Strange Generation.

Discussion in 'PC' started by Sokaz, Jan 4, 2013.

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  1. Sokaz

    Sokaz Undead Viking

    Content Deleted.
  2. thelastflame50

    thelastflame50 Umbrella Slime

    On the plus side, you'll never run out of Demonite.
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  3. David22548

    David22548 Slimed Zombie

    lol : D
  4. Mythril Guy

    Mythril Guy Bone Serpent

    How can we be so sure you didn't use TEdit? If you didn't do anything to the world, but look at it. Then lucky you.
  5. Berserker66

    Berserker66 Umbrella Slime

    I call bullshit. If there is any problem at all during saving a world (such as a power outtake) the world file will be incomplete or nonexistant, both of which Terraria 100% refuses to load. So you edited that.
  6. KLouD KoNNeCteD

    KLouD KoNNeCteD Crimera

    I agree with this. You generated that yourself. Nobody likes a liar. ;)
  7. Silverity

    Silverity Blazing Wheel

    I cant look at the pic, it says "problem loading page" :(
  8. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    Da hell the image be broke
  9. Sokaz

    Sokaz Undead Viking

    You can go ahead and call bullshit all you want, Cause I know what went down and what didn't.
  10. SamothUpaw

    SamothUpaw Face Monster

    We all know what happened, don't try to deny it.
  11. Sokaz

    Sokaz Undead Viking

  12. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    Go home, attention whore.
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  13. SamothUpaw

    SamothUpaw Face Monster

    I like how you've posted a 'legit' screenshot with loads of demonite and that your avatar and your sig have something to do with demonite, your favorite armor. 10/10
  14. MilkySubSand

    MilkySubSand Herpling

    World download please
  15. Sokaz

    Sokaz Undead Viking

    My signature and avatar where uploaded before I made this post buddy.

    How sweet..

    I no longer have the world download. If you want to know why you can read here:
  16. Berserker66

    Berserker66 Umbrella Slime

    A couple more problems with your screenshot;

    1. Terraria saves worlds left to right then top to bottom. So if world data is cut off, the cut is vertical, not horizontal.
    I've examined plenty of corrupted world's data..

    2.Terraria has at the end of the world data a copy of the world ID, to make sure only complete worlds are loaded. If a world is incomplete, Terraria will not load it.

    3. You *really* love shadow armor and then make a post about demonite ore generation.. totally a coincidence, I'm sure.
  17. Linktt

    Linktt Cursed Skull

    Well faked or legit, either way that is plenty of demonite ore.
  18. UselessNoob

    UselessNoob Blazing Wheel

    Can a mod please lock this.. I feel an upcoming flame war on legit or not.
  19. MilkySubSand

    MilkySubSand Herpling

    Um, Nutella?
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  20. Sokaz

    Sokaz Undead Viking

    Well it happened some how. But I will be talking down the post because of what UselessNoob said, I don't want to cause trouble. In 30 minutes this will be deleted
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