Sprite Costume (Vanity Items) Ideas

Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by TheSunnyGo, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. Emenii

    Emenii Bone Serpent

    That is amazing. I applaud you sir!
  2. Kusanagi

    Kusanagi Green Slime

    Odd, thought I already commented xD but thanks though. Im assisting theSunnyGo with the character sprites, so I'll be on here for a while xD (got 3 chars done already, still working on some more before I decide to post again)
  3. Emenii

    Emenii Bone Serpent

    Yay, Mine got added :3
  4. Kusanagi

    Kusanagi Green Slime

    Wasn't Edward blonde? or am I thinking of a different Edward Elric? xD
  5. Roll Volnut

    Roll Volnut Cursed Skull

    The hair is too dark, same with the skin. Plus he had smooth hair. not wrinkly like yours.
    But you're still amazing Eamonn <3
  6. Emenii

    Emenii Bone Serpent

    I fixed the hair issue and the skin issue. What do you mean by wrinkly hair?
  7. Kusanagi

    Kusanagi Green Slime

    Well, time for a batch of characters this time ^^
    Ryu (Street Fighter)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Chun Li (Street Fighter)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Hosuma (Shinobi)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Hibana (Kunoichi)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Kite Original Ver. (Dot Hack)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Well then, that should do for this update. Will be back with more soon enough xD

    Edit: hmm... Kites orange outline doesn't seem dark enough... guess I'll have to fix that later xD
  8. KarnowoB

    KarnowoB Green Slime

    Okay... request list of mass proportions activate

    Kamina - Gurren Lagann
    Simon - Gurren Lagann
    Yoko - Gurren Lagann
    Kittan - Gurren Lagann

    Shana - Shakugan no Shana

    Vincent - FF7
    Squall - FF8

    Itsuki Minami - Air Gear
    Akito Manijima - Air Gear

    Dan Kuso - Bakugan Battle Brawlers

    Chrono - Chrono Crusade

    Faye Valentine - Cowboy Bebop
    Spike Spiegel - Cowboy Bebop

    Shiro - Deadman Wonderland
    Minatsuki Takami - Deadman Wonderland
    Senji Kiyomasa - Deadman Wonderland

    Allen Walker - D.Gray-Man

    Goku - DBZ

    Coud Van Giruet - Elemental Gelade
    Kuea - Elemental Gelade

    Lucy / Nyu - Elfen Lied

    Taichi Yagami - Digimon

    Haseo - .Hack
    Tabby - .Hack
    Ovan - .Hack
    Gord - .Hack
    Bear - .Hack
    Tsukasa - .Hack
    BlackRose - Legend of the Twilight (Rena) Variant.

    Hayate Ayasaki - Hayate the Combat Butler!

    Alucard - Hellsing

    Richter Belmont - Castlevania (Kyo)
    Maria - Castlevania SOTN (Kyo)

    Takashi Komuro - Highschool of The Dead

    Gon Freecss - HxH
    Killua Zoldyck - HxH
    Kurapika - HxH
    Hisoka - HxH

    Athrun Zala - Gundam SEED
    Cagalli Yula - Gundam SEED
    Kira Yamato - Gundam SEED
    Mu La Flaga - Gundam SEED
    Andrew Waltfeld - Gundam SEED
    And remember the Destiny only characters suck.

    Brock - ..Pokemon

    Money D. Luffy - One Piece
    Zoro Roronoa - One Piece

    Goku Son - Saiyuki

    Hiei Jaganshi - Yu Yu Hakusho
    Kurama - Yu Yu Hakusho
    Yusuke Urameshi - Yu Yu Hakusho

    Saito Hiraga - Zero No Tsukaima

    Oga Tatsumi - Beelzebub

    Kirito - Sword Arts Online
    Asuna - Sword Arts Online

    Erza Scarlet - Fairy Tail (Note: She has lots of outfits... I was thinking the Dual Sword, Samurai variant)
    Natsu Dragneel - Fairy Tail
    Gray Fullbuster - Fairy Tail
    Laxus Dreyar - Fairy Tail
    Leo - Fairy Tail
    Mystogan - Fairy Tail
    Gildarts Clive - Fairy Tail
    Gajeel Redfox - Fairy Tail

    Negi Springfield - Mahou Sensei Negima
    Nagi Spring Field - Mahou Sensei Negima
    Jack Rakan - Mahou Sensei Negima
    Evangeline A.K. Mc Dowell - Mahou Sensei Negima
    Ku Fei - Mahou Sensei Negima

    Jang-Gun (Loto / Roto) - ID eNTITY / Yureka
    Yureka - ID enTITY / Yureka
    Aradon the Black - ID eNTITY / Yureka
    Basara - ID eNTITY / Yureka

    Tasha Godspell - Witch Hunter
    Halloween (One Seal Form) - Witch Hunter
    Xing Bairong / Prince Yue - Witch Hunter

    Damore - Personant

    Muahahahahaha... Just some suggestions from Animes and Mangas... and Games due to Kyo.
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  9. TheSunnyGo

    TheSunnyGo Green Slime

    My this is a long list. But I'm up for a challenge! it'll be awesome to see so many characters up, I think I might need to remove the materials and stuff, it's just taking up unnecessary space. haha yeah it'll be quite a feat for the both of us, he's probably working on them now XD
  10. Iroquois_Pliskin

    Iroquois_Pliskin Green Slime

    Aww no Snake :(
  11. TheSunnyGo

    TheSunnyGo Green Slime

    I'll add that to the list :D aw man I really want to do Raiden now too! :D
  12. Triggershadow9er

    Triggershadow9er Green Slime

    heres some ideas. the detective (sherlock holmes), you know the heros clothes howsa bout blue heros clothes (zora tunic), could possibly have longer breath hold under water , the red hero clothes (goron/fire/mt tunic) maybe a have a limited immunity to lava? green plumbers clothes (luigi), yellow plumbers (wario), no waluigi cause he sucks, High tech suit (samus metroid armor) hey you could be the the "chozo-en" one! (rimshot) thank you im here till thursday, duke nukem or doom guy clothes? Trench coat, clown costume (shudders), pokemon trainer- pocketmonster outfit? exicite a bike guy clothes, man i could go on..... these are my ideas please dont copy and paste, i may make my own thread for this.
  13. Iroquois_Pliskin

    Iroquois_Pliskin Green Slime

    Yeah it would be extremely rad if more Vanity costumes where to come out in later patches, I mean patch 1.0.4 we got Mario Indiana Jones and Quote's Hat
  14. alvadagansta

    alvadagansta Demon Eye

    At first i was like "hehe squid hat"
    Then i was like "omg ZERO!"
    Then i was like "wow so much good stuff"
  15. TheSunnyGo

    TheSunnyGo Green Slime

    Haha no problem won't take any of these up if you're putting up a separate post. But it's great to see more ideas for costumes coming in. I'd be stoked if they took even a few of our ideas, we need more vanity items that's for sure. VARIETY FTW!!

    Yes it would, I hope they do look into adding more for the next patch, with the number of people playing the game now I'm pretty sure it's not hard running into a clone. More Items = More fun for everyone :D

    Yes Fullmetal is pretty awesome. haha, but I think there are still quite a number of characters from that series that i'd like to add, like winrey and roy :D and thanks for commenting!
  16. DragonRegen

    DragonRegen Green Slime

    Wow, man you're greedy. :D Not trying to be bashful, but you should pick like a few (10 or less perhaps?) better ones that you Really want from those choices. Lol, why not add all the anime chars? (lots of choice from naruto shippuden)

    Btw, you just ksed my reply with the fairy tail list. :D

    I too have a request! ^^

    Jaden Yuki - Yugioh GX

    Kudo Taiki - Digimon Xros Wars (new outfit)
    Aonuma Kiriha - DXW (new outfit)

    Shoutmon - DXW

    Yep, that's all, plus I propose a weapon social slot at the same time. ^^
  17. Nemesis.

    Nemesis. Green Slime

    I like this idea, but I don't like the fact that it rips off so many things.
  18. TheSunnyGo

    TheSunnyGo Green Slime

    Awesome more to add! That's a great Idea a weapon social slot, I was just thinking about an accessory social slot, like wings and stuff.. But that's something else to take into consideration!

    Lol, well first of all thanks, and second of all they are just costume Ideas, like for Halloween. Not everyone dresses up as an original character for Halloween. XD but aside from that we will be putting more original content when we have a chance, it's just that fanart seems to be a good way, for me anyway, to practice at this sprite making thing. Not something I usually do. :p Plus I think more variety = awesomeness
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  19. DragonRegen

    DragonRegen Green Slime

    :D Thank you, did I tell you that you are epicositic? ^^ Haha, would love to see wings (jet pack, tail!! etc) as another social slot too.
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  20. TheSunnyGo

    TheSunnyGo Green Slime

    Naw you're epiccerrrr! and I know!! the possibilities are endless! I kind of want to add monster hats (for the accessory social slot.. maybe we'll need a couple of these.lol), or monster trophies(statues) other rare drop to current enemies. lolz
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