sprite for new boss: the Ciclops, the heavy war satelite

Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by punkypie, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. punkypie

    punkypie Slimed Zombie

    Hi I love making pixel art stuff I been practicing for years, and this is the first boss I made for Terraria; the Ciclops, the heavy war satelite, it moves arround like Eye of Cthulhu and shoots a powerfull laser, now i need find a moder, my intention is make lots of more stuff in the future for this amazing game, its not very complex... what do you think?

    the body it's a bit bigger than the eye of cthulhu:D

    ciclops heavy war satelite.gif

    Note for moderators, please erase this wrong thread: http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/boss-cyclops-heavy-war-satelite.95036/#post-1972714
  2. guyguyga

    guyguyga Slimed Zombie

    Nice. It looks like a death star with solar panels.
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  3. Klokinator

    Klokinator Angry Nimbus

    Is that the full size version? I think we'd all like to see what it looks like in full size if this isn't :D
  4. punkypie

    punkypie Slimed Zombie

    Well the main problem for now is I need a modder/programer to put this boss inside of the game but as I say the ball is a bit bigger than the eye boss
  5. guyguyga

    guyguyga Slimed Zombie

    The creature is measured in pixels. The full size of your sprite is the size that it will be in the game. I don't know how big the eye of cthulhu's sprite is, but your sprite is 160x97. Is that the full size?

    As for putting it in the game, anybody can do it.


    If you get stuck, just ask people for help. People in this forum are really nice for the most part.
  6. Wooren

    Wooren Possessed Armor

    The sprite...Looks AWESOME!!! I love it!
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  7. DrakoGlyph

    DrakoGlyph Demon Eye

    Now you have me, Punky :3
  8. EpicCriddle

    EpicCriddle Toxic Sludge

    Terraria Sprites are 2x2.

    Now I can see it better, it looks impressive :)
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  9. DrakoGlyph

    DrakoGlyph Demon Eye

    Punky knows this--I work with him extensively as part of the Pixel Mark Crusaders. This post was from before then. (Our mod is linked in my signature).

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