Pre 1.2 Split-screen Terraria Mod.

Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by Luke32141, Dec 22, 2011.

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  1. Luke32141 Snatcher

    Is there one? If there isn't can someone help me make one? :D
  2. oreo Bone Serpent

    There isn't one. And I don't think it's possible.
    Anyway, would you really want to play a stretched-out broken-looking version of a game?
  3. JonasQ Green Slime

    Scale what you can see, then, and not the textures themselves.
    Or, in more simple terms, just make it so you can see more.
  4. oreo Bone Serpent

    How would that work though? The only way I can think of is having four "windows" and having some inactive if people aren't using them.
  5. JonasQ Green Slime

    I don't think you understood me. Terraria already does what I described, to an extend. This is also why, on large resolutions, some people get the "black bar at the bottom of the window" bug - it's caused by the background itself being smaller than the resolution. If the game as adapated properly, it'd work fine on multi-monitor setups.
  6. oreo Bone Serpent

    Weren't we just talking about multiple players on the same screen?
  7. Luke32141 Snatcher

    @oreo Yep, I have a friend who has a really bad computer and if someone could make one or help me to we could play it together. ;)

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    And i don't know how to quote. :eek:
  8. oreo Bone Serpent

    You press the reply button next to a post.
  9. Luke32141 Snatcher

    Oh, Thanks! xD
  10. Triggerpunk1 Green Slime

    i think something like this would be considered against the TOS of terraria bc for this to work you would need to split the game to be able to be played by other people who have not payed for it causing CR infringement and even if you dont want that the other alternatives are not much better either A: Spoof steam on all 4 monitors(this is against Steams TOS) or B: Use Vb to create 4 Diffrent Os and bind those to each monitor either way its either a long shot or just not practical no im not tryin to bitch just explaining how this looks......
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