Soo... What happens when we 100% corrupt or hallow our worlds?

Discussion in 'PC' started by Necrolance, Dec 8, 2011.

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  1. Necrolance

    Necrolance Doctor Bones

    Does anything special happen? Or is it just a 'congratulations' and 'good work' all we get? Otherwise, I see no point in clearing either corruption or hallow. Is it just that we no longer have to deal with the biome, and can only get it back if we saved the items that can spread the biome? There should be some sort of reward based off of which you let spread. Like a spell or weapon. Anyone else think so?
  2. MicroDragon153

    MicroDragon153 Snatcher

    That would be nice.A actual reward
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  3. Fisherr

    Fisherr Green Slime

    is it even possible to get 100% Hallow, seeing from my world loads of my underground is already corrupt and i just killed the wall of flesh, don't see how you could clear it all with purification powder
  4. Mettan

    Mettan World Feeder

    My idea is that get 100% Corruption or Hallow, and the Dryad will start selling an accessory that makes the monsters of the respective biome no longer hostile to you.
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  5. Blue Lit

    Blue Lit Spore Zombie

    it would be impossible to be all 100%, because they can't go onto anything that isn't dirt, Stone or Sand.
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  6. Emildi

    Emildi Blazing Wheel

    one second, wtf would the dryad give you a reward for making the whole world corrupt when she hates corrupt?
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  7. Kjulo

    Kjulo World Feeder

    Dryad IS the nature of the game, if everything is corrupt and evil, she is Corrupt and evil.
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  8. Kurohagane

    Kurohagane Lava Slime

    You clearly did not talk to her at blood moons.
  9. Necrolance

    Necrolance Doctor Bones

    Um... 100% meaning the whole surface or underground(not counting underworld, though it can be corrupted if you bring enough blocks down there, or hallowed) is a hallow or corrupt biome. 100% doesn't mean every single block is corrupt. It means that 100% of the biomes in the surface and underground are corrupted or hallowed.
  10. mtq1

    mtq1 Wraith

    Theres only one way to find out, and i can't be bothered to use it.
  11. Blue Lit

    Blue Lit Spore Zombie

    ah... i see... to me, 100% is everything... OCD kind of thing... :/
  12. Milan Mree

    Milan Mree Zombie

    It would be nice to receive a reward for hitting a high percentage, but I would make it more realistic, like say 25-50% or make it so the more you get the more rewards you get. Regardless, 100% is nearly impossible, even on a small world, without using a map editor.
  13. Nearly, but not completely, which is what gives it value in being done. Think of it as 1.1's crafting the 1.0.6 sandgun
  14. mtq1

    mtq1 Wraith

    Sandgun wasn't so hard. You needed 1 plat and a few cheap materials.

    This would be the *playing on legendary difficulty with all skulls on using only a magnum*
  15. That was my point, instead of being just tedious (ant lion mandibles), it would be both hard and tedious. A worthwhile challenge.
  16. Necrolance

    Necrolance Doctor Bones

    It's a difficult feat, but it's entirely possible. But it's not WORTH it if there's no kind of reward for doing it. Which is why I asked. Is it worth destroying the sources of night and light souls, cursed flames and pixie dust/unicorn horns and crystal shards? I hope they do something about this for the christmas update.
  17. Milan Mree

    Milan Mree Zombie

    Why was the sand gun so hard to craft? It's just killing something over and over again not throwing holy water/planting hallow seeds/replacing blocks all over the entire world. I get where you're coming from by trying to make a reward valuable, but 100% is too much.
  18. Jukebox

    Jukebox Green Slime

    The Hallow VS Corruption aspect of the game is the way it is because they're probably planning something bigger for that in later updates.
  19. The sand gun wasn't hard to craft, it was just tedious. This would be similar in that it is also tedious. It's all about repetitive action for both of them. This is just on a larger scale.

    I don't understand why this is too much for you. My world is ~30 corrupt% and 17% hallow without me doing anything but playing like normal. The only naturally occuring blocks completely immune to corruption are bricks, ores, gems, wood, and active stone. The vast majority of blocks are susceptible to hallow/corruption (mud turns to pearlstone/ebonstone at a slow rate, etc) and as was said before, the percentage is based off the biome size, not the number of blocks. With a perfect spreading of corruption blocks, it's possible to have a 100% corruption biome in a world with only ~50% of blocks being corrupt. Of a normally generated world, going with a low estimate, at least 70% of blocks can be corrupted/hallowed without player input.
  20. Magii

    Magii Green Slime

    If there is a bed in the room, you get laid.


    She would have dissapered, saying: You have made me whole. I no longer feel Hallow/corupted inside.
    Then she would dissapere. She would leave a boss battle summoner. Depending on if your world is hallowed or corupted, it would spawn the boss. When you defeat the boss, you would get an item making you hollowed or corupted. All your items would be buffed from this. You would make cool particle effects. Also its saks that those who consume most would die permanently, leaving nothing but a portal to anorher dimension.

    This would be Good for ocd.

    Ps: The boss spawners works infinent times, and makes the world hundred prosent Hallow or corupted. Hvis would give anorher spawner from the dryad making you able to make a world noemaliser.
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