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  1. Stratzenblitz75

    Stratzenblitz75 Piranha


    Today I present to you a biome tower I've been building over the past two months.
    1awsomeneeesssssss.png Note: The stem of the tower is not actually purple, that's just how Omnitool views it. I will take a better picture when it is finished as it is currently a WIP
    Here are some screen shots: 2012-07-24_00002.jpg Hallow biome(Night)
    2012-07-25_00003.jpg Entrance to the Hallow biome
    2012-07-26_00003.jpg Desert/Ocean biome and entrance
    2012-07-26_00002.jpg Jungle biome
    2012-07-26_00004.jpg Forest biome
    2012-07-26_00007.jpg Glowing mushroom/Underground jungle biome
    2012-07-26_00010.jpg Corruption biome
    2012-07-26_00006.jpg Entrance way to the biome tower

    So, what do you guys think about abstractish building? Is it great? Terrible? Odd? Exciting? I want to see your opinions on this! This is still a WIP so suggestions are always welcome.

    Btw, I used Terrariform to get my materials as it would be close to impossible to get them legit.
    Download link:
  2. Sercease

    Sercease Herpling

    Man that thing is huge, be tons of fun to run around on, should maybe look at posting a world file for people to download whether now as WIP or once you finish it. I'm blown away by your "non-symmetrical" designs, it's hard to do random but you make it look easy and adds a really cool effect. Perfect example, ocean biome entrance, that thing is sexy.

    Great build good sir!
  3. Stratzenblitz75

    Stratzenblitz75 Piranha

    Thanks for the feedback!:D The biome tower is almost complete so I should be able to get a world download out in the next few days. It was one crazy ride building this thing and overcoming all the unique challenges that came with building non-symmetrical. (After the disaster that was my underworld city, I learned what to do and what not to do when building non-symmetrically:rolleyes:)
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  4. daleksax

    daleksax Bone Lee

    Absolutely a piece of art! the way you make each individual biome feel as though it is a hole is absolutely great, I would love to work on multi biome pieces but of course the rising phoenix project i'm working on is only dual biomed (Hallow/Corruption)
  5. Stratzenblitz75

    Stratzenblitz75 Piranha

    Thanks! This took a lot of time and patience to make so appreciate your feedback! Here are some more screenshots:

    2012-07-26_00012.jpg Underground Hallow
    2012-07-26_00014.jpg Underground Corruption(random Demon Alter FTW) Yes, that is snow;)
    btw awesome signature art for your rising phoenix project!
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  6. MrMoogle

    MrMoogle Cursed Man

    This is so amazing I wish I was as imaginative as you are :confused:
  7. Rhytech

    Rhytech Bunny

    Really like build! Kudos

    I like the 'twisted' nature that you took on. It's like what Tim Burton would do if he played Terraria!

    I'll smoke whatever you got growing in that underground 'glowing' looks tasty! :)
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  8. Stratzenblitz75

    Stratzenblitz75 Piranha

    Thanks man! If you want that awesome stuff in the that underground glowing jungle, you can get it because the world will be up for download as soon as the curse forge moderators approve of it, however long that takes:rolleyes:...
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  9. Stratzenblitz75

    Stratzenblitz75 Piranha

    A quick update, here is the latest picture of the world:
    1hundred1s.png Here are some more screen shots:
    2012-07-28_00013.jpg 2012-07-28_00006.jpg 2012-07-28_00015.jpg As for the download link, I'm still waiting for the curse administrators to approve of it (WHY?)
  10. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Moderator Staff Member

    This looks really nice, the overall view has a look of something Tim Burton or Edward Gorey might have done. (edit: oop's, ninja'd on Tim Burton)

    Minor point on the ocean "biome": unless this is in the outer edge of your world, you won't get the ocean inhabitants to spawn, if that was what you were aiming for.

    As for the Curse situation, it is a weekend, so maybe that's the delay. You could try PM'ing one of the other active mapmakers (like ahamling27 or Tim the Dark Souls guy) to get a better idea of the process.
  11. Sercease

    Sercease Herpling

    Still blown away by this. I have only ever downloaded one world file before and that was PuLSe's Crater. I think you may be the second as I just have to go jump around on this thing. Seriously... huge props.
  12. Stratzenblitz75

    Stratzenblitz75 Piranha

    Thanks!:D I will put up a link for the download as soon as it is available (23 hours and counting to be approved :rolleyes:) Though as Tunnel King said, it may be because of the weekend...
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  13. PuLSe

    PuLSe Cactus King

    Ya, ahamling27 had me do the curse thing in order to feature and it took some time - those who do the approvals are on California time fyi. Also, make sure you take your .wld file, put it in a folder, THEN zip the folder with your .wld inside it. I managed to screw that up and delay the process.:confused:

    On Topic: What a wonderfully twisted, organic build you've created there. That thing is... uh... Dr. Seuss?... Monty Python?... Gary Larson?.... I could go on, but others already have. What an interesting tapestry of a tree. Brilliant!
  14. Stratzenblitz75

    Stratzenblitz75 Piranha

    Oh good, I got it right:D. But I really don't understand why I have to be approved, Its not like they look at your world for content. I just don't get it:confused:. Anyways, thanks for the support!
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  15. Sercease

    Sercease Herpling

    Virus's, malicious content, the usual jazz. They don't care about the world, just the file itself... or at least I assume that's why.
  16. Stratzenblitz75

    Stratzenblitz75 Piranha

    Well, that makes sense, I forgot people can upload whatever they wanted, not just worlds:rolleyes:
    Edit: After 46 hours of waiting, the world is up for download! Here is the link:
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  17. Stratzenblitz75

    Stratzenblitz75 Piranha

    Another quick update: The world is up for download here:
    Plus, I'm building another creation on the world, here is what it looks like so far: 2012-07-31_00001.jpg 2012-07-31_00002.jpg 2012-07-31_00003.jpg As you can see, its far from complete but I have some awesome plans for it:D I built the structures on top of the trees because I didn't want to cut them down. However, the tree tops don't look so great, so I might cut them off.
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  18. Sercease

    Sercease Herpling

    The curiosity is killing me, lol.

    Edit: Probably download and check out the world tonight, kind of excited to see in-game. :D
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  19. PuLSe

    PuLSe Cactus King

    Who are you and what is it that you drink/smoke/lick?:confused: Are you licking those colorful frogs again?!:oops:
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  20. Stratzenblitz75

    Stratzenblitz75 Piranha

    I drink an intoxicating blend of the juices from glowing mushrooms and jungle spores, then I smoke the dried out remains and snort the powder from jungle roses and deathweed. Then I build
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