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    I suppose this thread will double as an introduction/suggestion thread. First off, Terraria is fantastic. As someone who prides himself as an "indie game developer" and game designer, I'm typically skeptical of a lot of indie games, especially if they fall within the scope of "games I could probably make." But Terraria is different; not only is it just the kind of game I'd love to make but a game that I thoroughly enjoy playing! I bought the four-pack on Steam last week and haven't gotten much sleep in the past week.

    Anyways, I'm known to most people as 'phubans' and I've worked on titles like World of Goo, Dark Void Zero, and currently the recently-announced War of the Worlds game. Apart from my commercial development experience, I've always been an avid and passionate game designer, more on the art and design side of things than the code stuff. However, I have thrown together a few playable games including Madhouse, The Indie Game Legend, and Sword of Legends. The first thing that struck me about Terraria is the similarities it shares with Sword of Legends (in fact, SoL ALSO has an accessory called the Hermes Boots that increase speed and dashing capabilities!)

    Apart from already having a massive amount of great stuff going for it, what Terraria has even more of is potential. The first thing I was inspired to do after playing this game was to send my suggestions to the developers. After glancing over your forums, it seems that a lot of you have already beaten me to it with tons of wonderful suggestions for improving this game. So forgive me if some of these ideas have already been posted, but hopefully there are some things that the developers will be able to work with and even use.

    So without further ado, here are my suggestions for Terraria:

    Seasons and Weather Effects

    I noticed that this was already something that the developers were thinking about. I think that a game like Terraria would benefit greatly from having seasons/weather effects in addition to a day/night cycle. Imagine a stormy summer day, or a quiet winter night. Or perhaps a burning autumn sunset... The only question is how would these seasons be handled? Would they cycle? How quickly? I imagine it would be something much shorter than our cycle. Perhaps every 10 game days the season would change with an announcement, "Spring is here!" etc? I imagine the seasons themselves would be purely aesthetic, but perhaps some of them would boast unique events and functions.

    Summer - Basically what the game looks like right now; sunny, flourishing vegetation, little to no weather effects save for the occasional rainstorm.

    Autumn - When Autumn arrives, all top-world greenery becomes shades of brown, orange, and yellow. Leaves fall from trees (perhaps even acorns). Rains sometimes.

    Winter - The tiles shift to snow-covered, and a gentle snow particle begins to fall all over the overworld. The sky is usually grayish white and it never rains.

    Spring - All greenery would turn a lighter shade, and rain would fall frequently.

    Rain - Rain would be a consistent weather effect through all seasons except winter, with lightning being an accompanying effect of summer rain (see below). When raining, the sky would fade to a darker grayish color and semi-transparent rain drop effects would fall. This effect would last for a random duration of time; perhaps a whole day or only for a few moments.

    New Equipment

    [​IMG]Mining Drill - The functionality of a pickaxe packed into an item that deals constant damage, the Mining Drill makes burrowing quick and efficient. When used, it is held out from the player character in a direction relative to the cursor, and deals steady damage to tiles and enemies that the cursor is placed over, provided they are within its melee-range. To nerf such a powerful tool, it would require to be fueled by Oil, which would function as ammo.

    [​IMG]Chainsaw - Basically the axe-equivalent of the drill; same functionality and behavior, but used for wood and trees.

    Mining Gun - A special type of gun that has the power to destroy tiles. Instead of shots bouncing off of tiles, the tiles are destroyed. A lower-level mining gun could destroy one tile per shot, while more powerful variations could pass through and destroy multiple tiles before the shot dissipates.

    Grenade Launcher - A gun that launches explosives like grenades, bombs, dynamite, and sticky bombs. Self-explanatory.

    [​IMG]Diving Helmet - Equipped as headgear. Allows the player to go underwater without losing breath (or possibly extends the duration of breath consumption to a rate of half of the current, effectively giving the player twice to four times as much time underwater) Sold by merchants at a high price (20 golds?)

    [​IMG]Spiked Armor - Iron armor that is crafted with a large quantity of spikes. Apart from looking really cool, it would deal damage back to any enemies that come in physical contact with the player wearing it. Includes helmet, breastplate, and legwear. Total set buff = increased damage output.

    Proximity Mine - Basically a standard bomb that only detonates when a player or NPC/enemy comes close enough.

    Illuminated Gear - New highest-tier equipment that provides the highest attack and defense power of any other. Creates light when worn (or used, in the case of weapons). Crafted from Sunstone and extremely resource consuming to make (50+ Sunstone bars for one piece) Includes swords, axes, armor, etc.

    New Ore

    Oil - A liquid substance that can be collected with a bucket and stored in a bottle at alchemy stations. Highly flammable. Used to fuel equipment like the Chainsaw and Mining Drill. Also used as an ingredient for crafting.

    Mythril, Adamantium, and Orichalcum - Legendary ores that are a must-have of many fantasy mediums. I was surprised that they didn't appear in Terraria, but it would be nice to see them make an appearance for crafting high-grade equipment.

    Sunstone - Extremely rare ore found only in the Outer Space biome. Used to craft Sunstone bars, which are used for forging Illuminated gear.

    New Placeable Objects

    Barrel - Same function and components used to craft as the chest. Simply an alternative to the chest.

    Fencing - A different type of background material that is similar to walls. Can be made of various materials (iron, copper, silver, gold, etc) Used as an outdoor (or indoor) decoration. Appears on a layer in front of rear walls (possibly in front of the player sprite, too? Someone mentioned having a new layer for stuff like this)

    Gravestone - A decorative, non-collidable background tile that is placed on the ground. Made of stone. Could be used to mark where you died during an epic battle. Same function as a signpost. May possibly spawn additional zombies at night.

    Windows - Made of wood and glass, placed on the back wall of houses for decorative and lighting purposes.

    Paintings - Simply a decoration to place on the back wall of houses. They could have varied designs like books and flowers.

    Elevators - This idea is a bit more complex and requires some careful thought, and I'm sure others have documented the idea for these in greater length, but I support the idea of having them. They could be built using similar ingredients to the chandaliers; chains, metal, etc. Perhaps they would be required to run along a chain/cable object that can be placed from a ceiling, down to the length of how long you need it to go. Then, the elevator itself would be a secondary carriage object that is placed on this "track" of cable, only able to move the length of it. They would behave like the elevators in Zelda II, I imagine, but possibly faster.

    Waypoint/Warp Crystal - Another type of object that would be EXTREMELY useful in the world of Terraria. It would simply be a crystal, crafted possibly from obsidian, that is placed at certain points and allows the player to warp to other crystals that are already placed by right-clicking on them. The effect and behavior would be similar to the magic mirror, except it would transport you to a fixed location. To prevent this item from being abused, it could be something that enemies could easily destroy, so you wouldn't be able to place one in a volatile area like the underworld without running the risk of it breaking.

    Lightning Rod - 1 Iron Ore - Placeable - A rod of metal that attracts and absorbs lightning, negating its effects. Typically placed on rooftops to avoid having houses destroyed by lightning.

    [​IMG]Turrets - I noticed that someone already mentioned these, so I'm behind this idea 100%. I think mounted auto-crossbows that fire on nearby enemies would be highly useful. They could be crafted from wood, iron, and the standard bow. They would be stocked with arrows for ammunition. Better turrets like high-tech ones could be built with better materials.

    New Mechanics and Events

    Fire - A new gameplay mechanic that spreads over flammable surfaces such as wood, grass, and oil, destroying the aforementioned tile and spreading to the surrounding ones. Fire is created by dropped Torches, Lava, Lightning, and possibly certain weapons. Emits light (obviously). Can be put out with Water, Dirt, etc. Eventually dies off if there is no flammable source to feed it.

    Lightning - Random event that occurs during a rain storm, like a Fallen Star, but it strikes nearby tiles on the ground and creates an explosion that is somewhere between a bomb and a stick of dynamite. Any nearby wood or grass would be set on fire. Deals massive damage to players and NPCs/enemies. Has a higher probability of striking tiles that are placed at a higher elevation. Players can protect their houses by installing a Lightning Rod.

    Meteor Shower - Higher than usual frequency of fallen stars for a limited period of time during the night. A visual effect of stars falling in the background during this event. Perhaps only occurs if the player has a Star Cannon in his possession.

    New Biomes

    Swamp - Lots of mud, water, and plants. Perhaps some new enemy types including frogs, snails, flies, dragonflies, etc.

    Outer Space - When I built my first sky-high tower in Terraria, I was expecting the sky to gradually become darker until it became black and starry, putting me in outer space. I think space would be a wonderful environment that is scene only by those who explore very high up (perhaps the equivalent in height as the underworld is in depth, maybe less since it would be harder to get up there) Outer space would feature lower gravity, allowing players to float, but it would also activate the breath meter like going underwater does. Perhaps this effect could be negated by wearing a Diving Helmet, or perhaps even a Space Helmet. In outer space, the player would encounter suspended masses of space rock that contain the sunstone ore, as well as various new and powerful enemy types that include strange aliens. Of course, time would be suspended in a permanent state of night here and seasons and weather effects would not apply.

    New NPCs

    Wizard/Alchemist/Shaman - Basically a merchant that deals in magical wares such as spell books, staves, mana potions, etc. Requires you to find a mana-consuming item as a condition for moving in.

    Guard/Mercenary - An armored sentry that will stand guard at a specific area, attacking any enemies that come near him. He won't move far from his position (walking only around the nearby area as any NPC would) Talking to him would initiate a following sequence that allows you to lead him to the area where you would like him to be posted, and talking to him again would post him to that area. Perhaps he would require a salary for his services that would have to be paid regularly to prevent him from leaving. Requirements for his appearance would be twice the amount of money needed for a merchant to appear.

    Suggestions to Existing Elements

    - Higher capacity for buckets, allowing the player to carry more than one "block" of water, lava, or oil in each. The quantity could be displayed as a small number in the lower-right corner of the HUD element, like all other items that have a certain capacity. Capacity could be limited somewhere between 5 - 10.

    - Move the HUD to the bottom of the screen, or give the player an option to do this in the Options. Mostly because when you acquire the grappling hook it's easy to accidentally select an item while using the hook since most of the aiming is done above the player, not below (you're rarely ever clicking near the bottom of the screen.

    - If possible, it would be nice if the sprites and tiles didn't anti-alias when the game is scaled in full screen. Pixel art is best seen without any kind of blurring or anti-aliasing, and it would give the game a wonderful retro feel if graphics didn't blur when scaled.
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    These ideas are well thought out and balanced.

    With the Warp Crystal, you might want to add some materials to it though since it is essentially having multiple Magic Mirrors without the travel time to go to the next base to set your point (at least after the Crystal is placed). You may want to add some form of gem into the recipe? Obsidian is pretty much in abundance as soon as you get a large body of water into Hell. Maybe the Wizard could also sell you an extra material that let you make a crystal, then have the material on a cooldown so it isn't spammable.

    I can see the Grenade Launcher being used to grief a lot :p

    Also, expanding on the Lightning Rod idea, maybe you could harness some kind of fuel from it, either magically through the Wizard or otherwise. The bigger the rod is, the more lightning you attract. You would probably need to put the material cost up though if that were the case.

    With the buckets, maybe since it is available so early on, you could combine a few buckets and something else together and create a Big Bucket, and that could hold 5-10 blocks of liquid.

    The name Meteor Shower would probably confuse some people and they would expect to find Meteorite Ore somewhere :p

    Your oil idea could be integrated with Doctor G33K's implementation of Space (http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/implementation-of-space-along-with-space-biome.22963/)

    But other than that, I can't really think of anything else to pick apart, I like what I see :)
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    i like these a lot and would love to see them in the game. i think they could make a world version called "zombie army" or some thing like that, when u play this mode it will be all ways night ( or just have it be longer if to give the player breaks from the massive hordes of zombies, this would also bring some new zombies and will have "Tim" and miner zombies out of the caves and up to u,also maybe the goblins will be zombies and they would be slightly slower and have more HP, attack and or DEF and the goblin thief would steal HP instead of coins so it would gain HP as it hit u ( about 10 or 15% of the damage it did to u so it wont be too over powered) making the turret VERY use full for this. how about u can combine the oil , 2 silk and the barrel to make a exploding barrel ( 1 or 2 buckets ) so u throw ( or roll ) it and it will burst into flames when it hits a mob or after crashing into a block ( it will role over 1 blocks ( maybe 2 ) and when it reaches a 3 block hill or more it breaks so it wont just keep going or bounce off. now il stop trying to use your ideas to make more and just shut up and say these r cool and would love to see them in game

    Grenades dont break tiles but i get what u r getting at if this was real life
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    Love the ideas!

    Question... what program did you use to make those? (the pictures for drill/chainsaw/helmet/turret) i Always wanted to learn how to do that. It would be AMAZING if you could tell me.

    thanks! loved World Of Goo by the way :)
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    Let me first say that I played the World of Goo in full, and that game is simply wonderful. It also has an amazing soundtrack (to which I was most surprised to find that the owner put online for free - I have held it close ever since). Kudos to that team, they deserved every penny.

    I know most of this is coming and the ideas are great. I'm sure they'll appease us.

    Tools beyond the power of pickaxes and explosives need to be approached with a cautious level of optimism. This is a sandbox game with a finite size and no ending. To make it too easy to eat up the world's tiles would really take away from the game - you would effectively approach the in-game version of an inventory editor (something that should always be treated as completely taboo). However, this isn't to say that we're near that point. The large world is humungous, and even small worlds have loads of room for a few more biomes before we even get the idea that we're "running out of space." The devs have already put forth their ideas for linking worlds and adding alternate worlds or realities, so there's definitely plenty of universe to speak of.

    But, I see these types of suggestions in this forum frequently, and the ones with specifics seem to miss the mark (absurdities like taking out a 5x5 grid per click, for example). If you're going to implement drills, they ought to either continue the tier of pickaxes, or act as a different functionality entirely that will make you want to use both (which, though, to our chagrin, will take up another hotbar slot). Another thing most forget with this implementation is explosives. A drill should not make an entire separate line of tools obsolete. They need to be more expensive, or we need more powerful explosives to balance, or, something. You mentioned oil - that's great, that could easily fit in to work with the right costs and numbers - I just want to drive that point home.

    I honestly don't see much of a point to this, at least the way forests work right now. We don't have massive impeding thickets of growth. We have trees that take a mere 4 hits to destroy with the best axe, the largest of which give us 10s and 10s of wood. There's certainly still room for faster tree farming, but a bloody chainsaw? We just don't have that many trees. They don't grow that quickly, they aren't that thick, and it just feels like overkill. Now hey, maybe the devs are thinking of a biome with "tough" trees that make our axes feel like a joke - the idea could be useful, but right now it's over the top.

    The first thing I thought of with this was "WOW talk about the best (erm, *cough*, worst) griefing tool EVER." I get the impression that this would simply be abused, even when not griefing. What purpose is there in destroying tiles if you aren't going to pick them up? (and if you're going to go over to them, why not just use axe/drill/bomb etc.?) This sounds like something I would use to cheatingly skip the dangers of lava by redirecting flow from a safe distance, or use to bang up the dungeon from far away before I rush in (before killing Skeletron) to take some now-much-easier-to-get chests. But, maybe you're thinking high-end type item that would be difficult to get and costly to use, and is meant to be a reward to the seasoned player. I think it just needs a few balances.

    This one has floated around and I'm in favor. You'll still have to expend your explosives so, therein lies the cost. Provided it has a delay or something and isn't a Phoenix Blaster on steroids in pvp, of course.

    I think removing breathing entirely is almost too powerful, but extended lengths sound nice. It would work well if we get a water-based biome, and make flippers more attractive.

    I have no doubt we'll get many new endgame armors with wonderful effects. To comment on this one, an effect that only occurs on contact is completely useless if you can never catch up to your opponent. Inherently, this could be something you just have to deal with in the case of something like Necro armor, but for the others, that's almost mandating a speed accessory. Just a thought. It's similar to how Shadow + 5 feral claws is worthless since if you can't catch up to anyone, well, infinite swinging speed does you no good.

    Surprisingly haven't seen this idea here yet. Fully support.

    I have no doubt they'll add many new endgame gears. Always in support as long as there's a degree of utility and balance to all of them. It doesn't have to be picometer-level precise, just so we don't all look the same.

    There's a few materials like this that would probably fit in real well if immediately tied into crafting with a patch. And more liquids are always nice.

    Not every game has to use mithril/mythril and adamantium :p. Orichalcum could use some more love though, I will say.

    This is one of those ideas that I think goes without saying. "Add ___new armor better than current armors___ from ___new cool ore with typical cool ore name___ in ___new biome harder than other biomes___ with new ___fitting boss related to that biome___. People seem to LOVE suggesting things like this, when it's really not on the top of the list of things you would think one would look for in a suggestion forum. If they're going to add new content, then of course there's going to be a new boss. Of course there's going to be a new biome, of course there's going to be a new armor, and of course there's going to be new materials to create it. The useful suggestions are the ones that actually include something like "A boss with X, Y, or Z fighting mechanic." People love naming their creations (to which I always sorta laugh) - cause you know that the developers aren't going to want to copy anything if they can help it, and they probably have their own boss and armor names floating around on the whiteboard anyway. I'm always slightly bewildered at the threads that literally say "Add another boss", and nothing more. Well, that was kinda already expected and known to be coming? :confused: Anyway, not to rat on you - maybe you're literally trying to drive those specific names in (go for it if you like), but stuff like this has gotten stale around here pretty quickly.

    Dude. Make them stack. In the background. That would be sweet. Perhaps, slightly smaller than the chest (unless you're thinking of fat barrels?)

    Fully support. Can't believe I didn't think of gravestones already. "--Here lies Redigit, age 28. Dysentery overcame him."

    Suggested a thousand times. Would be a shock if it didn't come.

    Would appreciate. Though please not like minecraft...I'd like to actually have some control over what painting it is and how big it is. At least the size and placement anyway.

    I share the same sentiment. Like the idea, but it needs to be thought out.

    I love the fact that you added in a weakness to it. People have suggested warps that just feel too overpowered and "administrator like." This would be a nice solution.

    Random weather effects are always cool. The devs even mentioned volcanoes.

    Turrets sound neat. It'd be nice if they had a progression. (Your turret pic looks like it would shoot lasers) So yes, crossbows!

    If grass feeds it then man, you could set half your world on fire! But anyway, we could do with some fire, I think.

    I like this.

    I think they might've mentioned outer space once, anyway. The more biomes the better, right?

    Suggested several times - I hope it comes in. Personally I like the idea of the requirement being a room a certain height above level.

    A neat idea. Perhaps an npc that would sell you the services of mercenaries so that you could have more than one? I think the appearance requirement should be a bit more unique.

    This is the one tool that is really lacking. They need to eliminate the duplicate water/lava glitch, and allow us better ways of transport.

    I'd prefer the option of turning off clicks (meaning you can only select things on your hotbar with hotkeys).
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    Though it is called the Grenade Launcher, a more appropriate name would be the Explosives Launcher since he's suggesting that it shoot all types of explosives.
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    Gravity Gun
    Problom solved
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    He didnt cover monsters.

    Personally I would like to see a rare version of a monster, similar to "champions", "ethereal" and other randomly rare verisons of existing monsters in Diablo 2. Usually these are accompanied by normal versions, and come in a small group of 3-4 and includes the champion version. This could even be done with slimes, and would simply feature a small glow to indicate the champion status.

    Also, once we have goblins, and thieves and other enemy NPCs, have packs of monsters that might have set-up a small outpost or camp.

    I too would love to see a mining drill as an end-game item.
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    Hmm, some of this stuff I have seen before, others not at all. Overall, the concepts look pretty good. Got my support
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    Hm... This all seems good my fair man. Some could use fixes, but i got no complaints and support this :)
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    Wow you have really put some thought into this!
    Awesome ideas :D
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    Question: The games you have participated in, what language were they made in? (I want to become Indie and learn the best language for it).

    Many of your ideas have already been suggested, some not. Overall, what you have said is great. Spiked Armour would be pretty kick ass! :D

    The drills and chainsaws could have levels maybe? Like a hellstone one of each, obviously this will use up more oil than other versions, not a huge amount more but it is extremely powerful.

    Weapon that can destroy blocks? Well there are bombs... maybe if C4 was added that would be cool, or a good that is explosive. Like, Grenade Launcher or something more original.
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    I suddently just fell in love with you. :3
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    I support most of these suggestions, especially the spiked armor, mining weapons, and weather effects just to name a few. These seem very well thought out, and balanced nicely.
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    I salute you.
    These are some of the best ideas ever.
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    I belive we could use slime gel as a fuel. But oil pockets seem very realistic and would add more aesthetics and atmosphere to mining. Aslo, headgear that does cover only top of the head, should not negate beards.
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    I'd yell at the OP for all of the duplicate ideas but it looks like he rather took them and fleshed them out to a good degree so hopefully this will ward off even more duplicates.
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    I like your ideas or most of them at least but I wanted to add that it will be cool if in the start a you appear in mysthic place with a lot of statues like a fancy place surronded by lava and there is a chest (I got most of this idea from the that says Terraria is the playground of the gods)an in the chest there is a bow(with arrows) ,a sword and a book and you can only chose one,(the book is for magicans contaning a lesser spell)but you still have the normal stuff, once you choose something you kind of disapper and then respawn again now in Terraria with the Guide in there.
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    Looks like a great list of suggestions. We need more people like you on the forum. ;P

    +1 Support.
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    I'd actually like to ask you to come up with some monster ideas.

    +1 to the OP!
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