Souls of light?

Discussion in 'Update Discussion' started by Taybuscus, Dec 1, 2011.

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  1. Taybuscus

    Taybuscus Green Slime

    I've been asking all day.. could someone tell me how to get the souls of light for angel wings?
  2. MexiFoodAttack

    MexiFoodAttack Green Slime

    I've been wondering that too, i got one when i was looking for cobalt i think it has something to do with the enemies that glow pink. Even though i've killed about 30 of them i only recieved one so the drop rate seems rare.
  3. zekerman99

    zekerman99 Green Slime

    the dragon drops 1
  4. Pikx

    Pikx Green Slime

    From Wyverns, they should spawn in the Floating Islands.
  5. Taybuscus

    Taybuscus Green Slime

    Nooo. That's souls of flight I believe.
  6. 0The Doctor0

    0The Doctor0 Squirrel

    The Soul of light is a drop from monster in the new biome. its not a very common drop and only hapens in the stone layer
  7. Freefall357

    Freefall357 Snatcher

    go under the rainbow area...find neon pink versions of the creatures of that layer...kill them

    sounds stupid, I know, but I am not kidding
  8. Taybuscus

    Taybuscus Green Slime

    Thank you! :D
  9. FlexGun

    FlexGun Green Slime

    Kind of off topic but does anyone know where to find a soul of might?
  10. DarkGollum

    DarkGollum Cursed Skull

    Same think but in the undergound corruption.
  11. Herborist

    Herborist Green Slime

    It's the neon pink creatures that drop them. They spawn near crystal shards which are deep underground.

    The souls of light are rare - took me two hours to get 30.
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