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Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by Redigit, Jan 23, 2013.

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    I would like this, but I like getting guns as a drop, it doesn't make it fun if you can craft guns and make a good weapon early in the game. Guns are found later in the game for a reason, because they are pretty o.p. and to have a gun that does 5 damage plus the 7 from the bullet or 9 (12-14) It could kill a green slime in one hit if you get lucky (doesn't even have to be critical). with 10 copper bars (Only 30 ore) and 10 iron bars (only 30 ore) it would be easily overpowered and make the game to easy in the beginning. They have bows because it makes it more challenging. They sometimes don't shoot as fast, the velocity isn't as fast, and it's affected by gravity. Some of these guns can already be crafted and your telling him to change them? Some of these are way o.p. Like the last gun... 95 damage, its not even that hard to craft. The Excalibur is harder to craft or the same and it does 47 damage, and its melee. Do you know how o.p. the clockwork assault rifle is in pre-hardmode? way. And making it is to easy. 15 copper, easy. 15 iron, easy. 10 demonite easy, and advanced gun parts, 10 gold... way to easy... you can earn 10 gold from killing the eye of Cthulhu twice.
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    Maybe a boss of all bosses? Like a boss that is made for someone who has pretty much ko'ed every boss and has every item. Also hopefully some new npcs and bosses in general? I dont really care about how much content im just so happy that you may do an update :D:D:D:D:D:D
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    Decided to sign up and post a few of my own suggestions.
    - A "final" boss, perhaps requiring the souls of other hardmode bosses to create its summon.
    - More worms! :D Perhaps some that fly, but cannot dig?
    - More invasions, either new mobs or masses of normal mobs.
    - More NPCs, even ones that are as useful as an Angel Statue.

    - As many people suggested, a hardmode upgrade to the Vilethorn. Perhaps theme it after the Hallow, and have a bright pink wall-stabbing magic line of death.
    - Grenade launcher! Get those bouncy boomers moving farther and faster!
    - Magic-based explosives of some sort.
    - Reforgeable armors?
    - Boots that activate the Gravitation effect constantly. Incompatible with rocket/specter boots, can be combined with Hermes boots.
    - A better Dual Hook. In most instances, I find the Ivy Whip to be preferable due to the 'triangulation' nature of its action. Perhaps combine this with the longer range, light, and multi-shot capabilities of the Dual Hook.
    - A shotgun worth getting. Tighten the spread, fire more bullets, increase the damage per shot.

    - Neon Lights. They look like glass blocks with a colored glow in them. Craftable either from Glass and the appropriate colored torch, or glass with a plain torch and a gemstone.
    - The logical expansion of bricks and walls. Shiny Adamantite Bricks and glowy Demonite Brick Walls seem to be the crowd favorite.
    - A bust. Acts like a mannequin, but is 1 tile tall and only displays headgear.
    - More personal storage items to complement the safe/piggybank.

    - Remove the PvP damage-doubling. I know you wanted the PvP to be fast paced, but dying in 2 seconds because that guy came around the corner holding the fire button on his Legendary Excalibur just doesn't seem very entertaining.
    - Buff the invisibility potion so that mobs don't target you. Make Hunter Potions expose invisible PvPers.
    - Reduce the time on the Broken Armor debuff.
    - Larger worlds, world wrapping. We all want a bigger box to throw our sand around in.
    - Allow servers to store character data, for more secure Server-Side Inventory that can allow safe/piggybank use as well.

    That's all I can think of at the moment, and I'm certain a lot of this has been suggested before, but these are just my $0.02 to weigh down the bucket a little bit more.
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    I think for a update is to put a boss that uses the world to kill it...it could be a world boss that spawns in the air and when you go to it then it will spawn 3 mini bosses that you must kill to get to the boss then go to the boss and use the drops from the 3 mini bosses and wake him up and fight him and hope you live this could be used with the bigger worlds idea... you should also put a cook for terraria that you find in a generated house out in nature.alos you should add chickens,cows,sheep,deer, ect...add in some new decorative items because of terraria being so plain in decorations you should be able to creat alot of things and combine blocks to change its color and put in a little case were you can build a statue that you show off and keep it
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    I had forgotten about the Dao, almost never see it anymore... And I mean exactly that. The Megashark outclasses the Hallowed Repeater. I'd want to see tweaks made to the repeaters and possibly hardmode arrows to bring archery back up to par with gunning in the end-game.
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    I saw an idea about more uses for Mana/Life Crystals and threw open the idea of using them for a spell. I agree on this. I would be cool to have a spell that could heal yourself, then upgrade that with the ability to heal one other (has a priority system that heals the person with the lowest health in a certain radius. Has same, maybe even more, strength than the previous spell), and then you could upgrade that one for a "group heal" spell that would heal up to... maybe 3 people with the lowest health in a radius (but the heal wasn't as strong as the previous spell). Seems like a cool idea -- would be interesting to roll out as a "Paladin" class.

    You could quite possibly have a priest set going on too. First 'magic' weapon could be a bible that shoots a holy ray. Along with this, you could craft priest robes. Each robe piece you wear would make your bible stronger (as I can't think of any other weapon you could make pre-hardmode. Robes strengthening the weapon is just a way to balance as the player progresses). Then come time Hardmode, you could craft the healing spells, another tier or two of "holy armor" along with new weapons such as perhaps a Pope's Cane or Holy Cross of sorts.

    Then you could be a necromancer of sorts. More bent on life leech, curses, and the undead. Could have an ability to control/rise a single skeleton minion for yourself. Too lazy to go too in-depth with this right now, but use your imagination ;)

    And of course, I'm not saying that specific class types should be implemented. I'm just suggestion ideas in such a way because I enjoy playing as if I am a specific class (Use only Melee weapons: Warrior, use only guns/bows: Ranger, use only magic: Magician, but of course that would wait until I would get a vilethorn..)
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    We need more bosses! And some pets please (I am like totally not trying to get you to add the Console stuff :3)! But seriously, the possibilities are endless! This should be the update of ALL Terraria updates, as a final farewell (unless you go back in business :D). Like maybe add a Hallow boss! Cause there's Eye of Cthulu for all biomes, Eater of Worlds for Corruption, Wall of Flesh for Hell. I think a Hallow boss would be great! And some more mobs! And maybe something for the pet bunny already in the game, like if we use Vile Powder on him, he becomes a Corrupt Pet Bunny that will attack threatening mobs for a minute or so! And um, maybe some new ores if we could? And with new ores, comes new armor and tools! And I'd love new NPCs (especially the lady npcs hehe)! And new items and accessory stuff! And like other suggestions; a hardmode vilethorn (maybe with longer range, and/or have it shoot out multiple vines), and a grenade-launcher, or new mana items! And maybe a bigger ocean biome? I always wanted an ocean to be larger, for a true underwater feeling! And maybe if you add an ocean, you could add boats and/or submarines! Like the boats could be fast and make it easier to travel over water, while submarines emit light in front of them to make a visible path to a good underwater house building area! And again, pets! And also again, BOSSES. Like maybe add the new boss coming in the console version? Oh and I also have an idea for a biome! The HEAVEN biome! It's the opposite of hell, and is found MUCH MUCH higher; even higher than Floating islands! And then there could be a Godly boss (maybe the boss is God) that upon defeat gives you the Angel or God NPC. So mainly what I'd like (at least for me); new NPCs, new boss(es) and mob(s), new pet(s) or new pet Bunny features, and new items.

    Edit: Ever since I posted my comment and watched the new console trailer, I'm all jittery with excitement! I want this update to have time taken into it for it to be awesome, yet also want it to be released NOW! Can't wait! But it'll suck if I have to create a new world, I love my current one so much.
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    1. Thank you.
    2. He and I are in contact.
    3. It has been noted.
    4. There have been a lot of requests for this item, it may or may not happen. (But I like it. )
    5. Thank you # 2.
    6. Thanks, and I will definitely be following through with this update.
    7. Something about swords, got it. ( This is a request for a sword gun right? )
    8. Done.
    9. I get where you are going with this.
    10. Maybe new items to view corruption and a slower spread?
    11. Can you elaborate on this?
    12. Done. How do you feel about rainbow bricks?
    13. This feels redundant. :p
    14. Yes.
    15. I like turtles.
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    With a max ranged damage setup (hallowed helmet, adamantite breastplate, hallowed greaves, buffs such as archery potion and bowl of soup, ranger emblem, all menacing) and using Cursed Arrows with the Unreal Hallowed Repeater add up to 220+ pvp damage, compared to Megashark with about 100. That's a 3-4 shot(overkill, too) to someone with the highest amount of defense possible legitimately (85, if I remember correctly). Anyone else gets 2-3 shot, with the arrows flying past at a thousand miles per hour, with a bigger hitbox than bullets do, not to mention that the players are still moving while having to process that you're about to get screwed over by an arrow right in the fucking face.

    So yeah, repeaters are fine.
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  10. Abster

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    I'll add that having shields that can block enemy projectiles would help make the Twins and Skeletron Prime more melee friendly.
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    YES! We're all looking forward do what you will do!

    One thing I personally want to request is active/inactive on all bricks. Make it metadata instead of 2 more tile IDs, perhaps.

    On hallow vs. corruption:
    • There's nothing "positive" about the hallow vs. the corruption. Both have challenging monsters, both spread.
    • They spread too fast - they ultimately leave the world free of "regular" biome!
    • They override the jungle, which was honestly my favorite part of Terraria in because underground jungle monsters were really hard to beat!
    • The other biomes don't have hardmode versions.
    On weapons:
    More magic weapons? Less mana flower?
    Finally, pleasepleaseplease extra large world size for servers?

    P.S. - show a little love to the TShock developers. Most players, when updates stopped, built and fought multiplayer (and PvP), and more and more new Terrarians show up on large, "endgame" servers. They kept the game alive!

    The TShock developers are people with busy lives (like you), and they have to work against your code sometimes.
    In this update, maybe you could help them out a little. Make things server-side. Make methods into events. Put utility functions in code.
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    Rainbow Bricks?
    Oh this will be interesting and hilarious at the same time.
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    Perhaps mining lasers could be the next step up from drills?
  14. Voyager

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    I think there are enough blocks to build with as is (does anyone use opelescent blocks).
    I want to see the Goblin King!
    Make him appear with the first goblin invasion after killing the Wall of Flesh.
    He'll be bigger than the normal goblin and be wearing a crown. He may have a special attack.
    A drop might be a want that spawns spiky balls.
    When he dies there are no more goblin invasions, we need closure.
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    Sell us DLC. Many may hate but I'd rather pay a well deserved money than getting nothing.
    Develop more "basic" stuff, between easy and hard mode. Hard mode feels too "overpowered" for me. Thanks for everything.
  16. Timeheart

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    I have some idea of what might work, and improve upon the game. One might be making it so that after the ocean has a bit of body to it and space to make it seem a little vast, it could wrap to the other side.

    Also, some people have mentioned wanting to make a broader village aside from your own personal refuges. Perhaps there could be some kind of central item that could be placed, and new NPCs will start gathering around it to start building a village of their own that acts independently. it would have it's own system for workers and builders if you donate the materials perhaps, and assemble buildings from pre-designed sets. as well as guard to keep out monsters. Even they might have swarm trouble at times too. They'd of course know how to level an area to suit their needs too I'd suspect.

    Maybe some toggle options too, about whether a world wraps around or not. and for those people who build grand villages themselves, and want to fill them without AIs rebuilding it to predesigned stuff. (Noticed the stuff about people building empty villages.)
  17. m31k

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    What about inrease drop rate of mining suit? This bad when it is low rate drop, when it isn't useful when you got iron-halloweed armor, because it have very low defence, it is only useful to give/sell it to other players. Give it 50 percent to drop pieces, but it will be 100 percent to get one piece per killed Undead Minner.(Yeah very confusing :D)
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    Speaking of drop rates, I would really love it if the drop rate of hooks were more. They have such a low drop rate for an item you really need in the early game.
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    Red, if you are thinking about removing the double damage from PvP you should only have it apply if hardmode has been activated. This would ensure no one would explode with frustration from double damage in PvP being removed completely (as the small surviving PvP community, for the most part, depends on the 2x damage for balance and such).

    Also, if you didn't notice, I've posted loads of times in support of not completely trashing double damage in PvP, so please DO NOT SIMPLY THROW AWAY THE DOUBLE DAMAGE IN PVP!
  20. tenfours

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    Mana regeneration could always be tweaked at the same time, hell, just remove the mana and replace it with potions, if they're not gonna have a cooldown (X

    Remove the cooldown of healthpotions too! *sarcasm*

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