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Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by ReFleCtioN94, May 25, 2011.

  1. ReFleCtioN94 Green Slime

    Dont you think the deserts are too boring?
    Maybe it would be a cool idea to add pyramids in the desert with some new mobs,
    like mummies and stuff?
    And maybe a special treasure in the pyramid wich if u take it, Will spawn a boss?
    Let me know what all you guys think about this idea?

  2. AishaLove Green Slime

    Very good idea, in fact, this is another good way to add extra dungeons to the game, easier ones that the player can explore before they can kill skeletron. The Pyramid would be at the top on sand, and then you would use it to enter the lower parts. Insider and around you would find mummies, scarabs and rats.
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  3. Varkarrus Wraith

    There should also be wrapped up bovines.

    Call them...

  4. AishaLove Green Slime

    Would be cool if the desert areas with the pyramids were Egyptian bioms similar to how the corruption is it's own biome. so you might see things, like a buried stature, or broken clay pots in these areas.
  5. ReFleCtioN94 Green Slime

    Maybe sercret passage's opened by a switch?
    But dont got a clue how they gonna do that :p
  6. Poring Cursed Skull

    Pyramids in a 2d game are awful. And having another dungeon isn't fun, it's repetition.
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  7. ReFleCtioN94 Green Slime

    Its not like a dungeon, Maybe more like an Area? like the underground jungle or the underworld
  8. Poring Cursed Skull

    But it's a pyramid. You can't just ignore a pyramid. A jungle, you can walk over it without noticing. You don't even have to see hell if you want. But when you wanna walk to the dungeon and suddenly there's a massive pyramid in your way...
  9. AishaLove Green Slime

    I was thinking pyramids would b rather small, maybe only 3 times player hight. Really mostly serving as an opening into the interior.
  10. ReFleCtioN94 Green Slime

    That is a point excally, But maybe it would be awesome that it will be hidden pyramids,
    Like they are hidden under the sand, Not very deep or something, but just out of view of the main land.
  11. AishaLove Green Slime

    I like the idea to have the pyramid be partially burried, makes it seem ancient and forgotten.
  12. Poring Cursed Skull

    That doesn't seem very Terraria at all.
  13. Ellodin Green Slime

    The small part or the opening part? Because I see no problem with small pyramids...
    And the opening thing is quite logical, just sort of a mini-dungeon really.
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  14. AishaLove Green Slime

    That's exactly what I'm looking for, is some kind of dungeon to explore when your still low level. these would only be half the size of a normal dungeon or less if that.
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  15. Ellodin Green Slime

    Definitely love this idea. I was itching to check out the main dungeon in my world when I first started...and then Skeletron heads destroyed me...
  16. AishaLove Green Slime

    That's why I think smaller easier dungeons, with not as good loot would be really fun, it lets you get a small taste of what you have to look forward to later when your able to finally kill skeletron.
  17. Poring Cursed Skull

    So it's a small area that's aboveground, and it's the entrance? And then you go down?
    I thought you meant that you just load a new part of the map, instead.
  18. AishaLove Green Slime

    Oh no, this would be just like a regular dungeon, only smaller. and they would be in desert biomes, and I'm thinking only 1 or 2 per map.
  19. Ellodin Green Slime

    Quick and dirty Photoshop of a possible way pyramids could be formed.
    In this case, it's mostly underground, and would extend a bit further below the darkness seen where an entrance would be found.
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  20. Magicferret Green Slime

    I like this idea. Buried pyramids with only the tip sticking out of the sand would be cool, or even ones that are buried a fair way under deserts so they can't be spotted from the surface. Redigit did say deserts needed some improvement so I expect there to be a desert mob and maybe some cacti or something fairly soon.

    Maybe they could only turn up on 1 out of 3 maps or something to that effect, so unless you were lucky you'd have to explore a few worlds to find them. I guess that would leave scope for adding other biome-based dungeon like areas, you might have none or you might get a pyramid, an ice cave and a spooky tomb or something. If they didn't always appear they could have some very rare items in them as well :)

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