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Discussion in 'Work in Progress Maps' started by Krazy321, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Krazy321

    Krazy321 Mouse

    Hello everybody!
    I'm a massive fan of this game and after basically playing the hell out of it I decided to try my hand at making an adventure map. This was last summer. I had plenty of time back then but then university started again and I kinda dropped the project. But I recently felt like playing terarria again and stumbled upon this map. It felt a shame that I'm the only one to ever play it, even though some pretty need ideas went into it. So without furthur ado:

    A (sadly) Short Adventure
    You wake up one day and decide: "I'm ready for an epic adventure".
    Luckily, an evil-looking skull shaped cave is within walking distance of your house. From here on out you basically do whatever is needed to explore more of the land. But I'll let you experience that for yourself. Good Luck!

    A Few pictures to get a general idea of the quality of the map:



    The Rules are pretty basic, make a new character and delete all you initial items. Follow the signs from there on. No crafting, no taking torches of walls or using glowsticks to light dark places (you are meant to use magic).

    That's it!
    The download link is:

    After playing it:
    If you have any critique or feedback to give, it would be greatly appreciated!
    I do plan on either continuing this one or making a new map as soon as I can.
    Motivation gained from this thread will help speed up this process I suspect ;)
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  2. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    Before playing: The screen shots look really nice. I would have preferred a zip file to a rar, but it's no big deal. Also the name doesn't really make the map sound that appealing. Not that the story does either, because that's how about every map starts out. And if this is a finished map, I would ask a mod to move it to the released map section.

    Playing: I think the normal clothes so characters can keep their appearance is pretty clever. The bat cave is also pretty damn cool, although I haven't been able to enter yet.

    The mining place was pretty cool. Some parkour jumps to keep it interesting. Although none of the jumps were actually difficult. It seems like you just put them there to make it more then just a walk.

    The town looks nice, especially with the water running underneath it. A little funny how it said Steve had died, then there he was in the town. Was hoping this would lead to some sort of plot twist. The trip down to the sewers was pretty boring, just going down planks for a while. The actual sewer was pretty fun, but I ended up dying before I could get what I assume was a Magic Mirror

    That boulder mountain was pretty fun, I raged when the last boulder just nicked the top of my characters head.

    I got to say, the trials is probably the most well balanced controlled fighting areas I've ever played in a map. Difficult, but not impossible. Bravo on that one.

    The post apocalyptic houses look pretty damn clever. I thought the sand traps were really cool as well. The pyramid was really well done, the parkour puzzles were really fun. Although I couldn't figure out how to knock down the Ebonsand, I assumed there was a magic missile somewhere, but I couldn't find it. So I just ended up mining it out. But then apparently there was nothing there.

    The part with the harpies is impossible so I had to quit there. If you do even make it to that wood shack it's impossible to do anything else. You put no bed in there, and once you get in there is about 10-20 harpies surrounding you. Then you die and have to start over from the wizards house. The harpies are pretty much impossible to kill with the items I you give.

    This was a fun map and I wish I could have finished it. It is definitely not a short map. I had put about 3 hours in to it before I had to quit.

    Anyway, if you want more attention for your map, get a mod to put it in released maps or put it on this site,

    There was a couple blank signs you might want to check out too.
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  3. Krazy321

    Krazy321 Mouse

    Thanks you for the response Stackerzgame!
    I agree that I might not have made it very appealing with the story and mapname, but it really is an unfinished product. My main goal by posting this map is to find the flaws that I inevitably made with my first attempt at an adventure map. The end of the pyramid was meant as a place to return to once you had the magic missile. Just like the underwater entrance in the mineshaft. Let's just say I planned it to be a lot bigger (hence the name of the unfinished map).

    To bad you didn't make it to the magic mirror, I guess the slimes and jellyfish were a bit to much to face with almost no gear. During testing I always knew where to go so that made it seem a lot easier. The part with the harpies is indeed quite unfair after replaying it. The only way to make it is to keep running I guess.

    Anyways, I learned a lot already and if anyone else has more to add, please do ;).
    I'm glad that you enjoyed parts of the map. It makes me happy that the map wasn't made entirely in vain :).

    (I've been working on a bit of modding to try and make a truly unique map. Although I'm not nearly at the level of most of the modders out there, I have learned most of the basics.)
  4. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    Like I said just put a bed in that wood shack on the part with the harpies and it will be a lot easier. Also maybe instead of the ball o hurt, put some type of gun? Also another thing I remembered is the shortcut in the mine is unreachable. Anyway you're very close to finishing this thing. Just complete it, it's a quality map. Then publish it and you get a lot more plays on it.
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  5. Tim Hjersted

    Tim Hjersted Swamp Thing

    Yea ill second stackerz recommendation to repost this in the finished map section with a new name. It will get a lot more plays and people are really hungry for new maps. There aren't enough these days. The map looks really nice from the screens.
  6. Krazy321

    Krazy321 Mouse

    I don't really want to post an unfinished map in the finished section. I do have something else in the works that might eleviate some boredom. I'll probably post it in the coming week.
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