Story of the red cloud

Discussion in 'PC' started by pedguins prodigy, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. pedguins prodigy Green Slime

    Ive been playing this map or a while now and i cant seem to find a good place to farm darksouls any help ?
  2. InfinitySnail Face Monster

    A good place to ask this would be on the official map thread. But I'd say that finding a dungeon of some sort (can't remember a specific one) would be good.
  3. pedguins prodigy Green Slime

    i already have posted on the map thread no answer :l
  4. Stackerzgame Dungeon Spirit

    The best way is battle potions in temples, or fighting optional bosses.
  5. pedguins prodigy Green Slime

    it doesn't give you darksouls when you've already killed them once.
  6. Stackerzgame Dungeon Spirit

    That's why I said optional bosses, because you most likely haven't killed all of them before.
  7. pedguins prodigy Green Slime

    well shit i just logged on and all my 40,000 dark souls are gone ...

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