Sprites/Recolourings! [Taking Requests]

Discussion in 'Art' started by Kjungwoo5, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Kjungwoo5 Doctor Bones

    I'll be doing some sprites/recolourings!
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    Here's one that I made for Anti-Positive:
    Here's a "Light's Edge":
    Here's Maplestrip's request:
  2. Maplestrip Corruptor

    Not a bad re-color for Anti-positive :) It does suit him.
  3. Kjungwoo5 Doctor Bones

    So do you want to make a request? I can make one for you if you'd like.
  4. Maplestrip Corruptor

    Sure, you can try to recolor my char. Ignore the other frames, just use the first :)
    My char full.png Let's see if you can do it as well as Clone, in my sig...
  5. Kjungwoo5 Doctor Bones

    I have no idea what i created... But it looks nice!
  6. Maplestrip Corruptor

    It's not that bad, I just don't like the helmet. Where there were two different kinds of shades, you used two entirely different colors. I'm adding it anyway, when I get back home :)
  7. Kjungwoo5 Doctor Bones

    Tell me the 2 colours that you want me to use and I can get right to it!
  8. Maplestrip Corruptor

    Wll, I like the red helmet, so maybe you can use dark red for the rest of it?
  9. Kjungwoo5 Doctor Bones

    Ok it is done! Here you go:
  10. Maplestrip Corruptor

    Looking good :) I'll add it to my sig when I get back home ;)
  11. Nathan B. Dark Caster

    can you make a blood stained mad scientists coat?
  12. Anti-Positive The Reversed One

    Off topic: I'd just like to make it clear that the one I had as an avatar and the one he made are different, I made one and he also made a recreation of it, just thought I'd make that clear so people know ;)
    On-topic: Nice! I like Maple's recolor :)
  13. Kjungwoo5 Doctor Bones

    Done! Mordale, if you think it needs improvements tell me so that I can change it!
  14. deathbringer539 Cursed Skull

    Your sprites look quite good and how long have you been doing this?
    Hey could you do a recolor of the breaker blade to look similar to my custom breaker blade that i made?
    My breaker blade (open)

    If you can that's awesome:D
    but if your busy with other things then i can understand.
  15. Nathan B. Dark Caster

    ya could you make the stain darker and have it fade the further from the center of the stain
  16. Kjungwoo5 Doctor Bones

    I have to go so Mordale I edited it a bit Deathbringer you'll have to wait so, BYE!
  17. Maplestrip Corruptor

    Nice, you did Mordale better than I could have :)
  18. dafish Green Slime

    WOW! Nice work! Can you make me a recolor of the tuxedo suit with the regular fish bowl still on. The suit can be reversed colors (majority white and rest black). Thanks!
  19. Kjungwoo5 Doctor Bones

    I am finally done! Here you go Deathbringer:[IMG]
    And Dafish:[IMG]
    Remember to give feedback if you want me to change it!
  20. Nathan B. Dark Caster

    can you sprite the sword/axe/spear of awesome in this picture?

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