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  1. Jedi_1993 Green Slime

    Current Version 1.0
    Texture Pack info:

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    Version 1.0-
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    • Regular Player Shirt - Cloak/Cape (Credit to Omnir for this!)
    • Archaeologist Shirt & Pants - Han Solo clothes
    • Robes - Leia dress
    • Iron Armour - Stormtrooper
    • Silver Armour - Boba Fett
    • Jungle Armour - Chewbacca
    • Night's Edge - Light Blue Lightsaber
    • Space gun, Phoenix blaster & Minishark - Blaster
    • Meteor shot - Red ammo
    • Musket ball - Green Ammo
    • Bats - Mynocks
    • Piranha - Recoloured
    • Goldfish - Recoloured
    • Skeletons, Zombies & Angry bones - Stormtroopers
    • Tim & Dark Casters - Stormtroopers with wizard hats
    • Demon eye - Training droid
    • Water - Lighter blue
    • Lava - Orange
    • Sky - Lighter blue
    • Inventory background - Green (See pictures)
    • Arms dealer - Han Solo
    • Demolitonist - Boba Fett
    • Moon - Death Star

    I'm off on holiday tomorrow morning for 2 weeks and thought I'd upload what I've got so far. Any suggestions for items or creatures I haven't done are appreciated.
    Darth Vader was not included because the helmet was too dark and I can't be bothered to redo it until I get back.
    Should I redo tiles as well? What should they look like?
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  2. Pedguin Herpling

    So good!

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  3. Mendoza231 Cursed Skull

    omg what the F...!! AWESOME
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  4. Mendoza231 Cursed Skull

    can u use tex pack while in multiplayer??
  5. Jedi_1993 Green Slime

    Yes but only players using the texture pack will see the edited sprites.
  6. Mendoza231 Cursed Skull

    oki, awesome works!
  7. Mendoza231 Cursed Skull

    i have been searching youtube how to set up a server but on all of it i have to go on the website for my ip and my problem is that i cant go into that website because of some annoying error so thats the only reason i use hamachi, because i cant make non hamachi. so if you wish to join you need hamachi, sry

    Edit: posted the wrong place lol
  8. Mendoza231 Cursed Skull

    erm, where do i put it?
    just into the terraria folder?
  9. Jedi_1993 Green Slime

    I added a link in the first post that explains how it works. :)
  10. disorder Green Slime

    I will probably not use them but they made me laugh anyway, well done.

    the 2nd one is a bit dark, i couldnt tell what it was.
  11. Jedi_1993 Green Slime

    2nd one is Chewbacca
  12. disorder Green Slime

    ahh i see, it could do with being a touch lighter, more like tan colour, and slightly hairier. otherwise they look ok.
  13. Jedi_1993 Green Slime

    Thanks, I'll make the changes for the next version :)
  14. Mendoza231 Cursed Skull

    i didnt understand the stuff i found, can u tell me how? plz?plz?plz?
  15. disorder Green Slime

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  16. Jedi_1993 Green Slime

  17. disorder Green Slime

  18. Jedi_1993 Green Slime

    Thanks for the video Pedguin!
  19. Rusty1996 Snatcher

    Make the king slime as the Rancor :)
  20. Jedi_1993 Green Slime

    Can't, the king slime (And all slimes) only have 2 frames of animation. :(

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