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  1. spacechase0

    spacechase0 Cursed Man

    Seeing as Terraria is (most likely) getting an update, I thought I'd go ahead and post this while I had a working version. :p I made this a quite a while back, originally for my brothers and I.

    I've been making a changelist as I go along, so here it is:

    (This is going to look terrible due to all the recipe images. :p )
    • Made Orb of Light and Fairies brighter. Also made them go slightly faster and stay closer.
    • Changed the max life to 1000, but heart crystals only take you to 500.
    • Made max mana 300.
    • Made potions times stack.
    • Removed Copper Shortsword from starting items, but added Copper Broadsword and Copper Hammer.
    • Added a placeable altar. Recipe is [​IMG].
    • Added a blood moon summoning item. Recipe is [​IMG].
    • Added an explosive launcher. Recipe is [​IMG].
    • Added a new NPC, the alchemist. He sells the original potions, and only spawns in hardmode. Prices need to be tweaked.
    • Added the coin launcher. Quite overpowered, but it shoots money. :p Probably shouldn't use platinum coins in PVP. The recipe is [​IMG].
    • Added sun/moon rods. Recipes are [​IMG] and [​IMG].
    • Made Wandering Eyes also sometimes drop lenses.
    • Made it where if your defense is 6 more than damage * 2, you won't take damage.
    • Abstracted invasions. At one point I added 3-4 new invasion types, but they aren't in the game anymore.
    • Added stop and stop-nosave commands as aliases to exit and exit-nosave.
    • Added give, getpos, and spawn (mob) commands.
    • Added a chat message for every 50 enemies in an invasion.
    • Modified F8 window slightly.
    • Added "No Gore" and "No Blood" options. Blood from zombies, for example. Gore is replaced with clouds
    • Made it where Santa doesn't die outside Christmas. :p
    • Made presents appear outside of Christmas, but less often.
    • Made snow biomes appear 50% of the time instead of 33%.
    • Made the Goblin, Impl, Gloom, Hornet, Corrupt, and Eyeball statues functional.
    • Made underground traps more common.
    • Removed max mana (via armor), melee speed, and movement speed caps.
    • Added "Super potion" buff. Only available via /give (or cheat world).
    • Fixed problems with >10 buffs.
    • Increased max spawn count and spawn rate for invasions.
    • Doubled the spawn rate of Devourers and World Seekers
    • Added upgraded versions of several potions. Recipes are <RECIPE>s.
    • Made corruption/hallow spread slower.
    • Made armor reforgable.
    • Allowed duplicate accessories.
    • Added inflated spectre boots, a combination of a Cloud in a Balloon and Spectre Boots. Recipe is [​IMG]
    • Removed double PVP damage.
    • Added the healing rod. Uses potions as ammo, and follows your mouse. Skips cooldown time, but can't heal yourself. Oh, and it can heal enemies too. :p Recipe is [​IMG].
    • Added vampiric sword. It gives you health when you hit others (enemies or players). Recipe is [​IMG].
    • Made all shortswords pierce through armor. Also added a hardmode shortsword. Recipe is [​IMG].
    • Added cursed throwing knives. Recipe is [​IMG].
    • Added a cursed flamethrower and cursed gel. Recipes are [​IMG] and [​IMG].
    • Fixed bug with flamethrower being considered magic damage.
    • Added Hallow/Corruption stone. They make their corresponding side not be aggressive, but double damage from the other side.
    • Fixed bowl of soup increasing magic damage twice instead of magic and ranged damage.
    • Added the Foulthorn, a hardmode upgrade to the Vilethorn. Recipe is [​IMG].
    • Modified flamethrower buff durations to account for buffs stacking.
    • Added a spear that gives the broken armor debuff. Doesn't quite work on NPCs yet. Recipe is [​IMG].
    • Disabled corruption spreading over jungle.
    • Added "elite" mode. Can't start and doesn't do anything yet.
    • Added Snail of Destruction (blame Grump). :p The summoner can't be crafted yet.
    • Added a flat world. Start the world name with ":flat".
    • Added a debug pit to the bottom of the map. Put "[dbgpit]" in the world name.
    • Added a cheat item house. Put "[cheat]" in the world name.
    • Replaced references of "hell".
    This is NOTa tConfig mod. It replaces normal Terraria. If you want to keep the original, just rename the executables. Download here.

    Off to church, more information (like recipes), screenshots, etc. later. :p For now, enjoy a video of the "No Gore" option, the Snail of Destruction, and the old Hallowed Invasion (which isn't implemented anymore).

    Sorry it's hard to see. Look closely. :p

    I think I've tweaked the tile destruction rates some. And the snail might appear at the edge of the world now, I don't remember. Oh, and he shoots lasers out of his eyes now.

    NOTE: Ignore the time going by so fast. I think I was testing something at the time.
  2. Titot

    Titot Slimed Zombie


    nice mod dude, but can i ask to you tatke out the max health and mana? We have already a mod to change that
  3. Shockah

    Shockah Grandson of the Wizard

    It's NOT a tConfig mod.
  4. Titot

    Titot Slimed Zombie


    how to install this?
  5. spacechase0

    spacechase0 Cursed Man

    Yeah, I probably should have made that more clear... Sorry about that.

    Some of the tConfig mods look really nice, but I don't feel like putting the effort into either A. porting to tConfig or B. remodding on a tConfig version of the executable.

    Not sure yet. I need someone to answer this:
  6. Titot

    Titot Slimed Zombie

    modified EXE will be more easy
  7. spacechase0

    spacechase0 Cursed Man

    Easy, yes, but I don't know if it's allowed.
  8. Shockah

    Shockah Grandson of the Wizard

    All the EXE mods do that.
    Also, most of the stuff in this mod could be done with just tConfig, so...
  9. spacechase0

    spacechase0 Cursed Man


    Yeah, but I'm very lazy. :p
  10. Titot

    Titot Slimed Zombie

    is more hard do a mod? LOL
  11. ShadowTiger

    ShadowTiger Piranha

    The question is, is this "This mod AND my other mods" or "This mod OR my other mods."

    I really think it's worth it either way. This looks like a really, really nice mod, and I'm very happy I bothered to read it.

    Seriously, my hat is off to you. o.o!
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  12. Titot

    Titot Slimed Zombie

    oh, explained

    downloading it xD
  13. Klokinator

    Klokinator Angry Nimbus

    This isn't really a mod anyway, more of a goddamn needed series of bugfixes XD

    I like everything... except adding the christmas presents in. Those were literally, the worst, additions, to Terraria EVER. Unless one present randomly has a powerful item or something else, they better have a drop chance of like 1% or less because having those things inundate and overflow my inventory was possibly the worst thing I have ever experienced in my life.

    That being said, everything else is required and a decidedly amazing addition to the game... except for the increased health/mana. Unless you buffed the enemies or made the health only increasable after hardmode, this is going to make the game really easy and is the only bad addition to the whole mod, IMO.

    Still, I'm going to add this to the mods listing and download it myself. I'll give opinions later.
  14. MantasX12

    MantasX12 Hell Bat

    Dat snail was epic :D !
    BTW:Your'e a great mod maker,keep it up,hopefully we gona see more mods in a future,it looks like you have experience with that stuff :cool:.
    Redigit should seriously use some of those ideas from this mod...:rolleyes:.
  15. LaDestitute

    LaDestitute Giant Worm

    Really nice ideas, but I think the first two items (at least with the blood moon activating item) are really expensive to make. I can understand the Demon Altar though, given it's an incredibly useful item and wouldn't be fair to craft cheaply, even moderately.
  16. Klokinator

    Klokinator Angry Nimbus

    One thing.

    Is that really necessary?

    Also, does this really have to replace the original terraria? If you could change this to be a seperate executable openable with a program like the TGL, then everyone else would be able to use it without having to ruin their vanilla game.
  17. Z0MG Pixelz

    Z0MG Pixelz Cursed Skull

    Make a version without:

    Just stupid.

    Otherwise seems like an awesome mod!
  18. Raz0r0x

    Raz0r0x Slimed Zombie

    Tried the mod out this morning. For some reason, every time I create a world, I spawn in one of the cheat house's, even though I did not specify for one to spawn. Is there anyway to turn this off, or is it just a bug?
  19. spacechase0

    spacechase0 Cursed Man

    Whoops, wasn't getting emails for some reason.

    Thanks. :)

    Yeah, I found the christmas presents kinda annoying eventually, but I kept it because I kinda like the blocks, and wouldn't want to wait until December each year.

    As far as the increased health/mana, it's only increasable up to 500 with heart crystals. I never did implement a way to get up to 1000 properly (it was going to be post-snail) though.

    Thanks. :)

    If I recall correctly, I think that I was thinking about deathweed only being harvestable during blood moons. Do you have a recipe suggestion? I'm pretty sure I want it not to be available until hardmode though.

    As far removing "hell", I thought I mentioned in the first post (apparently not, I'll go add it now) that this was mainly for my brothers and I (which is why I hadn't posted this until now)... I'll have to find all the places I replaced, but I'll try to make a version without that if I work on this again.

    I'm pretty sure it's possible to just rename the executable to something different and launch it through TGL (I think one of my brothers does that?), although I haven't tested it myself.

    That's definitely a bug... I see now I had it turned on by default for some reason. It should be fixed now.
  20. Klokinator

    Klokinator Angry Nimbus

    Nope, I've tried doing it and it doesn't work.

    Lol religion...
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