Stand Alone servers?

Discussion in 'PC' started by Soulstealers, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Soulstealers Green Slime

    okay, question, is it possible to run a server on a serperate PC without Steam/Terraria installed?

    Asking this because after being preassured into buying Terraria (and having a blast) me and some mates have been running our servers through Hamachi and Tunggle. However, these work on and off for me, so yeah, does it work?

    I have one or two less powerfull PC's around the house, but apparently, the server software has a fairly big impact on performance, and to be perfectly honset, with an Intel HD 3000...That aint something I wanna is there ANY way to create a stand alone server without Terraria installed?
  2. Shaun Dark Caster

    As the pirates have already demonstrated, Terraria doesn't have any game protection. Since you've already purchased it; you can just copy the terraria game folder onto the server (make sure to update XNA and .NET on server to), and run it from there. You do still need to make the neccessary port forwarding changes on router in order to connect properly.
  3. Soulstealers Green Slime

    Ah I see excellent, makes life much easier! Just shame you can't host games through Steam...

    Anyway, do you have any idea where Worlds are saved?
  4. Shaun Dark Caster

    C:\Users\(profile)\Documents\My Games\Terraria
    For windows 7, in the documents area for other OS's.
  5. Mythril Guy Voodoo Demon

    Use TShock, then create the folder:
    C:\Users\"Username"\(My Documents for Windows 7 users)Documents\My[space here]Games\Terraria\Worlds
    after that find a world that you like (imported from another computer or custom) and then run TShock and look for the world options. if it shows up your good, if not, you messed up somewhere when creating the folder.

    Go here for port forwarding help: HERE [Direct link]
  6. Soulstealers Green Slime

    thanks guys, hopefully I wont break anything with my shoddy DIY port forwarding.

    I normally break everything.
  7. Mythril Guy Voodoo Demon

    You can't break anything, just do it wrong. What kind of router do you have (ex. Asus, Belkin, Linksys, Dlink, etc.)?
  8. Soulstealers Green Slime

    Thomson. Tried to fix my Hamachi with port forwarding, and UPNP or whatever it is is always on, no cigar
  9. Mythril Guy Voodoo Demon

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